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Sherman doesn't think Fins are 'that far away'

Posted on: February 16, 2012 6:01 pm
ShermanBy Josh Katzowitz

For a guy who lost out on the Buccaneers head coaching job to Greg Schiano and instead had to take a job as the Dolphins offensive coordinator, it’s nice to see Mike Sherman maintaining his sense of humor.

I mean, the idea that Sherman said he doesn’t think the Dolphins are far away from a Super Bowl is absolutely hysterical. Good one, Mike, you slay me every time!

Oh … he wasn’t kidding? OK, then.

"I've watched the tape, I don't think we're that far away," Sherman told reporters today, via the Miami Herald. "We're missing a couple of pieces here and there and we have a chance to build upon what Jeff Ireland has put together here. After watching the tape, I feel like we get a couple of pieces here and there and we'll be close."

So, um, what?

"We'll have some very explosive potential with the talent we have on offense," he said. "We have to fill some holes but overall we have some explosive players and that's exciting. If you have explosive players, you should have explosive plays."

Right, right.

OK, I’m obviously being snarky with his comments, because last year, Miami was nowhere near qualifying for the postseason (or a winning record, for that matter). To think the Dolphins can completely turn around their organization in a year with a first-time head coach in Joe Philbin and a starting quarterback in Matt Moore and/or Chad Henne who is not exactly elite and a defense that was almost exactly average last year seems a bit … oh … optimistic.

But it’s not like the Dolphins have to climb out of hole the Rams or the Buccaneers find themselves in. There were times last year, especially when Tony Sparano’s job was on the line, that the team actually played well. And Sherman is right that there is talent.

The emergence of Reggie Bush was one of the more underplayed stories in the AFC East this year, and Brandon Marshall is a top-flight receiver. Assuming the Dolphins go after a free agent quarterback in the offseason (perhaps a guy like Peyton Manning?), Sherman might have a decent point.

The Dolphins aren’t Super Bowl bound anytime soon, but perhaps they can put together enough to compete for a division title.

"I never think much more than this year so next year or the following year, we're going to be as good as we can be this year," Sherman said. "We'll see what happens and see how it goes. I don't think anyone would have picked the Giants necessarily to win the Super Bowl this year."

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Posted on: February 17, 2012 7:56 am

Sherman doesn't think Fins are 'that far away'

Hey Katzowitz, please enlighten us on what he *should* have said:

Mike, why did you take this job with the Dolphins?  

Geez, I don't know, they have so many problems I don't even know where to start.  I will probably work 100 hours a week and this group of clowns will never win.  They told me if I fired the whole offense that I could start over with Peyton and win 3 straight superbowls.

Mike, what can make the Dolphins better?

Peyton Manning.  Nothing else we have is really worth keeping.

This type of writing you've done here is just a waste of time.  The 0-7 start was primarily on Henne.  Moore came in and did a decent job, especially late in the season.  At the end of the season, the Dolphins  were, as you say, "nowhere near qualifying for the postseason", but they were also a team no other team pushing for the playoffs wanted on their schedule in the second half.  Ask the Jets about that.

I'm not saying they're great, heck I don't expect that much out of them for a while, but do you NOT want an offensive coordinator to say that he thinks his team isn't that far away.  You're stupid.  What would you have written if he would have been 100% honest and said exactly what everyone else is thinking?  Gee Sherman, why don't you have  a little more confidence in this job you took to show that you can turn them around.

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Posted on: February 17, 2012 4:09 am

Sherman doesn't think Fins are 'that far away'

First of all, who the hell is Josh Katzowitz?  Not really trying to be sarcastic -just never heard of him.  Who ever he is, he should realize that no, the Fins are not going to the SB with Henne as their QB.  That's one of the holes that Sherman is talking about.  Sherman is assuming (like most Fins Fans) that they will go out and get Flynn, Manning or some young QB in the draft to lead them to the promise land.  The rest of the team compares very favorably to most other NFL teams.  On Offense, they could use an elite TE but are above average at other positions.  On Defense, they could use another elite pass rusher (like almost every other NFL team) but are above average at most positions.  The right QB has them in the play-offs during the coming year and contending for the SB during the next couple of years.  

Whoever Katzowitz is, he obviously has no clue about the modern NFL where it is normal for at least a ouple of teams to completely turn around their fortunes from year-to-year. 

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Posted on: February 17, 2012 2:25 am

Sherman doesn't think Fins are 'that far away'

We now have proof that even sportswriters such as Josh Katzwitz are vulnerable to ignore facts and report on predjudice alone. 

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Posted on: February 16, 2012 10:09 pm

Sherman doesn't think Fins are 'that far away'

it is good for sherman to say that, butthe fins are a train wreck as an originazation. most people see them rebuilding for a decade.

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