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Rams will deal No. 2 overall pick

Posted on: February 27, 2012 7:22 pm
Edited on: February 28, 2012 2:10 am
The RG3 sweepstakes gains momentum after the combine. (Getty Images, US PRESSWIRE)

By Ryan Wilson

The NFL Draft is two months off, but this much is certain: some team in desperate need of a franchise quarterback will trade up to the No. 2 spot and take Robert Griffin III, which was confirmed by NFL Insider Pat Kirwan. This is great news for the Rams, who currently own the second pick. While St. Louis has its own franchise quarterback in Sam Bradford, they have plenty of other needs.

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On Friday,'s Mike Freeman wrote about Griffin's future, noting that "League sources maintain at least three teams are strongly considering moving up in a blockbuster deal with the Rams to snag Griffin. Those teams, sources say, include Washington, Miami and Seattle. Team officials also say Cleveland has interest in trading up, though not as much as other teams." 

Freeman added that "It will likely take two No. 1 picks (at least) to make that trade, and the reason is some teams view Griffin as similarly talented as Luck or such a close facsimile in terms of potential that the difference isn't a great one."

RG3 had a nice showing at the combine and in Peter King's "Monday Morning Quarterback" column he writes that "The Rams will drive a hard bargain. Cleveland (fourth overall pick), Washington (sixth) and Miami (eighth) will be in the derby to move up; Seattle (12) and a couple of mystery teams could be, too. Add the fact that the money involved (four years, about $22 million) is likely to be less than the money paid to the top (current) free agent Matt Flynn, and the market for Griffin will be hopping."

That last point can't be emphasized enough. Right or wrong, Flynn's getting paid, just like Kevin Kolb did last year. If teams truly are sold on RG3's potential, then the new CBA means that trading up, by itself, isn't cost prohibitive -- although that could change based on the Rams' asking price. (ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted Monday night that the Rams could get a deal similar to what the Chargers got for Eli Manning in 2004: two first-rounders, a third-rounder, and a fifth-rounder.)

A possible monkey wrench for teams not located in DC: the Redskins have a history of overpaying for talent, although they've been much better about it in recent years. Still, we liken owner Daniel Snyder's approach to player personnel to that of a prospective homebuyer who waives the home inspection and offers $40,000 over asking. It's a no-holds barred approach that ultimately doesn't work -- in real estate or for the 'Skins.

But the heart wants what the heart wants. And if Snyder is convinced that RG3 is the answer in Washington, we wouldn't be surprised if he had a roster-building relapse. Other potential suitors would be priced out of the bidding, which is great news for the Rams. Still, even if the 'Skins show restraint in the race for RG3, St. Louis should benefit.

"The whole paradigm has changed in several ways,'' Rams COO Kevin Demoff told King Saturday night. "Griffin could be cheaper than Flynn. The fact that you can get a potential franchise quarterback for what the top picks are paid now makes it easier to justify trading a lot for it.''

And fear not, RG3 sweepstakes losers.'s Pete Prisco tweets an important point:

For teams that might rush to trade up to No. 2 to get Griffin, just remember Matt Barkley and other QBs will be in next year's draft.
2/27/12 5:59 PM

The problem, of course, is that there's no guarantee that those quarterback-needy teams in range of RG3 this offseason will have similar opportunities to draft Barkley a year from now. That risk has to be weighed against the cost of getting Griffin now, as well as exploring other options, like trying to sign Flynn.

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Posted on: February 27, 2012 10:54 pm
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Posted on: February 27, 2012 10:30 pm

Demand builds for teams wanting 2nd overall pick

If the Rams are need of a receiver they should make a deal to get a proven receiver for the pick. If the number 2 pick is really that valuable, then they should get a proven receiver not a pick.

Since: Jan 2, 2007
Posted on: February 27, 2012 10:26 pm

Demand builds for teams wanting 2nd overall pick

Cleveland has the 22 pick which can't be matched by Washington.  The Browns are in the best position for a deal.
True, the Browns are in the best position to trade with the Rams, but you have to question if the Browns are that interested.  Remember that the Browns are run by a guy who is all about the west coast offense in Mike Holmgren.  You have to question if Robert Griffin III is viewed as a pocket passer or a true west coast type QB.  From what I'm reading he is viewed more as a traditional pocket QB like the Mannings instead of a west coast QB.  The Browns might be in a better position to make the trade, but do they want to?

I'm also not convinced that Jeff Fisher and the Rams feel Khalil is the player they have to get coming out of this.  Granted, I don't think there's any shot of either one dropping past the Browns if they stay in the 4th spot.  I could actually see the Rams pulling a Bill Belichick and dropping down a couple of times out of the #2 spot and stockpiling a monster collection of picks.  First, think of the possibilities of dropping from #2 to the 4th or 6th and landing two #1s and at least a 3rd rounder -- probably a 2nd rounder.  Then they flip the 4th or 6th pick for something in the mid-1st round (think Cowboys at 14 or the Jets at 16) for that pick plus another 2nd rounder.

The Rams need a lot of bodies and could turn the #2 overall pick into the 14th/16th overall (think DTs Dontari Poe or Devon Still to help their 31st ranked run defense) plus another #1 in 2013, and a couple of #2s in 2012 or 2012 & 2013.  Four players for the one spot is a lot for a team as thin as the Rams to pass up.

Since: Feb 22, 2008
Posted on: February 27, 2012 8:40 pm

Demand builds for teams wanting 2nd overall pick

Blackmon won't make it to the Rams at pick six...he won't make it past the Browns at pick 4 if the Browns don't trade up.  All the more reason why Cleveland should get a discount in a deal to trade up...they're the only team that can swap picks with the Rams and still give them one of the two players they will covet...Khalil and Blackmon.  Not to mention, Cleveland has the 22 pick which can't be matched by Washington.  The Browns are in the best position for a deal.

Since: Mar 25, 2009
Posted on: February 27, 2012 8:29 pm

Demand builds for teams wanting 2nd overall pick

what a perfect position for the rams to be in, ive been assuming they would trade with either cleveland or washington, i think miami may be more inclined to go after flynn considering the connections with new coach joe philbin, and i think seattle may be a little too far down for the rams to want to drop, by the rams falling to #4 or #6, they should still be able to draft the one player they need the most, justin blackmon, plus all of the extra picks for trading down, perfect scenario

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