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Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton

Posted on: March 8, 2012 7:59 pm
Edited on: March 8, 2012 9:18 pm
Joe Namath thinks Gang Green already has their franchise quarterback: Mark Sanchez. (Getty Images)

By Ryan Wilson

The Jets are reportedly one of the dozen or so clubs interested in Peyton Manning. One team official told's Mike Freeman that the impression is that Manning has narrowed his list to Miami, Washington and Denver, although, ultimately, the front runner will be the team that offers the most guaranteed money.

As for the Jets, they seem like an odd fit for a couple reasons: there's the belief in the media that Peyton wouldn't want to play in the same town as brother Eli (we're not convinced but we'll include it here anyway). Then there are the locker room issues that came to a head in Week 17 and torpedoed the team's playoff chances. Or as Pete Prisco tweeted Thursday:

If Peyton Manning went to Jets, he'd be one instilling discipline since there is none.
3/8/12 12:45 AM

Prisco, it turns out, isn't alone in this opinion. Former Jets great Joe Namath feels similarly.

“The Jets have to get things together on their own turf before someone with his background would be interested in coming,” Namath told Bloomberg News in a telephone interview.

The team's official response?

“We appreciate Joe and he is entitled to share his opinions,” spokesman Bruce Speight told Bloomberg News in an e- mail.

It's worth noting that former Jets running back Curtis Martin and ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski both think Manning makes a lot of since for the Jets. 

“That’s a great opportunity,” Martin said in late January in an interview with “I’m not saying anything against Mark Sanchez, but Peyton Manning … I have a lot of respect for the guy. I played against him for a number of years. I wouldn’t care who was on my team -- if Peyton Manning was available, I would go after him.” 

A month later, during a radio appearance, Jaws echoed Martin's sentiments: "I love Mark Sanchez and there are 25 other quarterbacks in this league that I would take Peyton Manning over. There’s a turf war in New York. The Giants just won the Super Bowl. The Jets are fighting for every inch of space they can get in the newspaper. How do you get that inch? How do you get the headlines? You sign Peyton Manning.” 

Meanwhile, Namath, the only quarterback to lead the Jets to a Super Bowl win, thinks the franchise quarterback is already on the roster.

“These guys — the Jets — thought Sanchez was a championship quarterback. Has that suddenly changed now?” Namath told Metro New York. “I haven’t heard that. Let them come out and say it. I haven’t heard that and I don’t think they should.”

A day after the season ended ingloriously in Miami, head coach Rex Ryan announced that Sanchez was his starter in 2012 -- partly because a team can't talk about acquiring other team's players, but also because we think that some part of Ryan actually wants to believe it.

“Mark’s going to be around awhile," Namath continued. "His demeanor was angry last year with all the things going on behind the scenes. His feelings were clearly hurt. I hope they work through all that because I’m rooting for him. But I don’t see Peyton coming to the Jets."

We're not yet sold on Sanchez as anything more than a system quarterback, although we suppose he could grow into the franchise player the Jets envisioned when they traded up to get I'm in 2009. For now, however, here's our question: if, as Namath points out, the Jets are too crazy for Manning, one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, what chance does Sanchez have to succeed?

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Since: Dec 6, 2010
Posted on: March 9, 2012 12:35 pm

Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton

At this point anybody could help the Jets...even Joe Namath.  With any kind of protection Peyton Manning is going to light it up.  The off field distractions of Rex Ryan, his mouth, fetishes and predictions and Revis would go a long way in righting that ship.  Manning with a proven ability to pass, see the whole field and 14 years NFL experience is a 300% upgrade from Sanchez even without tinkering with the recieving corps.  As always someone who can make yards when you hand the ball off will only enhance the passing game.  There are plenty of draft picks that can help the Jets accomplish that.  They may have to trade up but its doable.  Sanchez has failed why plod forward with him and Terrell Revis needs to get his act together or its going to be a misberable season without Peyton Manning.

Since: Sep 3, 2006
Posted on: March 9, 2012 12:34 pm

Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton

Hi Uncle Marty:

Appreciate your comments.  Please note I didn't say Joe was great either, other than in the area of his physical ability, which was undeniable.  His demon was the interception, and his belief that he could pretty much put a ball anywhere he wanted.  It did him and the Jets in at times.  But he was a whole lot more than an average quarterback.  A simple look at the Jets records with an without him bear that out.  In the years when Namath was healthy up to 1974, which was pretty much the end of his prime, with Joe in the lineup they were 63-50-4.  Not earth-shattering, but a whole lot better than their 9-18 record without him.  They would not have won the Super Bowl without him.  And after the 1970 season, when the defense got old and couldn't stop anyone, Namath kept them competitive.  The '72 Jets had one of the worst defenses I've ever seen, anywhere, and Namath had them in the race right up until the next to last game of the season.  They also came as close to beating Miami that year as anyone did.

Fact is, look at most of the AFL quarterbacks and you will see plenty of interceptions on the minus side of the ledger.  It's the way they played the game in that league.   Which is why I take the NFL's passer rating with a grain of salt.  It was developed back in 1973 based on typical performance standards that are biased against QB's from earlier eras and is why when you scan the NFL's all-time top passers, you see a bunch of recent names of guys who would hardly strike you as among the greatest of all time, but hwo have low INT rates and high completion percentages, while you need to get down to about 25th before you even see Sonny Jurgensen mentioned, and Johnny Unitas, who frankly was one of the best ever, doesn't even appear.  The game is played in different ways at different times, and guys who played in a time when passing games were geared more toward the intermediate to long passing game are going to have different numbers than guys whose game plans feature today's safer high percentage routes.

I wouldn't even mention Namath's name in the top 25 of all time. But the Jets, especially when the defense came together in '68 and '69, were a lot better when Joe played than when he was hurt.  My argument was with a guy who said he was average at best.  I would argue he was more than that.     Even with the unfulfilled promise.  Your point there is well taken.

Since: May 17, 2008
Posted on: March 9, 2012 12:32 pm

Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton

No way Peyton Manning would ever come to the Jets and I guaranteee it.  He is too much of a class act to play in the same town as his brother.

I don't think Peyton goes to the Jets either, but if he did, how would that demonstrate a lack of class?  Elie does not own NY, has no particular right or expectation of excluding another "star" on his team or any other team.  Peyton's "class" will have nothing to do with it--if Peyton doesnt go the Jets is will be likely a combination of lack of interest by the Jets, lack of cap room, Peyton's lack of interest in the Jets because of the locker room or perceived lack of talent etc, not because Eli plays for the Giants.

Since: Sep 5, 2009
Posted on: March 9, 2012 12:24 pm

Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton

     Outstanding posts by mikemal12 and bigblue13.  I personally think Arizona or Miami will be his destination.  Great weather in both cities and as mentioned earlier, little media pressure (the NY media would be brutal if he didn't succeed).  I also wonder if Reggie Wayne would try to sign with whatever team Manning chooses.  With Wayne's south Florida roots, it could make the Dolphins an even more attractive destination for Peyton.

Since: Oct 25, 2006
Posted on: March 9, 2012 11:45 am

Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton


What exactly do you mean "...the Jets yanked his (Revis') chain with his contract."?  Either you have a poor memory or you're talking out of you a$$.

Revis was drafted in '07 and instead of signing the usual three or four year rookie deal, he held out for more years and more money.  Finally, in August 2007 (after missing a big chunk of training camp), Revis finally agreed to a six-year deal for as much money as he could squeeze from the Jets.  I'm not saying there's a thing wrong with getting as much cash as possible; it's a cruel world and one injury can end a career so get it while you can.  But since Revis held out and then signed his contract, it was more than a little disingenuous of him at the halfway point of the six-year deal he demanded and got from Jets management to say "Wait, I don't want this deal anymore.  Let's tear it up and give me more money."  Really, Darrelle?  Why?  Is it yanking a man's chain these days to expect him to keep his word?  I know it's an oft-used example, but let's say Revis had had a horrible first three seasons and Jets management had come to him just prior to Season 4 and said "Let's meet at Jets corporate headquarters tomorrow.  You've been playing way below our expectations your first three years and so we want to tear up your deal and give you a new one at a lower salary.  OK, Darrelle?"  I want you to answer one question with no BS if you can:  Why is it OK for a player to attempt to renegotiate and not for a team?

Here's the short answer:  A man gives his word, a man keeps his word.

Nuf ced.

Since: Mar 9, 2012
Posted on: March 9, 2012 11:36 am

Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton

ummm, Jets didnt play Buffalo last game of the season. When they did Stevie Johnson had 75yrds and a td, a good game but definetly not being "beat like a rented mule".

Oh, And the jets won that game.

Anyways..... I doubt Peyton will go to the Jets, as a Jet fan I would love for him to come here, but its not financially possible, they're about 8-12million under the cap now, but they need another receiver, they need a running back (sorry Shonn Green isn't getting it done, but if you do somehow get Peyton that doesnt really matter), they need another safety, they need a line backer Bart Scott got old really fast, and they need to get rid of Wayne Hunter, Peyton would get decapitated with Hunter on the line. Plus you have to sign whoever you draft, unless Sancehez restructures his 14million a season, Jets aren't getting him.

Since: Oct 25, 2006
Posted on: March 9, 2012 11:24 am

Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton

Bear with me, I'm going to take a minute to make my point.  OK, here goes:

I hate the Dallas Cowboys.  I hate them almost as much as I hate the Miami Hurricanes and that's a lot!  What I wish for them every year is to get the Wild Card, so that they're in the playoffs but doomed to the road.  I want them either to get wiped out in the first round the first round game and let themselves (the players and their fans) get souped up into believing "This could be our year to go all the way!!"...and then get humiliated in the second round game.  That way, they get a little taste of success, get their hopes up way too high, and then get pimp-slapped by a really good team to end their season.  Also, they've done well enough not to get a high-end draft pick in April.  That's what I want for the Cowgirls: perpetual mediocrity.  An eternal purgatory: neither Heaven nor Hell.

And my point is: that's what the Jets have as long as they have Mark Sanchez. Management should go one of two ways when building a team:  either go the route of the recent Indianapolis Colts or the way of the Super Bowl 35 champion Baltimore Ravens.  Either draft a once-in-a-generation quarterback or build a defense quicker and deadlier than Seal Team 6.

When the Jets drafted Mark Sanchez they said "We hate winning Super Bowls!  We like it right in the middle of the pack where we've been living."  Mark Sanchez is mediocre.  That doesn't mean he's a bad player; it just means he's ordinary.  Even ordinary players have their good days now and then, but in the end when the stats are totalled for the season his are going to be mediocre, average, middling.  He's going into his fourth season in the NFL and I don't think I'm being rash when I say that if he was going to flash brilliance we'd have seen a glimmer by this time.

Sign Manning and get the best draft pick you can for Sanchez.  Nuf ced.

Since: Jan 15, 2008
Posted on: March 9, 2012 11:04 am

Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton

Oh well.  if Joe thinks this then.......................

Since: Sep 11, 2011
Posted on: March 9, 2012 10:48 am

Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton

Reevis had his chance to play for the giants a couple of years go ,he is just upset because his skills are diminshing and he knows it stevie johnson beat him like a rented mule on the last game of the season again and again and he was beat constantly by old man branch and wes welker in thir two loses to the patriots

Since: Oct 3, 2006
Posted on: March 9, 2012 10:46 am

Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton

I do believe Sanchez is a starter and a good QB. But let's face it we are talking about Peyton Manning. Arguably the best QB and Football Scholar of all time. If he was playing with the talent and defense they have with the Jets I think you are talking about an opportunity for a couple of sure Championships even if he is only at 75%.

Drew Breese is a clear example of why studs should not be discounted. TO is another. His superbowl performance was outstanding.

As for the NY market and sharing the market with his brother. So what. It's New York not Indy, or any other city for that matter. The only cities in the country that could handle that is NY,LA, Chicago and maybe Houston. That's taking fans, population, TV, and Radio into account and the diversity of the markets.

I for one would love to see it as the Manning Brothers are both great football players, scholars and gentle men that could bring some discipline, excitement and integrity that market.

Not a Colts, Giants, Jets, Eli, or Peyton fan. Not a fan of the new York metro area either. I'm just a business owner in the midwest who loves the sport and the excitement it brings especialy to the betting line.

That being said as a Steelers fan I want peyton to retire because if he went to the Jets they would have to be a favorite to win the Superbowl year in and year out. Take Brady and Revis with you so the Steelers can be that team. (i know wishfull thinking)

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