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Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton

Posted on: March 8, 2012 7:59 pm
Edited on: March 8, 2012 9:18 pm
Joe Namath thinks Gang Green already has their franchise quarterback: Mark Sanchez. (Getty Images)

By Ryan Wilson

The Jets are reportedly one of the dozen or so clubs interested in Peyton Manning. One team official told's Mike Freeman that the impression is that Manning has narrowed his list to Miami, Washington and Denver, although, ultimately, the front runner will be the team that offers the most guaranteed money.

As for the Jets, they seem like an odd fit for a couple reasons: there's the belief in the media that Peyton wouldn't want to play in the same town as brother Eli (we're not convinced but we'll include it here anyway). Then there are the locker room issues that came to a head in Week 17 and torpedoed the team's playoff chances. Or as Pete Prisco tweeted Thursday:

If Peyton Manning went to Jets, he'd be one instilling discipline since there is none.
3/8/12 12:45 AM

Prisco, it turns out, isn't alone in this opinion. Former Jets great Joe Namath feels similarly.

“The Jets have to get things together on their own turf before someone with his background would be interested in coming,” Namath told Bloomberg News in a telephone interview.

The team's official response?

“We appreciate Joe and he is entitled to share his opinions,” spokesman Bruce Speight told Bloomberg News in an e- mail.

It's worth noting that former Jets running back Curtis Martin and ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski both think Manning makes a lot of since for the Jets. 

“That’s a great opportunity,” Martin said in late January in an interview with “I’m not saying anything against Mark Sanchez, but Peyton Manning … I have a lot of respect for the guy. I played against him for a number of years. I wouldn’t care who was on my team -- if Peyton Manning was available, I would go after him.” 

A month later, during a radio appearance, Jaws echoed Martin's sentiments: "I love Mark Sanchez and there are 25 other quarterbacks in this league that I would take Peyton Manning over. There’s a turf war in New York. The Giants just won the Super Bowl. The Jets are fighting for every inch of space they can get in the newspaper. How do you get that inch? How do you get the headlines? You sign Peyton Manning.” 

Meanwhile, Namath, the only quarterback to lead the Jets to a Super Bowl win, thinks the franchise quarterback is already on the roster.

“These guys — the Jets — thought Sanchez was a championship quarterback. Has that suddenly changed now?” Namath told Metro New York. “I haven’t heard that. Let them come out and say it. I haven’t heard that and I don’t think they should.”

A day after the season ended ingloriously in Miami, head coach Rex Ryan announced that Sanchez was his starter in 2012 -- partly because a team can't talk about acquiring other team's players, but also because we think that some part of Ryan actually wants to believe it.

“Mark’s going to be around awhile," Namath continued. "His demeanor was angry last year with all the things going on behind the scenes. His feelings were clearly hurt. I hope they work through all that because I’m rooting for him. But I don’t see Peyton coming to the Jets."

We're not yet sold on Sanchez as anything more than a system quarterback, although we suppose he could grow into the franchise player the Jets envisioned when they traded up to get I'm in 2009. For now, however, here's our question: if, as Namath points out, the Jets are too crazy for Manning, one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, what chance does Sanchez have to succeed?

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Since: May 22, 2007
Posted on: March 9, 2012 8:20 am

Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton

Not trying to be picky, but the first two paragraphs have absolutely nothing to do with former Jets QB Joe Namath. However, the headline is about Namath. Finally, in paragraph 3 we hear about Joe. I thought Mark Sanchez was the guy...they supposedly have a great defense. So, why would they want Peyton Manning? They have Santonio Holmes, who will be a friend to no one, but himself, and they have way too many other problems.

Who cares what Joe Namath thinks...he's an old has been who one the Jets only superbowl, but he's old and we don't really want to hear his opinion...well, I don't. If Mark Sanchez' feelings were hurt, too bad. This is the NFL, not college. Get over it and go out and play.

Since: Sep 3, 2006
Posted on: March 9, 2012 8:08 am

Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton

Joe is right.  This team has too many issues for Peyton to be the answer.  The roster has fallen into disrepair due the Tannenbaum's short sighted use of draft picks, and is sorely lacking in both depth and speed.   Petyon would be a band-aid, and the cap room it would take to sign him would only hamstring this team in other areas where help is needed.  The best place to start rebuilding this mess will be with a deep draft than answers as many of the questions this team has on at RB, S, LB, WR and RT as possible, while also giving Mike Westhoff some fast young guys to build his coverage teams around in the later rounds.

As for the contention that Joe was only at best average in his best year. Really?  To the person who made that comment, did you ever actually watch him play?  Yes, he was interception prone, like a lot of QB's were in an age when the low risk passing game in the NFL  was still a gleam in the eye of Don Coryell, Bill Walsh and their disciples.  He also had an arm that could throw the ball through concrete, not to mention deep downfield with great accuracy, and it served him well playing at windy Shea, one of the most unforgiving places for a quarterback to try to practice his craft.  His quick release was legendary, until injuries to his knees, and finally a torn hamstring robbed him of ability to set up in the pocket.  He was the only QB to ever throw for 4000 yards in a 14 game season, and in his only truly healthy prime season after the merger, he led the league in yards and touchdowns, and outdueled Unitas in one of the greatest QB matches in history early in 1972 throwing for 496 yards and six touchdowns.  As for him only being average in the Super Bowl, it is one of the most overused cliches constantly thrown out there.  The Jets had a game plan to exploit weaknesses they saw in the Colts defense, by running Matt Snell right at the Colts aging outside linebackers.  And he still hit George Sauer eight times in that game for well over a 100 yards, a receiving record for the Super Bowl that stood for a bit of time.   And who knows how many times he might have hit Don Maynard if he had been healthy?  Maynard, injured catching the winning score against the Raiders in the  AFL title game, was little more than a decoy in the Super Bowl.

Disagree with Namath's opinions on the Jets all you like.  If you wish to criticize his abilities as a QB, please do so with facts instead of the same onld tired lines.  Ask the 1968 Colts how average they thought he was.   I remember Mike Curtis' comments after the game, and he among others had nothing but the highest praise for Namath, a guy they came into the game thinking was nothing but a loudmouth upstart.    

Since: Aug 14, 2006
Posted on: March 9, 2012 8:00 am

Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton

I think your being a little harsh on NAMATH , for he was one of the BEST QB`s who ever played the game ! Remember he had 3 yrs with the JETS that had good teams , one yr they won the Super Bowl (68-69) in (69-70) lost at home to KC 13-7 Joe had bad game with 4 INT`S would`ve played Vikes in that Super Bowl . And in (70-71) had an excellent team but he was lost for the season , with a horrific knee injury suffered in an exhibition game vs Lions . Other than thoes teams all the Jet teams he played on , for the most part SUCKED & even he had no chance . The injuries he played with back then were brutal , and unlike the pussification of the players today he still went out there & did what he could . You talk about what Peyton does calling his own game , NAMATH was doing that before Peyton was born ! One last thing when you bring up QB`s like Montana , Bradshaw , etc... do you really believe NAMATH would`nt have won 4 or 5 Super Bowls with thoes teams ???? Of course he would`ve have , the question is would thoes same QB`s have won in NEW YORK with the teams NAMATH had let alone the injuries he played with ???? He was on of the BEST QB`s EVER , make no mistake his stats we`re of an era where WR`s were KILLED leaving the line unlike today ! If you get a chance go look at HBO SPECIAL , the title is NAMATH watch that then tell me he wasn`t GREAT !

Since: Oct 25, 2006
Posted on: March 9, 2012 7:40 am

Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton


1.  Are you that screwed-up that you have to project your own personal fears and inadequacies on poor Joe Namath?  Calm down, no one's saying you have to get Broadway Joe's permission or approval to do anything.  That's it, calm down, calm down.

2.  Do you not imbibe yourself, once in a while?  Then what was the point of saying "drunken"?

3.  All his geezerdom proves is that he's made it farther than you have so far.  You could drop dead today and then Joe would have beaten you; anyway, in a hundred years we'll all be gone, so what's your point?

4.  I think Joe might just have just a touch more football knowledge than you do and a soupcon more insight into playing quarterback for the New York Jets.

5.  Now go take your meds.

Since: Aug 14, 2006
Posted on: March 9, 2012 7:35 am

Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton

As a JETS fan sure i would love to have Peyton Manning , but really the question comes down to this . With him are we a SUPER BOWL team or are there too many needs , that would still stop us from getting there even with Peyton ? Monies on his contract can be worked out for cap issue , but the JETS are in a hard place & a rock here is why . To face Tom Brady in your division twice is tough enough , couple that with the possibility of Peyton going to Dolphins also in your division really complicates things for the JETS ! I don`t know where Peyton wants to play but to say he would`nt come to JETS , is just being STUPID he has every good reason to do that ! Most importantly he stays in the AFC in hopes for a SUPER BOWL apperance vs his brother Eli , which is why Peyton will NEVER go to the NFC let alone the Redskins . The team i`am afraid he might go to is the TEXANS , if he does watch out that team would be very tough to beat . As a JETS fan it`s been 43 years since our last SUPER BOWL , Sanchez is expendable if we can get Peyton we as JET fans , want to win NOW & if we can get Peyton and still address other needs the we DO IT !

Since: Sep 8, 2009
Posted on: March 9, 2012 7:26 am

Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton

Who really cares what this drunken geezer thinks about the Jets at this point?  Why do we have to get his approval for any possible outcomes for their future - he has only been irrelevant for 40 years.  Even in his best year ever, he was no better than average.

Since: Oct 14, 2006
Posted on: March 9, 2012 6:26 am

Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton

I think all you OVER PAID opinion makers should just stop trying to figure out where Peyton is going...& PLEASE stop acting like you guys no something, because you really don't have any idea like the rest of us!!!!!

Since: Dec 4, 2006
Posted on: March 9, 2012 4:32 am

Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton

Peyton Manning is not going to the Jets and to me, there is one catalyst in that argument. His name is Rex Ryan. The guy is just a moron and repeatedly shoots his own team in the foot.  Even further, his team has taken on his boneheadedness and they've become a worse team for it.  Why the hell would Peyton want to go play for a team that you simply can't trust? I'm not even a Peyton fan, but nobody wants to see him join that circus they call a football team.  Go Giants.

Since: Feb 11, 2009
Posted on: March 9, 2012 4:16 am

Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton

Nobody is sold on Sanchez as anything more than a "system quarteback" yet?  What about Rex Ryan?  I mean is anyone sold on him being anything more than a system coach.  Would Manning want to mix it up the the New Yrok world of Rex and his big mouth?  We get hints here and there that not everything or everyone with Jets is happy or okay.  Would Manning want to step into a locker room where dissent hangs in the air? 

Since: Mar 28, 2011
Posted on: March 9, 2012 4:03 am

Namath thinks Jets issues too much for Peyton

Now, I know this is really somewhat irrelevant,  but so is your whole post...and being a Giants fan, I'll take any opportunity I can to bash the Dallas Cowgirls and their lame quarterback Tony Romo. Dallas should definitely be on the list of teams looking for a quarterback because in 7 seasons he's shown how good he is at throwing away his team's season.  Just terrible. If Eli is considered cluth we need a new word in the English language to describe how much of the opposite Romo is.  I'm sure Jerry Jones is secretly drooling at the prospect of having somebody like Peyton Manning run his offense.  He knows Romo can't get it done.  

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