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Posted on: November 4, 2010 8:28 am
November 4, 2010 8:11 am
 I am really getting sick of members on these threads calling the Celtics old. If you would open your eyes you might see all the young

talent on this team who are progressing so well.How about the Celtics two rookies that in some point of the year are going to get minutes, and

make very good use of them. Avery Bradley, Luke Harongody ever heard those names? Bradley may take a little more time then Harongody, maybe. If

not then you will see a rookie guard with skills like you have never seen in a rookie. Luke Harongody, forward will certainly make such an

impact the second half of the year. This kid from Notre Dame  can do it all, he can shoot from the outside, he can drive to the hoop, he can

play defense, he can rebound. When his "A" game is on he can knock down shots from behind the arc. Harongody is the complete package. Is "Big

Baby" old? Is Nate Robinson old? How about Delonte West, I'll give you he has some issues but, i bet Doc Rivers has him humming in some point

of the season.How about Kendrick Perkins, you think the big man can't sustain a whole season? If you do you are wrong. They have the Two

O'Neals to keep Perkins out of foul trouble.For that matter to keep him fresh. Ray Allen will not wear down and i have heard from numerous

source's that Kevin Garnett is in the best shape he has been in for years. Paul Pierce certainly will not wear out so to speak, he is always in

peak condition as he has been since he was a rookie with the Celtics. No you are mistaken if you think this Celtic team is "old". This years

Celtics has something to prove, that they have at least One more NBA Championship left in them. Maybe Two or maybe... who knows, remember this

is the most storied Franchise in NBA history. I have just in my 53 years seen the Celtics make Magic, at the very least that is what they

believe. If you go out game in and game out, play your heart out and believe, you can accomplish anything. The thing is this not so old team as

everyone thinks can and will win their 18th NBA Championship. You and everyone else can believe that, take it to the bank.

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