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The Big three?

Posted on: November 12, 2010 12:34 am
The big three, that statement is so wrong in well, 9 ways. In the NBA that's the number that makes a team and, that is what the Celtics are a team, 12 players in uniform and while all Twelve may not play the player's on the bench are still a big part of the teams make up. The bench players as they are known, that does not play a minute in the whole year still contributes by just being there. If they are players with good attitudes anyway. They cheer on their counterparts, give them mental support when the players of minutes are feeling down and,a lot of other way's. Bench players well coining an old expression feel "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat". Right with their team mates. What I'M saying is there is no "Big Three". There is only a team. Now that being said here is what other's have said and, what i say about this team. Yeah the old,tired, washed up Celtics right. Wrong, if they are all the afore mentioned adjectives then some one better tell them, and if they have told them then the Celtics sure are not buying it. As for the Lakers "Being the NBA", wrong that is something i seen in a thread. The only thing that separated the Celtics and the Lakers in game Seven last year, was not the Four points the Lakers won by. Something was missing on the Celtics. Oh yeah, it was their dominator in the middle, Kendrick Perkins. Had Perkins been in that game it would have been the Celtics winning the NBA Championship not the Lakers. Miami, the super team have already been beat twice by the Cs, without Kendrick Perkins. When Perkins gets back after the All Star Game -- break, the Celtics will be the most dominating team in the NBA. It is the Cs who are the NBA then the Lakers not the other way around. Do you think if Pau Gasol was not in the Lakers line up they would be 8-0? I have one thing to say about that, NO. They would be lucky if they were 4-4. Yet without their big man the Celtics are now as of tonight 7-2 after beating the Heat, again. When Perkins gets back it will be to bad for the rest of the league, including the Lakers. One more thing, don't even try to attack my knowledge of Basketball because i was watching NBA ball before most of you were born. If you want to see impressive stats of a TEAM, look at the Cs stats from tonights game again beating the Heat again, this time at home and, a bragging Miami team "We have gotten a lot better since the last game with the Celtics". So stealing a quote from tonights coverage of the game from a sports writer, "Evidently so have the Celtics". The NBA has and always will be the Boston Celtics.



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Posted on: December 13, 2010 12:24 am

The Big three?

The NBA is the Boston Celtics???!!!  LMAO!  What a stupid comment!  How about the 22 years between championship #16 and #17???  How about two Finals appearances in the last 24 years, with one Championship, while the Bulls were winning 6 times in 6 tries, the Spurs won 4 times in 4 tries, and the Lakers won 7 times in 11 tries?  What does that make them?  The Cs are a good team, but your "homer" comments are just plain silly!  Based on results, the Lakers are "the NBA" as you put it, and the Cs are a distant second (if that).  You've got to go back 40 years to find Celtics dominance, and I have no argument if you are talking about the 1960s.  Since then, the Cs have been mediocre more often that not.  A LOT more often than not!

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