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Auburn not even close to best in SEC Not history

Posted on: December 6, 2010 4:44 am
Not even close. not all SEC teams that played Auburn were crushed either. Until Newton can put up career numbers like Danny Wuerfull he is not even the best QB in the SEC. For that matter he is not as good as Tim Teebow was. So don't put the horse ahead of the cart. He still has to win at least Two National Title Games to even be in their company, let alone considered better. Let's wait and see Newton and company play Oregon before you start singing praises of Auburn. Even then Cam Newton has a lot to prove as well as the rest of the team before you can even put them in a category with Florida and their recent Four National Championships.

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Posted on: December 10, 2010 2:23 am

Auburn not even close to best in the Country

That Reconition should go to the Schools that has player with Pride in the Rules / Right & wrong such as Oregon ,Tcu ,Wisconsin and others as well. Same goes for other awards a well. The Big 12 , Big Ten and Sec are pretty close in power for football . It was crazy that the awards were Bias to the SEC.  Just an Observation...The playin field should be non Bias and the same for te BCS as well. Also official in the game should not show favoritism too ?  Let the players / coaches win or lose  the games / titles and so forth ? Not the writers or who ever it maybe ?    Jeff in Nebraska

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Posted on: December 6, 2010 5:48 pm

Auburn not even close to best in SEC Not history

First of all, "Wuerfull" has only one l, and "Teebow" has one e. Besides showing your ignorance in spelling you also show your ignorance in SEC football. Anyone who knows anything about the SEC knows the 1961 Alabama team is the best in history. Very hard to admit being an Auburn fan but I must let you know the facts. They were coached by Paul "Bear" Bryant. If you think Urban is better than the "Bear" was, then you need more than spelling lessons son. They went 11-0, won the Sugar Bowl, and the National Championship. Oh, Besides that, they outscored thier opponent 297-25, that is 2.9 pts. per game. They never allowed more than 7 points in a game and shut out 7 opponents. Both Lee Roy Jordan and Billy Neighbors were later selected to the college football Hall of Fame and they also had Hiesman finalist, Pat Trammell. As for the stats passing, Newton had a comp. percentage of 67.1%. 2589yds. that is 10.5 per attempt. 28 TD's and 6 INTs. Then he had 1409 rushing yds. and 20 TDs. Oh yeah and he caught one. That leaves him with 49 TDs and another game to play. His QB rating is 188.1 Wuerful was great, his best year was his senior season. He threw for 3625 yds but 10 percentage points lower with 57.5% complete. He threw for 39 TDs and 13 Ints. Had a QB rating of 170.6. If you don’t understand the QB rating system search it. It adds up all passing stats. The higher your number the more efficient or better you are. As for rushing, well he had    -100 yds. that year. Tebow was great also putting up 2895 passing yds. and once again a lower percentage of 57.8% complete and a passer rating of 158.2. 21 TDs and 5 INTs. Then, we all know Tebow was one of the most prolific running QB.s to ever play. He was still unable to rack up the yds. that Cam did. Tebows best year he had 910yds. and 14 Tds. He did have 23 TDs his sophomore year. The sad thing about the internet, they will let any jack wagon post a comment even if he don’t know the facts from his rear end. Next time you want to post something this erroneous please think about it. It is to hard to say who the best are, I have been around football my entire life and have never seen anyone that can do what Cam does, but there are a lot of QBs I never got to see play. I would love to see this years team against any of the recent Gator teams.  It would be great to watch, but lets get back to reality bud.  We are in the BCS Natl. Title game this year so leave your jealous comments to yourself it makes you look ridiculous.  Let us Auburn fans enjoy our time.  WAR EAGLE.

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