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We need your help Buffalo

Posted on: December 5, 2010 11:06 pm
Edited on: December 6, 2010 12:26 pm

Compared to Baseball, Hockey, and Basketball seasons, the NFL's 16 game schedule seems like they might be able to benefit from two extra games per season.  However, as a Detroit Lions fan, I beg to disagree that the season isn't long enough.  I could argue many good points in favor of the season being too long.  Consider how many times our perspective changes during the season as a Lions fan.   

After the draft we start to mix ideas, hopes and a little wishful thinking up in our optimistic heads.  "Wow, nice draft, not to shabby acquisitions in Free Agency, a coach in his second year, we might just be good this year" is what we first tell ourselves and then tell others.  Then, at training camp and OTA's, we level out a little.  We see the fact that a part of our team isn't very good and we reel back a little.  Suddenly a game or two into the season we see improvement.  We develop an idea of their potential. Of course, and usually pretty early on, karma plays it's role(I swear one of the Lions' decision makers did something really bad to deserve their karma).  For example, recent history reminds us of injured franchise players, bad calls, and questioned decisions.  Often, sometime near mid-season, a back-up shows promise and our hopes are again inflated.  These feelings are usually short lived because we end up losing the next game, or another important player. 

So here we are again!  It's late season, and you're damn strait I'm still watching the Lions.  Like my feelings changing during the season, they change during the game.  I start by hoping and well, wishing they win their game.  First they stop the other team, then they give you a little optimism and score.  Don't get too excited cause it's only a field goal, and the other team returns the kick-off to the 50 yard line.  Heading into the half, the score remains close in either direction.  The third and fourth quarter have a mixture of promise and questionable coaching decisions.   

Like today, like many other games, many other seasons, in the end the Detroit Lions lose.  We actually end the game or season hoping, praying, wishing, that the next worst team in the NFL wins their remaining games and gives the better draft pick to the Lions.  We hibernate for the rest of the winter,  cheer the Tigers on in the spring and early summer and start forming our ideas and mixing optimism kool-aid during draft time.  So @Buffalo: WE NEED YOUR HELP!  @Detroit fans: if they keep doing the same things, and we keep expecting different results, then who is the fool?  I'd have to admit that I am, and probably will always be that hopelessly optimistic fool.

P.S.  You could also call me a true Lions fan. So GO BUFFALO!  Win these next few games if only for pride,  you've got fans in Michigan.
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