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Roger Goodell is out of touch

Posted on: May 1, 2011 10:12 am
Roger Goodell announced today that the lockout is back on starting last night. Thank you Roger Goodell for ignoring the fans once again. For all the drafted players they basically get to sit around for a while. And every player who went to practice on Friday and Saturday get to basically go home again. For all un-drafted players, they are basically screwed out of trying out for a place on a team. Then Roger Goodell ponders why the players and the fans hate him. His response to all the booing on draft weekend was basically, “I understand as everyone is frustrated." Wow, talk about an idiot in charge. The only reason people were booing was because you are an idiot Roger. The players have been more successful in the court system, and make good points about how risky their job is and that two extra games will be hard on them. On top of that, Goodell is a major hypocrite talking about how we need to make the game safer, and then contradicts himself by wanting to add two regular season games. Wow!

As a fan, where does Roger’s evidence of saying the NFL will loose too much money and be financially pressed? The NFL is the most profitable sport out of any major league sport in the US. They are the only sport in which has constant sellouts for most teams. They are the only sport whose championship game, the Super Bowl, in which almost a third of the country watches. They get the most ad revenue of any sport. On top of that, they have the most lucrative TV contracts of any major league sport. Finally they have a salary cap that limits teams on how much they can spend, and yet, bad teams still charge at least 60 bucks a ticket for a seat that is closer to airplanes than to the players. 

Apparently, the NFL will be financially strain if Goodell doesn’t get it his way. If Roger Goodell had any common sense after the constant booing and lost lawsuits, he should be making some conceptions and get back on track. But apparently he wants to see the NFL take a hit like the MLB strikeout. For fans who don’t remember the MLB strikeout, there were tons of Roger Goodells' who believed they were above the fans, and were shocked that the fans refuse to go to games along with booing most of the players who spoke loudly in support of the strike. 

The whole point of my post is to bash roger Goodell. He has shown how out of touch he is in the last few weeks, and I hope when the strike ends he leaves. He is one of the most worthless people in sports, and has shown that he refuses to admit he is wrong and to work with the players union. 
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