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The Eye on Recruiting blog has moved

Posted on: March 9, 2012 8:58 pm
Hello recruitnik. You may have come to the blog today and noticed that there weren't any new posts for you to read. A discovery that not only angered you, but also made you assume that the bloggers were just being incredibly lazy and probably watching college basketball rather than working.

You'd be (sort of) wrong! The truth is that we've been publishing new stories all day, you've just come to the wrong place!

Yes, that's right, the Eye On Recruiting Blog has moved to a new URL and gotten itself a lovely makeover.

You can find it here: Eye On Recruiting

Seriously, go there and look for yourself. Same great content with a much nicer look. And once you get there, bookmark it so you don't get lost again. Then, after you've bookmarked it, read it. Read it every day, every story, every waking minute of your life. Because this is college football, people.

The most important thing that has ever been. 

Thanks for reading,

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