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I've Finally Had Enough...

Posted on: February 5, 2012 5:14 pm
I've finally seen all I need to see. I was really hoping the upturn in recruiting would bring about a more aggressive offensive style, or at least one that could adapt to the fact that some players just aren't smart or savvy enough to run the motion effectively.

Defense is not the problem here. And even though this is a VERY young team, other than Abrams and Egwu the freshmen don't see much run, even though Myke Henry NEEDS to be playing more.

One of the most maddening things to watch is a team like MSU feed the post at will against the Wolverines, and our guys are still hesitant and when they aren't still manage to throw a lot of bad post entry passes.

I've got a long post to make about Weber and some of his trials, but I do finally believe it is time for a change. Get a QUALITY head guy in here, not another mid-major guy unless it is somebody like Shaka Smart maybe...but the Beckman hire in football (yes I know Illinois is a hoop school), and three of the last four hires being from small schools, doesn't exactly scream home run to me. Keep in mind guys like Billy Donovan, Jaime Dixon, Brad Stevens WILL NOT be at all interested in the Illinois job unless we toss about 4 mil a year out there and that ain't gonna happen.

Maybe you get a Gary Williams out of the booth for just 2 YEARS, to hold the seat for (and mentor/get ready) Jerrance Howard, who be officially announced as the next guy after Williams' 2 years is up. Williams has some cache as a vet from the ACC who has a national title to his credit. And he could take a loaded Illinois squad pretty far next season if Meyers Leonard were to stay.

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Posted on: March 23, 2012 9:05 pm

I've Finally Had Enough...

Actually Cubs I have not buried my head in the sand. If you've actually ever really read what I wrote I was critical at times, but guys like you considered ANYTHING short of bashing him for global warming being soft or unrealistic. Nothing is ever as one-sided as you make it out to be. Others also agreed with me, and quite often I ended with a "we'll see". All you ever did was say he sucked even when Weber would win. All that told me was win or lose you gave him no credit but all of the blame. Younger generation these days thinks EVERYTHING is always someone else's fault, or I'm entitled to a great team and coach. You ain't "entitled" to squat just for being a fan. And some said the players must be happy now that Weber's gone and the season's over...I talked to Jerry Hester at the B1G tourney and he said that's GARBAGE. They thought some of it was on them for not playing better, and that they let coach down. Contrary to popular belief they liked the guy...but he was too nice - too soft. Frank Martin doesn't put up with that garbage from guys WAITING FOR SOMEBODY ELSE TO MOTIVATE THEM. Glad our troops don't wait for the C.O. To motivate them. They know their jobs, they go out and do it because they have pride, and because if they don't they get their a$$ blown off. I know I'm supposed to box out coach...but you didn't motivate me the right way to go do it! THAT'S WEAK AND A SOFT AS PANCAKES MENTALITY. And Self had Dee and Deron for one year as freshmen (and they weren't that great as frosh's), but they improved a lot in the next TWO SEASONS. But they also had a high hoops IQ, and you didn't have to beg them to play the right way. And for the record EVERY PLAYER on Self's Illini Elite 8 squad was Krugers. The next season? 2nd round flameout to a weak ND squad. But all that is VERY OLD NEWS. I blame Weber for three things: 1) not sticking to his guns and being kind of a hard-ass like he started out being; 2) not recruiting the right players for his system 3) not changing his system when it was obvious they weren't smart enough or had the right skill sets to run it. I will give Tigercoach a lot of credit there - he said a long time ago that Weber's unwillingness to adapt or be flexible would kill him, and he was right.

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Posted on: February 6, 2012 1:03 pm

I've Finally Had Enough...

You've been burying your head in the sand for several years now bsisko.  You've defended his poor coaching and both condemned and chastised not only anyone who questioned his coaching methods but the players themselves for not playing hard. 

Your blind optimism is somewhat admirable, but this sudden realization of reality seems very hypocritical.

The fact of the matter is that his division of playing time, motionless motion offense, in game adjustments, and motivation have all been terrible for as long as he's been around.  He also benefited from having players who had already been coached well in his first couple of seasons to go along with NBA talent.  He again has NBA talent on his roster and it's showing just what he knows what to do with it. 

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