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Le Rouge et Le Bleu - Pt. the 1st

Posted on: January 26, 2013 4:58 pm

The Story of a Rivalry--

Once upon a time there were two brothers, step brothers, they were, Red and Blue. Red was the born son of a landed lord in the old dominion of Virginy, and he was most handsome, tall and lithe of frame. All who laid eyes upon him were hard put to pull their adoring gaze away. And many tears of sorrow were shed upon completion of that onerous task.

Blue was the bastard offspring of this same lord and a poxy serving wench from the demon-inhabited land of Transylvania …. and a more forlorn creature, it was widely regarded, had never before been whelped of a man-woman union. And it was this spirit of she-demon darkness which left the swaddled bundle on the old lord's doorstep, his own mother even being too affronted by the poor thing's presence.

The old lord, being a generous soul, could not bring himself to turn the newborn out to perish of the elements and instead opted to take him in and raise him as fully a legitimate member of his family and estate.

Lo, but was Blue ever lacking in gifts. Stunted and bandy-limbed, he had, even at so tender an age, a pot belly which he would carry through life concealed under his coat of coarse body hair. His temperament, one should not be surprised, was equally coarse and foul-mannered.

Yet, as Red and Blue both were raised together, Red, in his kindness of heart, showed the foully disgruntled and boisterous Blue nothing but a filial love which was scarcely returned.

Alas, Blue's continued antics and increasingly uncontrollable behavior forced the dear, old lord their father's hand. And, it was decided, after much hand-wringing consternation, and counsel of his advisers, it was adjudged to be in the best interests of the province to send Blue into permanent exile.

Red, his kindly heart bursting with sorrow at his brother's fate, resolved, much to the lord his father's dismay, to accompany the misbegotten Blue into exile.

And so it came to pass, that the day arrived when Red was sent off with a tearful fare thee well, while Blue and his retainers slunk away under the cover of darkness with curses and ill-intent.

However it happened, off they went, setting off for the west and new, virgin lands, following the setting of the sun.

Red came by way of a great river, with his companions and all his belongings he took boat and let the currents of that river carry him downstream to a propitious landing spot on the south bank of the river and there he established his new home. It was at that spot where Red and his entourage built a city of arts and culture, learning, commerce and entertainment. All the things people need to enrich their lives and those of their fellow beings.

Now, Blue and his followers, in contrast, took a different route to his new home. Traversing thick forests and high mountains was the path his bowed legs carried him to this new land with rifle in hand and a blue tick hound by his side. They burst forth from the passes of those great eastern mountains and descended upon that virgin land like a rabble of pack rats in their ramshackle wagons and hog-drawn sleds.

They infested every nook and cranny of every dark, primeval holler, like so many ticks on their mangy hounds. And, unlike Red and his people, Blue and his folk did not put down firm roots immediately, preferring instead to reside in their mobile homes.

Only after witnessing the flowering of the city which Red had established, did Blue's inborn inferiority complex resurface and the age-old sibling rivalry did rekindle.

Blue, thusly, ordered his minions to cease their meanderings and circle their residential conveyances at a spot he had chosen to establish his own city.

“Ha Ha, brother! See the great city my people are about constructing,” Blue trumpeted to his brother, Red, one day, “And not named for a beheaded king, Har!”

“Congratulations, brother mine,” Red greeted his brother genuinely, “No, no decapitated monarchs for you. Instead you've named your city after a comic book villain.”

Blue thought this over for a time, then a dawning recognition overcame him, “Bah!” He barked and stumped away.

--To be Cont'd--
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