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Winter Rankings

Posted on: January 10, 2010 4:17 am
Every January, I post winter rankings on these boards for fun. Here are this years rankings. And yes...I do realize the offseason is not over, which is why they get updated on my blog when new signings occur.

1. New York Yankees
As long as Alex Rodriguez is in the lineup, the Yankees will win ballgames. The team was 90-44 last year during the regular season after Rodriguez returned from injury and went on to win their 27th World Series title. The addition of Javier Vasquez gives this team a much needed 4th starter that will eat innings. Vasquez is coming off of a career season with the Braves and has made at least 32 starts in 11 of the past 12 seasons. The Curtis Granderson and Nick Johnson acquisitions help with the loss of Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui. However, going forward, the team desperately needs to acquire a right handed bat.

2. Philadelphia Phillies
The Phillies may have confused everyone when they traded Cliff Lee and two top prospects for Roy Halladay, but the move was made with one thing on GM Ruben Amaro's mind. Dynasty. Combine Halladay and Hamels with Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and Jimmie Rollins for years to come and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if the Phillies won their third NL Pennant in a row this season. The team still needs to acquire a 5th starter and some bullpen help (in case Brad Lidge implodes again) this offseason. However, this team is built to win for the next several seasons.

3. St. Louis Cardinals
The Matt Holliday resigning was huge for the Cardinals. Not only did the team get Holliday back, but they got him for about 40 million less than they thought they would be paying. With 3 time NL MVP, Albert Pujols, hitting behind him and a rotation featuring Chris Carpenter and Adam Wainwright, the Cardinals should be poised for another NL Central division title. The Cardinals still need to find solutions at the back end of the rotation and at 3rd base, but there are still plenty of good players on the open market that the team can bring in.

4. Boston Red Sox
The Red Sox have been busy this offseason bringing in the likes of John Lackey, Adrian Beltre, Mike Cameron, and Marco Scutaro. With the Yankees success, the Red Sox's moves are being downplayed, but the team now has what I feel is the strongest pitching rotation in all of baseball. Meanwhile, they feature the leagues best defense and should still have a potent offense despite waving goodbye to outfielder Jason Bay. They should be the early season favorites to win the American League Wild Card once again. However, they still have their eye on the division.

5. Texas Rangers
Even after winning 87 games a year ago, the Rangers were disappointed as they faltered in September causing them to miss the postseason. However, they have been busy this offseason getting back on track. Armed with the best minor league system in the game and the free agent signings of Vladimir Guerrero, Rich Harden, and Darren Oliver, the Rangers are poised to win the West in 2010. With Neftali Feliz and Derek Holland continuing to develop in the rotation and the young first basemen Justin Smoak also on the way next year, the Rangers will be an exciting team to watch.

6. Chicago White Sox
The White Sox should easily be the favorite to win the American League central next season. The only major additions the team made this offseason were acquiring Juan Pierre, Andruw Jones, and Mark Teahen in different deals. However, a rotation of Jake Peavy, Mark Buehrle, Gavin Floyd, and John Danks should easily be the best in the division. A full season of Gordon Beckham should also give the White Sox much more offensive firepower.

7. Atlanta Braves
Who ever heard of a team having too much pitching? Well...The Braves have and they weren't about to pay for it all. That's why they traded away their best starter and saw their top two relievers leave this offseason and got virtually nothing in return for them. However, after signing Tim Hudson to a below market deal, the Braves still should have a solid rotation. The Billy Wagner signing is a questionmark to me, but it's not the Braves main problem. The team needs to score more runs and in order to do so, Chipper Jones needs to revert to his old self. Can't really expect it from a player that will be 38 next season though.

8. Tampa Bay Rays
2010 may be the Rays last chance at winning for a while. It's sad as they have team to watch. However, after this season, Carl Crawford, Carlos Pena, and Pat Burrell hit the open market and are going to be looking for big deals. Even with a stocked farm, the Rays still have plenty of questionmarks that need to be answered. Will B.J. Upton ever break out? Who is the ace of the pitching staff? Was Ben Zobrist's season last year a fluke? What about Jason Bartlett? If the Rays aren't in it by the all-star break, they could start selling and rebuilding.

9. Chicago Cubs
As well as the Cubs starting pitching pitched for them last season, it's hard to believe they only won 83 games. However, that's what happens when you lose your best offensive player for half the season, have terrible offensive production from your highest paid player, and count on Milton Bradley to be a clubhouse leader. Well, Bradley is now gone, as is Rich Harden, but the Cubs should be able to put together a good season if players return to their career averages. The team could still use a 2nd basemen. Orlando Hudson seems like a perfect fit to me, but it's unkown whether or not they've have any interest.

10. Los Angeles Angels
The Angels have lost much of their firepower this offseason and it's anyone's guess as to whether or not they'll remain at the top of the AL West again this season. While the Angels are known for developing a strong farm to replace their players, not many teams could lose Mark Teixeira, Vladimir Guerrero, John Lackey, and Chone Figgins over the past two offseasons and still be fine. The Angels window of opportunity is closing quickly. Signing over the hill players like Matsui and Abreu means the team is just one injury away from their season ending early.

11. Seattle Mariners
After an offseason which netted them Cliff Lee, Chone Figgins, and Milton Bradley, most people are penciling in the Mariners as the 2010 AL West champs. I'm not one of those people. King Felix and Cliff Lee are undoubtedly the best 1-2 punch in the American League, but the team still needs to find more power from somewhere. Not to mention, will a full season of Lee really have that much impact after losing Erik Bedard and Jarrod Washburn? Also, will Chone Figgins put up better offensive numbers than Adrian Beltre? I'm not too convinced they will. The Mariners got better, but I'm not fully on the bandwagon yet. 

12. Los Angeles Dodgers
Yes. I know fully well that the Dodgers still need a second basemen and number 4 and 5 pitchers in their rotation. However, no other team in the division can match up with this team......yet. The improvements of Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp last season show me that the Dodgers offense will be good, with or without Manny. It's hard to believe that Clayton Kershaw will be only 22 years old next season, but him and Billingsley should post solid numbers.

13. San Francisco Giants
Tim Lincecum must be high on life (literally) after winning his second Cy Young Award in a row and he anchors a Giants pitching staff that is the best in the National League West. The team needed an impact hitter this offseason and has only answered that with the signing of Mark DeRosa. I liked the teams decision to resign Juan Uribe as well...until GM Brian Sabean said Uribe would be their starting third basemen. If this team won 88 games without a true cleanup hitter last season, they can do it again. I still can't believe that they wouldn't trade Jonathan Sanchez or Madison Bumgarner away for a hitter though.

14. Detroit Tigers
Why on earth didn't Dave Dombrowski cut Magglio Ordonez last season so his option wouldn't kick in? I get keeping him if he's performing, but he wasn't doing anything close to it. Now, the Tigers were forced to trade away Curtis Granderson and let Placido Polanco, Brandon Lyon, and Fernando Rodney walk. The Tigers have plenty of questions, but if they add another starting pitcher, presumably an innings eater like Jon Garland, they can remain competitive in a weak AL Central. Scott Sizemore should be the early season favorite for Rookie of the Year in the American League.

15. Minnesota Twins
The Twins have the reigning AL MVP on their team, but it doesn't neccesarily mean that they will repeat again in the central. The starting pitching is still weak, with no clear cut ace in the picture. However, the new outdoor stadium (presumably) will help keep balls in the park. Once again, the offense is expected to be centered around Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau, but the Twins will need to expect the same contributions from players like Michael Cuddyer and Jason Kubel to remain in the hunt. In additoin, until the Twins are able to lock up Mauer long term, expect it to remain a distraction all year.

16. New York Mets
2009 was a disaster for the New York Mets as they finished 70-92 and in 4th place in their division. However, despite the record, the Mets aren't in as bad of shape as people may have thought. The addition of Jason Bay and the return of Jose Reyes to the lineup gives the Mets a well rounded lineup. They have their ace at the top of the rotation in Santana and a solid closer in Francisco Rodriguez. If they can find a way to land one or two more capable starters heading into next season, the Mets could contend for a postseason spot. It doesn't help though that they play in the toughest division in the National League.

17. Florida Marlins
Once again, the Marlins found themselves retooling this offseason by trading Jeremy Hermida to Boston and sending Matt Lindstrom to the Astros. They are also expected to lose Kiko Calero, who had a 1.95 era for them in 60 innings out of the the bullpen. The Marlins have 7 players heading into arbitration and it will be interesting to see who is still around after that process takes place. Dan Uggla has been rumored to be on the block for quite some time. The team has the potential to be very good, but only if they were able to keep their players. Waiting for the new stadium to be built to sign players may be too late.

18. Baltimore Orioles
The Orioles got better this offseason when they acquired Kevin Millwood from the Rangers, locked up Mike Gonzalez to a two year deal, and signed Garett Atkins to an incentive laden contract. The team is still said to be interested in bringing back Erik Bedard, which would be the icing on the cake for the Mariners in the initial deal. Bedard would help the team win games, but the Orioles really need their young pitchers to come through for them in 2010. Perhaps use the season as a learning curve for the team to compete in 2011.

19. Milwaukee Brewers
I don't know how the Brewers expect to remain competitive without any pitching. Yovanni Gallardo is good and Randy Wold will help, but the rest of the rotation is junk. The signing of LaTroy Hawkins was okay, but the money would have been better invested in another starting pitcher. The Brewers would be ranked a lot lower if Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder weren't in the middle of this lineup. Still, losing Mike Cameron and replacing him with Carlos Gomez is going to hurt....a lot.

20. Colorado Rockies
The Rockies proved last season what I expected all along. It doesn't matter who they have in their lineup, they are going to score runs no matter what in that ballpark. The problem is...the other team will too. Both Jason Marquis and Jorge de la Rose had solid years last season and combined for 31 wins. I don't think that is likely to repeat. The key for the Rockies success in 2010, I believe, will be Jeff Francis. If he can return to being the ace he was when he helped the Rockies reach the World Series in 2007, then they will be fine. Regardless, the NL West is wide open due to no team spending money.

21. Toronto Blue Jays
The funny thing about all the Blue Jays moves this offseason is that had the Phillies offered Drabek and Taylor a year ago for Halladay, J.P. Ricciardi might still be the GM in Toronto. Regardless, the Blue Jays got a great return back for Halladay and their trade for Brandon Morrow is very underrated. If they are able to land Aroldis Chapman, the Blue Jays might not be as bad as people might think. Remember, this team also has a lot of good pitchers coming back from injury as well.

22. Arizona Diamondbacks
In 2009, Dan Haren was unstoppable, Justin Upton realized his potential, and Mark Reynolds jacked ou 44 runs. So why weren't they that good? Nobody else on the team could hit. The team needs Conor Jackson to come back fully healthy and for Chris Young to be more consistent. Stephen Drew wasn't bad, but I'm not going to say he was good either. The Diamondback starting pitchers weren't that bad last season. They just got zero run support. It will be interesting to see if Brandon Webb comes back as his dominant self and also to see what Ian Kennedy does when given an opportunity outside of New York.

23. San Diego Padres
The Padres have done absolutely nothing this offseason, but are looking to be patient and rebuild their team. New GM Jed Hoyer has opted to keep their star first basemen, Adrian Gonzalez, in San Diego....for now at least. The Padres are probably hoping to see what this young group of players can do. After all, the team finished September strong going 17-9 during the last month of the season. In fact, the Padres had a record of .500 or above for 2/3 of last season. If it wasn't for a horrible June and July, they would be back in contention in a weak division.

24. Cincinatti Reds
Every season, I get my hopes up that the Reds players may start to fully realize their potential and by the end of the year, I wonder if they ever even had it to begin with. Jay Bruce and Chris Dickerson need to start hitting the ball and supplying this team with some runs. Their offense is mediocre at best right now. The pitching staff is set to struggle with Edinson Volquez out for much of the year with Tommy John Surgery, so it will be up to Johnny Cueto and Homer Bailey to improve upon last year numbers. Reds fans can only hope the youngsters start putting things together.

25. Oakland Athletics
Note to self: When Billy Beane says one thing, he does the exact opposite. I think that's his way of tricking people. Beane said he was going to let his young players play and not crowd them with veteran and that Brett Wallace would be given a chance to play everyday at third. A Coco Crisp, Jack Cust signing, and Brett Wallace trade later and it makes no sense. The A's have hope for the future with their young pitching staff and arguably the best bullpen in the American League, but if they don't get players up from the minors hitting the ball, this team could lose 100 this season.

26. Houston Astros
Pedro Feliz, Brandon Lyon, and Brett Myers to the rescue? Just when you think Ed Wade couldn't make any stupider moves than he's already done, he completely surprises you. Outside of Roy Oswalt, who is coming off of the worst season of his career, who in Houston is going to pitch? The offense is nowhere to be found as well. Outside of Lance Berkman and Hunter Pence, who is going to hit? Carlos Lee has been a huge disappointment. There a too many problems with too few solutions.

27. Cleveland Indians
Time to rebuild. The Indians could have gone into the 2010 season with both Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez still on the roster. However, GM Mark Shapiro, knowing that both would leave the minute they hit free agency traded them both. The Indians remind me a lot of the Oakland Athletics back in the day. In 2007, this franchise was one game away from the World Series. Now they can't afford to keep their superstars and what could have been a great dynasty for several years is cut short because they are forced to live as a small market team.

28. Kansas City Royals
The good news? Zack Greinke won the Cy Young Award last season. The bad news? It doesn't matter cause nobody on this team can hit. Alex Gordon is a bust. Mike Jacobs couldn't hit a softball if it were being thrown at him. All the while, the team is still paying Jose Guillen 12 million a season to do absolutely nothing. The Royals fielded a payroll of 70 million last season, the highest it's been in a decade and GM Dayton Moore puts a 97 game loser on the field. Remind me....why is he a good GM again?

29. Pittsburgh Pirates
GM Neal Huntington did the right thing when he decided to firesale the entire team. It's going to be a while before the Pirates put a winning product on the field, but the quickest way for them to turn it around was to get prospects from other teams farm systems. Bobby Crosby is getting one more chance at a starting shortstop spot in this league and Akinori Iwamura should give the team a stable veteran at the top of the order. It's make or break time for Andy LaRoche as Pedro Alvarez is waiting for his opportunity.

30. Washington Nationals
Stephen Stasburgh can't fix this. Jason Marquis can't fix this either. I thought moving to Washington D.C. was supposed to help this franchise. What a big lie that was. At least the Nationals managed to put together some kind of bullpen this time around. They are going to need it with their starting pitching. The Ivan Rodriguez signing was just plain dumb as well. I have nothing good to say here. Another 100 losses coming right up.
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Posted on: January 31, 2010 6:54 pm

Winter Rankings

It seems to me that the three biggest question marks remaining are where will E.Bedard, J.Damon and J.thome go? It appears that E.Bedard should have a large shopping list, J.Damon a small shopping list and J.Thome an even smaller one. In fact J.Damon may be relegated to DH and part-time LF and J.Thome may be nothing more than a part-timer like J.Giambi. Being relegated to a part-timer would be a sad end to a hall of fame worthy career for J.Thome.  

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Posted on: January 28, 2010 12:56 am

Winter Rankings

As a Braves fan I was very critical of their chances last year. Having seen how they rebounded in the second half, it goes to show the power of good pitching. The Braves offense and defense will be much improved except in RF. They are not in the Phillies class, but I can see them competing for the wild card. It does not take a genius to realize the Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies and Cardinals are the best teams in baseball. There are a few teams that could surprise though.

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Posted on: January 27, 2010 10:15 pm

Winter Rankings

I don't believe that these are the pre rankings for the 2010 season.  These are the rankings of how teams did as far as offseason moves. 

Go Cubs

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Winter Rankings

Milton Bradley review:

Milton will play a minimal outfield for the Mariners. Griffey will get at bats but will lose a lot to Bradley as he will be the primary DH as Griffey has already ok'd a lesser role for team success. Another thing to realize, Bradley will be under Griffey's house rules, and looks up to Griffey! The biggest reason I think Milton Bradley will have success for the Mariners is he was coached by 3 guys on the staff. Wakamatsu was the bench coach in Texas 2 years ago when Bradley was an all-star.

So, for all you Cub fans laughing, good luck with that Silva!!! He's a bum that couldn't even pitch well in one of the best pitcher's ballparks in baseball!!!

Cliff Lee:

As far as Lee having a bad year like Hamels. I doubt it! He's in a contract year and pitching a Safeco with one of baseball's best defense. He may lack the run support he had in the tee box he played in Philly, but he wont repeat Hamel's lack of success last year. Also, he was traded because Philly didn't want to give him the money he will demand, replenished it's farm system they lost trading for Cliff Lee and got Halladay for cheaper than it would have cost to keep Lee. All in all, the Mariners were the winners of this trade. Jackie Z is a baseball genius!

Of course, we don't know yet, hopefully all of the Mariners move's will pan out. Go M's!!!

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Posted on: January 25, 2010 12:00 am

Winter Rankings


I also think the D-Backs are going to be dangerous. I didn't put them high on my rankings, but they're deffinitely a sleeper in the NL West. They just need guys who hit for average and get on base, cause it's obvisious they can hit home runs and strike out a lot.

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Posted on: January 24, 2010 11:51 pm

Winter Rankings

Raven's Nest,

I wish we still had Adam Jones! Gotta hate Bill Bavasi for almost destroying this club and it's future!!! Also, Tillman is going to be awesome! In response to Adam Moore. Seattle traded Clement because his defense was subpar and Moore was climbing up our minor league ladder so fast we knew Jeff was expendable. So, it's going to be a good race between all four teams in the West. And remember, the Cardinals did pretty well with Jack Clark leading them with only 24 homers. Also, I hope the O's give the Yanks and BoSox hell as I can't stand either one!!!

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Posted on: January 24, 2010 3:06 am

Winter Rankings

I'm guessing that you're a Yankee fan ;)  I'm an O's fan myself and, while I agree with you that Boston may not be potent, at least as potent as they have been the last few years, they're going to be a very dangerous team.  They're not going to have to hit a lot of HR's, they're going to be more of a run-creating team, a lot of hit & runs and more base-stealing this year than in years past, as witnessed by last year and Jacoby Ellsbury...

Yes, they lost Jason Bay, however, they got better defensively with the acquistion of Cameron, who will lock down CF and put Ellsbury in LF...J.D. Drew isn't the best there is, that's for sure, however, he's not too bad when he's healthy and, when he's not, the Red Sox picked up Jeremy Hermida from the Marlins.  At 3B, Beltre is quite good with the glove as is Pedroia at 2B....Scutaro is a reach at 1B, with Youkilis and then catching you've got Victor Martinez...and, of course, Ortiz as the primary DH...not a bad offense at the way, you'd be hard-pressed not to find anyone on any team that hasn't had ties to an HGH/PED/Steriod issue/scandal these days, regardless of who your team is, but especially if it's the Yankees and, while you may not be a Yankee fan, you sure sounded like one in your post, not that there's anything wrong with that...the part where they're dangerous is their pitching...if they stay healthy(most teams success relies, relatively, on the health of their players), then they have, perhaps, the best pitching rotation in the AL and, maybe in MLB...

Again, I'm not a Red Sox fan, I'm an Orioles fan...but I think that you'd be crazy to sleep on Boston and think that they won't be nearly as productive as they were last year...

Anyway, just wanted to reply to your post/comment, thought it was interesting...anyway, my name's Adam, if you ever want to chat baseball, or football for that matter, here's my e-mail address:

I'm big into fantasy sports, mostly fantasy baseball and football...anyway, good luck to you and your team this year.


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Posted on: January 24, 2010 2:50 am

Winter Rankings

I'm replying back to you because I don't understand your logic in some of your evaluations/rankings.  You say that the Orioles, and, yes, I'm an O's fan, are ranked too high because they're too young, but you turn around and say that Cleveland is ranked too low because they have great young talent...contradiction if I ever heard/saw it.  Besides that, Baltimore just signed Tejada, who'll make the transition over to 3B, until Josh Bell is ready, hopefully sometime in August/September to get him some major-league time before 2011...with that switch, that allows Garret Atkins to move over to 1B, which is his natural postion.  The only reason he was playing 3B in Colorado was because Colorado has Todd Helton there.  Now, I'm not saying that Atkins was a great addition, however, if he returns to form, at least somewhat, and can hit around .280 with 20-25 HR's 80-90 RBI, well, that'll be a HUGE addition for us.  Baltimores main concern, which has been their main concern for about a decade now, has been their pitching.  But they've got a lot of great young talent and this year they'll be able to get that major-league experience. 

Now, about the Giants. Tim Lincecum doesn't make any team an instant contender.  Baseball and winning isn't just about any one player, ask Barry Bonds, he never won a World Series.  Roy Halladay, while with Toronto, never won anything or never even came close, in fact, I don't recall if the Blue Jays ever went to the post-season with Roy Halladay.  Yes, Lincecum would greatly improve any team, however, he does not make any team an instant contender because he's not out there pitching every game. 

You're saying that the Rockies are too low because they've been surprisingly successful for years now...yes, they had an incredible run in 2007, however, that alone doesn't justify them to be ranked higher.  Really, they don't have much for pitching once you get past Ubaldo Jimenez.  Jorge De La Rosa really isn't very good and, they're waiting to see how Jeff Francis is going to do once he returns.  Helton is getting older, well, he's already old, in terms of baseball years, and that's a big blow to them.  I do like Troy Tulowitzki, but, they need more help, both offensively and pitching-wise.

Diamondbacks, you said can be dangerous with healthy pitching and maturity at the plate.  I totally agree with you there, but I haven't heard anything on Brandon Webb...and as far as their hitters go, I've been reading the same thing for the past 3 or 4 years or so about Arizona and their hitting...oh, they're due to break out, they're due this this going to be the year?  Chris Young, until he proves he can be patient, isn't going to be much of anything...I'm interested to see what they do with Gerrado Parra, as I think he should be an everyday OFer for them...they still have too many question marks to be ranked much higher than where they have them in this article...

I agree with you on some, but mostly what I just mentioned is where I tend to disagree with's all good, baseball, and sports in general, is always a great debate ;)  Everyone has their opinions and favorites, I know I do...anyway, if you ever want to talk baseball, or football for that matter(I'm a HUGE Ravens fan), that'd be's my e-mail address:


Anyway, take care and I'll be keeping any eye on the standings this year and comparing them to what you were suggesting. 

Adam Matthews

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Posted on: January 24, 2010 2:17 am

Winter Rankings


  About your comment:  "This was not an outstanding article! I totally agree the Angels, until dethroned are the favorites in the AL West, and the Rangers do not have the pitching and cannot merely outslug everyone. Plus, signing a bunch injurying proned free agents is not a sign of a team making strides in the right direction"

  Nice comment there.  I take it from reading your other posts that you're a Mariners fan.  I do like the signings of Cliff Lee and Chone Figgins as those are two valuable additions to the team, especially Lee.  I noticed in one of your comments/posts that you said that teams can't win by trying to outslug opponents anymore, that teams are going back to the "pre-steroid era".  While I do agree with that somewhat, I also disagree.  Yes, pitching, along with defense, is probably the most important factor.  However, you still need to put runs on the board in order to win ballgames.  Seattle just doesn't have much going for them on offense other than Suzuki, Figgins and Lopez...and, well, Lopez is young, yes, but he's not in the top half for 2B...his OBP is horrible, actually, as he doesn't walk very much and he has no speed. 

  Casey Kotchman is good with the glove, but offensively, he's never been much of a power hitter, not in the minors or since he's been in the majors.  And, you talked about your potential catcher, Adam Moore...who was the last catching prospect that you guys had that didn't pan out?  Jeff Clement?  I believe he was supposed to be a stud for you guys behind the plate, but he never did anything as he was down in the minors most of last year and the year before that. 

  Griffey Jr., while an icon and a future first ballot-HOF, is just about done.  Milton Bradley, are you serious???  One, the guy can not stay healthy, two, he's not very good defensively and, last but not least, he's an absolute cancer in the clubhouse.  On the pitching side, other than Hernandez and Lee, perhaps the best one-two punch in the AL and, arguably, all of MLB, there's noone else.  Ryan Rowland-Smith has talent, yes, but he hasn't done anything with that talent.  Ian Snell?  He failed with Pittsburgh and Colorado, I'd hardly say that he's much of anything to boast about.  As for Doug Fister, I think he's got potential, but it's just a matter of when that potential breaks out, if it ever does at all. 

  I'm not slamming Seattle at all and, I think that you definitely know what you're talking about, however, you're slamming other teams in the West and, well, Seattle is right there with them.  I just think that picking up Bradly was a very questionable(translation: stupid) move, but getting Kotchman, Figgins and Lee over there were excellent as your team(Mariners) are going to win by playing small-ball, good pitching, defense, and creating runs with good base-running & speed/stealing bases.  Best of luck to you and the rest of the Mariners fans and to your team. 

  By the way, I'm an Orioles fan, so, believe me, I know that my team has had it's share of hard knocks, especially since we haven't had a winning season since 97'.  GO O's!!!

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Posted on: January 23, 2010 10:33 am

Winter Rankings

drb...i am a phillies fan (converted of course when the eagles continued to lose and the phillies continued to win...but hey, that's the way it is here in philly :)=) my feelings (like most i'm sure) are mixed when it came to the cliff lee trade. in one hand i ask everyone on what they wanted prior to cliff coming to philly....they all wanted halladay. he didn't come but cliff did and what is philly's last impression of cliff??? probably the most dominating post season pitching performance ever. i didn't like when the club stated that the move was not about money, but we all know that's bogus. but i'm predicting that lee is going to have an off year, kinda the way that hamels had this year. only time will tell. all i know is that the phillies certainly didn't not make themselves any worse off with halladay, that's for sure

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