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Jim Cramer

Posted on: February 5, 2008 6:42 pm

 Jim Cramer is as bad at calling the stock market as the Heat are at basketball. I hate the guy as much as I hate the Dook Blue Devils.

  Cramer said buy the market last Fall when we were near the top, he then blamed the fed for not cutting rates, as the reason we slipped and he was wrong, costing people money. He then said 3 weeks ago that the bottom was in and we should buy, we kept going lower and lower, till he finally got a bounce mostly caused by the fed cutting rates 1.25 in 10 days. But after the last 2 days of huge selling he now says he sees the rhythm of the market haha, about time Jim. Also a week ago he said you gotta buy Retail, Banks and Homebuilders, well he had a week of gains and then they sold off so much that everyone that listened to him probably lost their you know what. No one, I mean no one,should be buying home builders at all for Gods sake, it's a housing crunch like we have never seen in this country. But he fixed that on todays show by changing the three things you need to be in to Retail Banks and Brokers, see how he forgot about home builders as he finally figured out that the housing problem isn't even close to being played out. He also has the show edited to air only the people that ask him about the stocks that he has gotten right other than the lightning round, where people more or less say booyah just to get on tv.

 Bottom line on this guy: do whatever he says not to do, and dont do anything he says to do, and you should be ok, unlike Dook who are about to get their head handed to them tomorrow night, so long as Lawson is healthy.    

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Jim Cramer

Glad to see the thread. Reciprocity is always greatly appreciated.

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