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Post KU game

Posted on: November 1, 2008 7:47 pm

Pentalties, that was a huge blow to the Cats in this game.  40 yards of holding calls in the 1st half.  At least 2 would have been 1st downs on 3rd down conversions and kept the drive alive.  Instead we get put into 3rd and 20.  They with the geniouses calling the plays throw a screen pass to the smallest guy in division I football and want him to make up 15 yards after catch.  I know Banks can eat up yards but at least get him on a slant where he can catch it at full speed and just flat out run guys.  Second to he penelties is the Turnovers, argghh what are we doing, hang onto the ball.  Freeman why try to reach the 2 yards with your arms when there is a pile of jayhawks surounding you?  It was 1st down you had 3 more chances.  But I guess you have to try something the offensive line looks like a patch work quilt with injuries and new people playing different positions. 

KU looked good and Sharp is a good running back (I have always thought so).  But K-States linebackers are horrible at open field tackles they stand there with their feet in concrete.  K-State has got to find a Running Back how many times are our RB's going to just run right into the back of the blocker or to the wrong side of the block were the defensive player can tackle him? It pains me to watch these guys run the ball they don't hit holes hard they tip toe around trying to follow blocks but never finally get past the blockers, at some point you have to run into the open field. 

I still am not convinced that Ron Prince is 100% at fault for this ineptitude but something has got to change this is getting rediculous.  We need a defense and we need it last year.  I say get a defensive minded guy in here now.  Venables, Patterson?  Who ever wants to come but they have got to have a defensive track record, and recruiting would be a good plus as well.  It is a little embarassing that Prince put such a premium on this game and that is how we came out to play.

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