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KSU Basketball The Good The Bad And the Ugly

Posted on: November 20, 2008 8:31 pm

My observations through 3 games.

The Good

Fred Brown, the kid can shoot the rock and when he is hot he cannot miss.

Dominique Sutton: plays defense and has added a little offense to his game, lets hope it doesn't dissapear when we play better compitition.

Jamar Samuals: He's got hops and should provide a few highlights this year

The Defense: we look like we are going to pressure the ball which is alway good and helps force Turn overs.

The Bad:

The defense:  I know I also put it in the good category but at times it is bad when they are defending agains the half court offese we lose our man at times and leads to easy buckets.

Frank Martins substitutuions: My person feeling is he is trying to prove a point to some players by making them sit more than they might in bigger games, but sitting Clamente all but 3 min in the 1st half? I hope his point was made.

Dennis Clamente:  He is fast and can toss up a few tear drops off the glass but his defense isn't quite there.  He is probably between good and bad but I will leave him here until he shows me something.

Pullen's 3 pt shooting:  Or at least his judgment on shooting it.  When you are 0-5 for 3 range maybe it is time to penetrate and kick or find the open man.  I know he was open to shot but you gotta know when you are hot.  Of find a way to get hot drive to the basket and get fouled heat up at the freethrow line......

which brings me to the UGLY!

Freethrow shooting: We are shooting better from the field than from the line so far at least it seems that way.  Please get over 50% from the line.  I would prefer to be in the 70% range as a team but that could be too much to ask.

Ron Anderson: I'm only saying this because of the 1st half of the Emporia State game.  The guy looked uncoordinated when trying to shoot layups I can't explain it but it wasn't pretty he was getting pushed around by much smaller players.

Defensive Press:  This was most of the time good but when it broke down it was ugly ESU should have had 12 to 14 points on layups or dunks if they could make them.

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Posted on: November 24, 2008 8:59 pm

KSU Basketball The Good The Bad And the Ugly

Yes I would agree we can finish any where from #3 to #6 in my opinion.  I think Baylor will be good this year while we may have problems with Texas, but they are all winnable games and I think we can make it 2 in a row at home vs the jayhawks this year.  I'm not sure who is going to guard Blake Griffen when we play OU he may go off for 40 pts on use or maybe we will run the physical out of him, and pressure the guards enough that they can't get it to him on a regular basis.

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Posted on: November 23, 2008 10:38 am

KSU Basketball The Good The Bad And the Ugly

All that being said Cataholic, the rest of the Big XII sans OU and KU look mediocre at best... I see a top 5 finish in the big XII being possible. Would you agree?

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