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My Thoughts On Pacman Jones

Posted on: February 15, 2008 12:23 am
The fact of the matter is, my opinion holds no weight anymore. The subject has become so grossly over-discussed that there is no black and white areas, there is only gray. I support Pacman Jones. The kid may or may not have done something, but i DO know he hasn't been convicted of anything. Throw as much legal jargon at me as you please, but this is not about the law, it's about the NFL. He hasn't been convicted of anything and has a marginally clean slate as of now. Will he be reinstated? Sure. Before the draft? Possibly not. I hate throwing conspiracies out, but Goodell certainly has a disdain for Pacman. And now what has happened? This has become a war. Pacthug versus Pacman. Pukeman vs Adam Jones. I want it all over. I want it to be done when this season rolls around and i want this to mark the moment Pacman starts his career as a top 3 Corner/Returner. The man has talent. The man had baggage for a while, but now all he has is talent again. And This is overshadowing more important things like the War in Iraq, the Genocide in Darfur, or at least, THE PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARIES. Let's talk sports, but let's try to keep things civil. Putting Pac's past behind us is a good step. Now Spygate, that's another issue....

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Posted on: January 10, 2009 4:31 pm

My Thoughts On Pacman Jones

I am so disappointed in CBS sports-giving Pacman Jones any more press or airtime only enables or glorifies his behavior!  What he has done or is doing is reflective of the pathology of not only an addict but the psychopathology of a true sociopath-He is not aware of the impact of his behavior on others and even if he was it is obvious that he truly does not care.  He is a harm to himself and others and needs to face the utmost consequences that his behavior merits.  Why would your station continue with his facade and now his attorney's--ie 4:00pm on January 10th, 2009!!!!!!  He does not deserve to be supported he needs to be confronted and held accountable fo his behavior-I am a Psychologist who treats children and teenagers-do you understand the impact of broadcasting Pacman right before an important playoff game--??????????Please reconsider your programming-----maybe Charles Manson???????Maybe Chapman???????NOT---think about it!!!!!  Tyrone S. Lewis

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Posted on: March 16, 2008 5:12 pm

My Thoughts On Pacman Jones

I agree with that 100 percent, SuperCharged08. We gave Albert Haynseworth a second chance and look at what happenned with him, he got robbed of DPOY. I think that it would be completely unfair not to give Pac a second chance. Who kows what he could do.

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Posted on: March 11, 2008 7:14 pm

My Thoughts On Pacman Jones

Everyone (well, almost everyone) deserves a second chance.  If he screws up again he must know that will be it for his NFL career.  I say give him a chance and see if he blows it - which I am guessing he will.  Who knows though, maybe he has learned his lesson.  I hope he has because he has skills.

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Posted on: February 18, 2008 12:44 am

My Thoughts On Pacman Jones

Well said. I love pac and people need to get over what has been said/done in the past.

I would love to see our D look like this by the start of the season:

SS Chris Hope

FS Michael Griffin

CB1 Adam Pacman Jones

CB2 Cortland Finnegan (i give him the edge because he's younger, faster, and by the end of training camp i think better)

CB3 Nick Harper

ROLB Keith Bulluck

MLB Jarod Mayo (Wishful Thinking..) otherwise it better be Stephen Tulloch

LOLB David Thornton

RE Kyle Vanden Bosch

RDT Albert Haynesworth

LDT Antonio Johnson / Tony Brown

LE Derrick Burgess (wishfull thinking again...) unknown... Maybe we sign Antwan Odom or Travis Laboy and they play.

And our offense will hopefully look like :

LT Michael Roose

LG Jacob Bell

C Kevin Mawae (only another year in him i think)

RG Benji Olson (might retire this year but i hope not as long as he can stay healthy or Alan Fanaca)

RT David Stewart

QB Vince Young ... Duh. lol.

HB1 Lendale White

FB Ahmard Hall

HB2 Chris Henry/Tashard Choice (hopefully we draft choice in the forth round if he's still around

WR1 Roy Williams/Larry Fitzgerald (i can only hope we trade for one of them)

WR2 Donte' Stallworth/Bernard Berrian (once again i can only hope that the Pats release Stall and then Titans pick up Stall or Berr)

WR3 Limas Sweed (once AGAIN i can only hope he is available/the Titans draft him)

WR4 Justin Gage

WR5 Roydell Williams

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Posted on: February 17, 2008 6:32 pm

My Thoughts On Pacman Jones

I really hope Pacman plays next year for the Titans, I agree with you 100%, but who do we bench for Pacman? Harper or Finnegan? tough decision, let Pacman play next season Godell.

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Posted on: February 16, 2008 12:30 am

My Thoughts On Pacman Jones

Well said!  I agree that Pacman should get another shot and the Commish should make that decision soon, before the draft.  The punishment is suppose to be for Pacman not the Titans.  His decision (Goodell) impacts how the Titans draft.  His feud with Adam Jones should be pushed aside.  Grow up!  It's not personal. 

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