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Bama over Notre Dame - My Favorite Football Game

Posted on: January 15, 2013 4:46 am
Wow, I've felt satisfaction and happiness over the result of quite a few football games in my time. One of them was the 1975 Sugar Bowl when the Bear finally got the eight year monkey off his back. Another, of course was the 1992 Sugar Bowl when Alabama put a miserable stretch of years behind us and reclaimed a level of play we had always expected, but were not getting.

The Texas game was pretty good, but I knew when McCoy got hurt that the excuses and sour grapes would never be silenced. LOL

Last year's LSU game was pretty good, but I get no satisfaction from watching all those field goals, especially since there were two missed ones and an XP.

The 2009 SEC CG was a big win, a convincing win, and very fun and gratifying ... possibly more so than the next two NC wins to follow.

But this is officially my Favorite Football Game ... EVER

The Top 10 Reasons Why This Is My Favorite Football Game Ever:
10. It cures the 40 year old sting of the '73 Sugar Bowl loss, the 24-23 game that was decided by a missed XP.
9. Alabama got out to that lead early and took all the tension out of it. I don't need tension to enjoy a win, and believe me I've lived through plenty of wins (and losses) with plenty of tension. LOL
8. Balanced offense. There was one yard difference between rushing and passing yards, and there were a LOT of both.
7. It was a beat down sufficient to destroy the trolls that have plagued this board for the last several weeks             
6. It had everything for Bama; dominating defense, great runs, long passes
5. It was a National Championship win, but more ...
4. It was a REPEAT National Championship win, but more ...
3. It was the THIRD in FOUR years! I was just a bit too young to fully appreciate Bear's three in five years.
2. The national accolades for the team are piled high and sweet.

But the #1 reason that this is my favorite football game of al time is -
1. All of the above with No Stinkin' Field Goals! LOL The Tide took care of business in the red zone to put this game away, scoring the proverbial "early and often" in every possible way ... long run, short run, screen pass, short pass, and long passes. Just beautiful.

It would be hard to argue that this was not the perfect football game ... at least if you are an Alabama fan. Smile
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