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The Superbowl, The Play,and Week 17

Posted on: February 8, 2008 1:37 pm
    So the Superbowl came and went with the Giants defeating the undefeated Patriots. This left people stunned. Now, I picked the Giants to cover the 14-point spread. No way this game was going to be a blow-out. The Giants are the few teams that aren't scared to blitz the Patriots, and to me the way to beat New england was to punish Tom Brady everytime he tried passing the ball. And I thought the Giants could do that, but to win? I didn't see that coming. If someone told me that Eli Manning would lead the Giants to the Superbowl and win it with a last 2-minute game-winning drive, I would've helped him check into therapy. Especially after the fact that Eli lead the league in turnovers. But nonetheless, Eli Manning outplayed Tom Brady, Tom Coughlin outcoached Bill Belichick , and the Giants d-line overpowered the Patriots o-line.  And to all the patriots fans that might be reading this, look on the bright side, atleast you can say that you were the first team to go 18-0.

    Everybody is trying to name the Eli-Tyree miracle catch. The best one I've heard so far were:The Great Escape, the Arizona Miracle, David and Eliath, and simply "the play". I can't come up with anything better so we'll leave it at that.

     Was it just a coincidence that the 2 teams in the superbowl played their starters in week 17? Was it a fluke that the year the Colts(my fave team) played their starters in week 17, they won the superbowl? This got me interested and I decided to look at the past 4 teams that won the superbowl:

2007 New York Giants played starters in week 17
2006 Indianapolis Colts played starters week 17
2005 Pittsburgh Steelers played starters week 17
2004  New England Patriots played starters most of week 17( didn't play last 2-minute of 4th quarter)

So why does Tony Dungy continue to rest starters, especially with a first round bye in the playoffs already? I know the injury factor but giving them a rest disrupts all momentum they had during the season.

    So this the end of this crappy blog entry. I know it was probably boring, and hardly anyone will read this but if you made it this far, I'll like to say thanks for readin and please comment. And if you read it for the ps3, sorry.

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