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08 FA Safeties

Posted on: February 4, 2008 9:12 pm


      1.)    Ken Hamlin, S, Cowboys, 6’2”, 27 years old

§         Hamlin is a great FS.  He has great speed and coverage ability; a natural ballhawk.  He is also a vocal leader, getting the secondary lined up before the play begins.  He is a hard hitter with good tackling technique.  He can play both safety positions, but is better suited to play FS.  As a hard hitting safety with outstanding range, Hamlin is the top safety in FA.  Oh yeah, he is also a perfect fit for Cover 2.

2.)    Madieu Williams, S, Bengals, 6’1”, 26

§         He is on the Bengals defense, so how good can he really be, right?  But really, he was one of the Bengals best defensive players.  He is a solid tackler and has a nose for the ball.  He has plus speed and good knowledge of the game.  He can play both free and strong safety positions, and is a very good player.  He may be the Bears best option at safety if they miss out on Hamlin.

3.)    Eugene Wilson, FS, Patriots, 5’10”, 27

§         <st1:city><st1:place>Wilson</st1:place></st1:city> is a good vocal leader that has the ability to play both FS and CB.  He is very good in coverage and has good speed to catch a receiver that gets behind him.  He is a decent tackler, but won’t “wow” anyone with big hits.  He did fall out of favor with the Patriots in '07, so he will not return in '08.  He is a solid FS, not a standout player.

4.)    Gibril Wilson, S, Giants, 6’0”, 26

§         Gibril is a solid tackler, but needs to improve his coverage ability.  Over his career he has improved, but he still has too many lapses in coverage.  He increased his value in the Super Bowl after helping keep the Patriots to 14 points.  He is an upgrade at safety position, but he is not the sole answer to our safety problems.

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Posted on: February 5, 2008 6:23 pm

08 FA Safeties

Of this list i would say either Ken Hamlin first or Eugene Wilson second.

Hamlin makes up for what Roy Williams lacks.  He covers deep and has to make great reads or they get killed.

Eugenes injury worries me.  He was a good prospect then got hurt and was never the same.  If he does return to form he would be a great safety for years to come for us.

Between the two, Wilson will come cheaper because he wont expect to start.  Hamlin will cost a starters price and will expect to play, not in a rotation either.

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Posted on: February 5, 2008 3:41 pm

08 FA Safeties

I agree with Dimm.  I'm not sold on any of these guys, either.  I would would not tie up cap space on any of these guys.  We already have a lot of safeties that could come in a do a good job that we already have.  Kevin Payne looks good.  He was out with a broken arm so that isn't exactly an injury that is going to linger or reoccur like damaged ligaments or tendons.  McGowan showed SOME promise, while Daniel Manning looked lost at times, but is athletic.  The key is Mike Brown and whether he can remain healthy.  The main reason why he has continually gotten injured is because he is extremely active.  He is a hard hitter and doesn't hesitate to stick his nose into any situation.  His agressive and inspired play contributes to his injury risks.  If Brown is on the field, it really doesn't matter who the other safety is if you ask me.  I won't even bring up Archeletta because it's obvious that he is a liability.

I would say draft a mid round safety, if you draft a safety at all.  I think we should see what we exactly have in Payne before we start spending big money on free ageny safeties.

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Posted on: February 5, 2008 2:40 pm

08 FA Safeties

I'm not really sold on any of these guys...granted I don't know much about them...I think that we need address this position in the draft... I like the idea of getting a guy that has established himself, but these don't really have that...and I don't think many of them have played in our type of D. Don't be suprized if Adam Archeletta is back. Mike Brown with a different contract and a drafted rookie, with Manning not playing as bad as people think I say he can be good and is still really young. Arch was pretty good at the begining of the season with blitzes and run support with the whole D being healthy. I want to see that player back. Go Bears!

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Posted on: February 5, 2008 11:03 am

08 FA Safeties


you have some nice ideas here, but I am not sure that Hunter Hillenmeyer could moved to strong safety as easily as you think.  I think he would be just as bad, if not worse than Adam Archuleta was at SS last year.  It is a great idea if he can do it, but I don't think he has the speed.  He is the slowest of the Bears LBs, and in order to be good in coverage, a safety needs to have speed.

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Posted on: February 5, 2008 9:43 am

08 FA Safeties

This is an area that needs to be addressed in order for Lovie's scheme to work.  I like Hamlin's range in coverage, but he isn't as rock solid of a run stopper and tackler I think is most important.  I would still love him on the Bears D.

None of the other guys really impress me.  Wilson's coverage is suspect and the others have not proven much.

I really believe, but am not counting on, Mike Brown will be re-signed for crack prices and plays S for the Bears this year.  Maybe not out of camp, but he will have a strong year if he is able to get back on the field. 

He is better than any FA available and can be had for cheap.  He makes the D infinitely better just by his presence.

I also think that Hunter Hillenmeyer should be moved to SS.  He can cover and run with TE's pretty good, and is a total upgrade over McGowan, or Archuleta.  We have 3 up and coming LB who I believe would help our run D, and need to get on the field.   Okwo and Williams especially need to play.  If there is anyway we keep Briggs, Urlacher, Williams/Okwo, HH at SS and Vasher and Tillman shoring up coverage,  I think they could get back to the aggressive style they had in '05/06.  The FS position will dictate what they do, they have to have someone who can cover WR and tackle inside the box.  Too bad Bob Sander's isn't available.

Lovie also needs to find a replacement for Tank Williams as the 3rd Tackle.  Without being able to rotate in a fresh tackle without a huge drop-off in talent from Tommie Harris (some games Tank out performed Tommie) the front 4 can't be trusted to keep blockers off our LBs or get up the middle pressure with out having to blitz.

This is a make or break season for this unit together, they have to make another run this year as a top flight unit, or be exposed as a one hit wonder.

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Posted on: February 4, 2008 9:18 pm

08 FA Safeties

I would really like Hamlin or Williams in a Bears uniform in '08.  Both would be better options that any rookie safety in this year's draft.  Kenny Phillips has plenty of upside, but Williams and Hamlin are both very good safeties that will greatly improve our secondary.  Madieu Williams is still young (missed a season due to injury), and has played in a mediocre defense.  He will be much better with better players around him, plus he will also be much cheaper than Ken Hamlin.

Eugene Wilson is another good option, but he is not the best option.  He is a hometown kid (Illini alumn), but I can see Danieal Manning becoming a better FS than Wilson in '08.

If we cannot get either Williams or Hamlin, I think we need to draft Kenny Phillips, the safety from Miami.

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