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UGH, Slap me please.

Posted on: February 17, 2009 6:28 pm

to those who just like to spew the drivel that causes riotous posts. go get a life.Okay, I will be as I should be here. I wrote those words over a month ago in a post after the AFC Championship game.

I have spewed drivel in this last few days about the state of the CBS Sports community forums. The scoring, the trolls, the rating system, the whatever.


I, unlike alot of people out in the world, will stand in 1 spot and allow the line of hand spread wide people to take their turns whacking me across the kisser. This will hurt for a while but I feel I totally deserve it. If anyone wants an apology, go find A-Rod. I hear he is doling them out. No Apology here. I fully accept my douchyness.

Ugh, I need a shower again.

Well, Its off to work in a wind that sounds like its hurricane strenght here in Colorado. Should be a blast drive to Denver.

To all who actually have me as a friend. Tomorrow i promise to create a blog entry about presents from parents to a 2nd child just cause a 1st child is having a birthday. I am going to think long and hard on my 4 hr drive (from Pueblo to Denver and back) this evening about its content. Stay tuned for the rant.

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