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Nebraska back where they belong! In the spotlight

Posted on: September 24, 2008 12:43 pm
Been a while since I've done one of these. What a time to be a sports fan. History is set to take place as
the Chicago Cubs are poised to take the 2008 playoff plunge as back to back division winners! (A rarity!)
And the Nebraska Cornhuskers are about to be thrust upon the nation once again
Va Tech this Saturday 8pm ABC
Then Mizzou the following week this time 9pm ET ESPN

Ah yes
Back in their rightful place amongst the elite. (well, once we've knocked off Va Tech and Mizzou....for starters)

No one on national sports TV has mentioned these Huskers as a serious threat to the Big 12 North.
I see the way this team plays. They have a heart and swagger that has seriously been absent from the previous coaching regime.
Pelini has a warm, open communication with AD Dr.Tom Osborne
Hell, I just read that Offensive coordinator Shawn Watson has been talking with Osborne about running the option!!
Well, certain parts of it or a variation of it. Something like that.  QB Joe Ganz has already been scrambling in a few plays.
Didn't he just score a rushing TD against N.M. State?

I know the Huskers will never be again like they were from 1970 - 2001. All I ask is to see them back in the national spotlight.
To be proud to say I grew up in Nebraska and listened to the voices of Lyle Bremser, Adrian Fiala, Kent Pavelka and Gary Sadllemeyer
and Warren Swain

As always Go Cubs Go! and Go Big Red There is no place like Nebraska 
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