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ESPNClassic has let me down for the last time

Posted on: June 11, 2008 3:51 pm
What the fudge is going on with this bastard child of the parent network?
I remember when Classic first busted on the scene. I was so exicted to see classic football and
baseball games; the stadiums, the players, the fans, etc. The game from a simplier time...
Today I thought it would be a laugh to tune in and have something on in the background, while
I try to squeeze a nap in (I have to work tonight) my digital cable guide tells me Classic
Pool is supposed to on.

Ok. Nice and boring. I check the online TV listings, because I don't always trust the digital cable.
Online listings seem to confirm classic pool matchups from 1983 and a Trick Shot episode.

I change the channel to ESPNClassic and what do I find?? A tribute to Ken Griffey Jr!!
Mariners at the California Angels, from 1990!! Followed by the '95 Yanks & Mariners game 5
This is awesome!! But why couldn't someone who works there update the dang blasted website
so that I know which games are going to be on? Give me a chance to fire up the DVR, you know?
I've missed half this classic game already! 

Oh, and while I tear into ESPNClassic, what the hell is up with them airing Euro Soccer 2008?
Didn't they get the memo that Americans don't give two shakes about soccer!
What a waste of TV time!! Soccer is terribly boring for TV, let alone for American TV.

Where is the classic baseball games from the '70s and '80? The classic college football and or
some classic college basketball? No more games from the 1990s!. Those are not classics.
Something that has only been around 10 yrs is not a classic!!!!!

Here are some games/teams/sports that ESPN Classic should show:
Classic Oakland A's (1968 - 1990)
Games from the 1970s. Any game really! Anything that showcases the beauty and splender that WAS
Oakland Alameda Coliseum, before the disgusting renovations took place. I know the place has
never gotten a good rap, but the way it looks now, cavernous and devoid of heart & soul, with all those seats
blocked would be nice to see some As games in a nice ballpark for a change

Classic Cubs games (1960 - 1993)
I would love to see Ken Holtzman's no hitter. A Fergie Jenkins game. Some games from the '69 season.

Classic Expos games
I am too young to have ever seen them play at Jarry Park. That would be nice to see some games from that time.
How about something from the 1981 playoff series?

Classic college football
Oklahoma Sooners from the Bud Wilkerson era (1947 - 1963) Nebraska beating Miami in the 1963 Gotham Bowl.
Classic Orange Bowl games, like the 1964 Husker win against Auburn, since Orange Bowl stadium is a pile of rubble
Bob Churchich, Jerry Tagge, Jack Mildren, Joe Namath [Alabama], Jack Crabtree [Oregon],
Nebraska's Memorial Stadium back in the 80s before the renovation. Same for Texas' stadium

Of course, there are many many more games that ESPN Classic should show, and that could qualify as "classic"
All i know is Euro Soccer 2008 is NOT "classic" material
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