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Hard work pays off in the end, right?

Posted on: July 11, 2008 5:32 am
I old's been a while since I've done one of these entries....
Just got off of work (I work the 3rd shift) and tonight was one of the worst nights of work
I have had. But I wasn't alone; seems a few other workers got chewed out for
the stupidest things...workers who for the most part are dedicated & dilligent...

I was talked to because I used the bathroom after a 15min break.
Where's the problem in that? It maybe takes 1-2 min at the most for a man to urinate

" Well during break you should have gone,"
he says "I didn't have to gone then" I reply
I'm 26 f*- -ing years old. When I gotta go to the restroom, I gotta go.
You may be my manager, but you can't control my bowels.

I should have pulled down my pants and pissed on his leg there in the store

But I digress. If I complain to someone, nothing will come of it.
I'm going to sit here in front of the TV. Eat my pizza. Drink my Goldschlager and put the night behind me

On the next installment of my rantings, plucked ripe from my noodle,
The long awaited!
Prospects that fizzled & flamed out Vol 2.
Stay tuned!

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