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NFL player benefits

Posted on: March 9, 2011 8:49 am

One of the big issues in the NFL labor battle is player health. Specifically, player benefits.

The NFL, for the first time ever, will report on a quarterly basis exactly what is being paid out in what it's calling a retired players scorecard. The numbers are interesting and compiled below. I was made aware of them by former player Jeff Nixon.

  • 3,134 retired Players receive a pension for a total annual distribution of $63,774,329.
  • 176 widows and surviving children of deceased Players receive a total annual distribution of $9,809,661.
  • 289 out of 464 eligible Players who applied for NFL disability in 2010 were approved for a 62% approval rate.
  • 836 retired Players receive NFL disability for a total annual distribution of $43,195,4415 years of post-career medical coverage for post-1993 retired Players for a total distribution of $18,734,549.
  • 167 out of 173 applications to the Joint Replacement Program (established in October 2007) were approved for a  97% approval rate.
  • $309,968 in total has been reimbursed for Players’ out-of-pocket expenses associated with joint replacement surgery.
  • 401 retired Players currently receive a $100 per month subsidy through the Medicare Supplement Program with an annual NFL contribution of $450,000.
  • 40,094 prescriptions have been filled by using the NFL’s Discount Prescription Drug Program.
  • NFL Player Care Foundation (formerly known as the Dire Need Fund) approved 247 out 307 applications for a total of $2,340,000.
  • $25,000 maximum life insurance benefit through Vested Inactive Life Insurance.
  • The 88 Plan has approved 151 out of 162 player applications since its inception and has distributed $10,582,765
  • 247 out 307 applications processed by the Player Care Foundation have been approved.  $2,340,000 in total has been distributed to distressed or disadvantaged former NFL Players.

  • $560,000 in total savings to 10 Players who received pro bono or discounted medical services secured through the Player Care Foundation.
  • 808 Players have participated in cardiovascular screenings provided by the Living Heart Foundation and Boone Heart Institute, made possible through a grant by the Player Care Foundation.
  • 558 Players have participated in prostate screenings provided by the AUA Foundation.
  • $2,092,000 in total has been distributed to assist in research geared towards retired Players, including grants to the University of Michigan, as well as to the Boone Heart Institute, Living Heart Foundation and AUA Foundation.

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NFL player benefits

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NFL player benefits

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NFL player benefits

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