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Draft boycott

Posted on: March 14, 2011 4:34 pm
The NFL players are finding an interesting ally in their fight against the owners: college players.

Two agents confirmed to that the former union has asked top prospects not to attend the April draft. One agent who represents a potential top 25 pick said in an interview that it's possible few, if any, of the top picks will go to the draft.

"There is momentum building on this," said the agent. "If my client is asked, he won't attend."


When Roger Goodell announces the picks at the draft it's possible the first ten to 20 draftees will boycott the event, an agent said. An NFLPA source explained it's possible the entire first round might be boycotted as other players decide to join the boycott.


College players, one agent explained, seem to be onboard with the decision though I find it difficult to believe at least a few of them won't be upset about losing the opportunity to shine on such a big day. Don't be surprised if a few top prospects show up anyway.

But, so far at least, and according to agents, college players are okay with this development.

The message the former union is sending is crystal clear. They're going to hurt the NFL during one of its most highly watched and money-making events of the season.

Not having top prospects would effectively push the draft back in time to a more primordial event. A boycott wouldn't kill the draft but it would seriously injure it.

So the labor situation gets more interesting by the minute.
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Posted on: January 9, 2012 3:14 pm

Draft boycott

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Posted on: December 5, 2011 5:17 pm

Draft boycott

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Posted on: March 25, 2011 7:08 pm

Draft boycott

The former Union asked players not to show up. Sounds like the decertification isn't really that.

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Posted on: March 17, 2011 6:00 pm

Draft boycott

Wrodawalt - you are correct, the average player has a short career.  Your guaranteed money is your signing bonus, the rest of it you have to earn.  Yea if you start sucking you get fired - try sucking at your job and see how long you last.  I would also think (I have not checked confirmed this) that most of the players with short carrers - ARE ON THE KICKING TEAM.  Some do get hurt, some just weren't good enough.  You have roughly 1700 players on the roster when the season states.  225 players were drafted, how many undrafted free agents are signed that make the teams?  Damn wanted to write more but the wife is almost at the house with the adopted dog were surising the kids with.

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Posted on: March 17, 2011 5:37 pm

Show up or not

Show up or don't show up - your rights are owned.  I find it funny the vets want a bigger chunk of the rookie cap (and they deserve it), The rookies think the vets are on thier side?  No everyone is watching their own pocket.  ROOKIES - GO TO THE DRAFT.  Some of you will never be on TV again.

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Posted on: March 16, 2011 9:06 pm

Draft boycott

the people siding with the players....why? It's a choice they've yet to address this. People choose to play a brutal sport- until any of you address why anyone should protect people who make crazy and very dangerous career choices then your arguments really have no credibility. There are alot of people out there making dangerous choices. Football is a gamble, just like taking millions and putting it on a roulette table. It might pay off and it might not. Why do they deserve anything other than what they wind up with? Should the casinos have to reimburse gamblers? The casinos make tons of money at the expense of people gambling. Pro football is no different. Stop acting like a bunch of people taking a gamble to make millions deserve extra protection...they simply don't.

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Posted on: March 16, 2011 5:30 pm

Draft boycott

Yes it is true some players have short careers that is a fact that is even more skewed by the fact that some do not even make it out of camp. But there are alot of players who play longer than your average as well. And I am not saying they dont deserve to get what they can get I am saying the situation is the way it is because the owners let it. It is their fault. If someone is willing to give you alot of money to play a game than you would be an idiot not to take it. As far as careers they work hard to be as good as they are and put alot of training in. How many finish school. They are not really getting a free ride the tuition is paid by the sweat and blood they leave on the field but they are there and the education is available to them so why doesnt someone say hold on before you leave school early finish your education because the truth is football is rarely a lifetime career. I do not know what happened to AJ Hawke so please enlighten me if you have the time. You say AJ Hawke what about Jamarcus Russel, Ryan Leaf or any number of NFL busts can the owners get that money back. I dont know what the owners make or dont make just like I dont know what all the players make. But what I do know is that neither can exist without the other and even than theuy cant exist without the fans. So I say let the stadiums sit empty and dark and the players try to exist on 9-5 pay for a while. After all it is the fan who is getting it in the end.

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Posted on: March 16, 2011 4:42 pm

Draft boycott


Yes players ask for renegotiations all the time but did you ever notice that at the end of training camp teams drop a bunch of players then sign the same players back two days later?

That is the ownership demanding renegotiation. 

At least the owners have a choice in the matter.

The contracts in the NFL are mostly fiction.  There is a big headline that Joe Blow signs for 150 million then two ytears later the team drops him because they don't want to sign his 9 million dollar roster bonus and escalating salary.  Look at just happened with AJ Hawk. I gaurantee you if you go back when he signed his contract the press reported what the value of the contract would be if he paid all his years.

These guys are very well paid.  They should be.  They are the best in the world and they have short careers. Most of these guys are gonna play 3 years for 500,000 per year and have medical issues the rest of their lives.  If they are smart they will save as much of that as possible but sadly, like most 21 year olds they won't have the forsight to do that. 

On the other hand, the owners are reaping big profits AND the value of NFL franchises goes up every year. So they are going to be able to pull out profits and most likely double or better the money they have invested. 

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Posted on: March 16, 2011 2:31 pm

Draft boycott

First players sign contracts. If they sign contracts that give owners outs  than that is their problem. Second I am not talking about when a player asks to renegotiate his contract I am talking about when a player signs a deal has a good year and refuses to play unless his contract is re done.Since you are showing your ass the start of the comment was this is the fault of the owners and the players have taken advantage of it. Me personaly could care less if there is a football season next year or not because I know that it makes no difference in my life wheter my team wins or loses. If my team were to win the superbowl on sunday I would still have to go to work on monday. Do you recall an interview with Gary Sheffield. I know that is baseball and this is football but I remember it because in this interview he complained about only making 9 million dollars a year. People in regular jobs are fired or let go every day with little or no cause so why are these guys any better. If they dont like it maybe they should put up their money and buy a team. This at its base  is millionaires crying about billionaires to gain sympathy from people living from paycheck to paycheck. We all made choices that put is in one of these groups and I know where I am ansd once again I have no sympathy for the poor poor millionaires who think they deserve half the profit for a quarter of the risk.Nor do I have sympathy for the billionaires who are trying to squeeze more profit while actually breaking something that should have just been left as is. 16 game schedule is the right number of games.

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Posted on: March 16, 2011 10:36 am

Draft boycott

 the players are the richest people I ever have met.

That is because you can't get past the armed security and locked gates to meet the even wealthier NFL owers.

Should an autoworker from the 1960's be compensated because they only made $8 and hour rather than $30 an hour?

They were.  It was called a pension, and it paid them a certain amount of money from the time they retired until death. (even though many companies owners welched on their deals and backed out of these plans years later)

everyone has to save a portion of what you make so you can retire without being a burden on society or your family

I agree everyone "should" save a portion of what they make, but most in society do not.  That is one reason why the Social Security Taxes were implemented, so that people can have money when they reach an age because they could not or did not save enough money during their working years.

P.S. - teachers in Illinois cannot collect social security even though they pay into it like eveyone else (that is my political rant for the day)

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