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The former union and George Martin

Posted on: March 26, 2011 1:45 pm
Edited on: March 26, 2011 1:47 pm
Recently the head of the NFL Alumni, George Martin, met with leaders from the former players' union and what happened next -- and will happen in the future -- is highly interesting.<br /> <br /> Martin is a former NFL player who deals with former players and his words carry weight. He has been publicly critical of the former union and has asked for a one-on-one meeting with it's former head, DeMaurice Smith. While no such meeting happened, Martin did recently meet with Smith and others from the trade association as a group.<br /> <br /> As reported and has confirmed the meeting at times became extremely heated. was able to obtain a memo Martin wrote to his own membership which stated the meeting atmosphere "was very defiant, accusatory, and outright disrespectful.”<br /> <br /> has learned the meeting was filmed and it's possible, according to a person present in the meeting, that a transcript of the meeting might be soon released.<br /> <br /> This is getting good.<br /> <br /> The former union, to put it mildly, doesn't trust Martin, a former player for the Giants. They point to the fact that the NFL has given Martin an interest free loan worth over $1 million, and they feel, more than anything, that this payment means Martin has a conflict of interest.<br /> <br /> The meeting became heated, one source present said, when several crucial issues were raised. Among them was Martin being paid by the owners and, also, Martin doesn't agree with the former union's demand for financial transparency. There is additionally some concern Martin is attempting to operate a shadow union that conflicts with the current former union leadership.<br /> <br /> Martin has publicly stated he wants a one-on-one meeting with Smith but that likely won't happen because such a meeting could be construed as bargaining and that can't be done since the union has decertified.<br /> <br /> This story will continue to develop and it's possible the next thing will be a release of the transcript of the meeting.<br /> <br />

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