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Part Two of Warren Moon interview

Posted on: April 1, 2011 4:42 pm
Edited on: April 1, 2011 4:58 pm
When NFL players went on strike in 1987, one of the more high-profile faces representing them was quarterback Warren Moon. He was a player representative on the executive committee and his memories from that time show just how bad labor differences between players and owners can get.

The blood is bad now between players and owners but it's nothing compared to what happened during that strike. One of Moon's duties was to schedule picket duty for striking players and he remembers some of the chaos from that time.

"We had guys laying down in front of buses that were carrying the [replacement] players," he told "Some players threw eggs at the buses. They threw rocks." He remembered how in Kansas City a handful of striking players rode in the back of pickup trucks carrying shotguns and circled practice fields where the replacements were working out.

Moon of course put his support behind today's locked-out players. He said the difference between now and when his generation was on strike was the amount of information today's players have. "You have to give the NFLPA credit," Moon said. "Today's players are far more informed than we were."

Then Moon had this stinging quote when asked what he believed the owners really think of players:

"The owners' mentality has always been, 'We're the owners. You're the players. We're smarter. We're better.' The owners feel like they're more superior and intelligent and we're just dumb players."

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Part Two of Warren Moon interview

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Part Two of Warren Moon interview

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Part Two of Warren Moon interview

Well technically you cant cut a player if he's hurt, but in terms of NFL, they ask you if you're okay to go and if you sign off on it, then you're cleared and then can be cut. It is something that Mike Golic talks about ALL the time, and most guys dont want to be seen as pansies so they fight through pain and say they're okay to play. But yes, if you're on a team then you get good medical treatment, but once you're no longer employed by and NFL team, then you're expenses are you're expenses... EVEN medical. The people that get medical get it after a set amount of time served in the NFL.
Once you're cut by the say, Seahawks, they are no longer responsible to fly you around the country to help you find a job. Thats out of your own pocket. Saying "most" of the players in the league make more than around 450K is completely a falicy on all accounts. 
Just the one team that I root for, the Seahawks, 38 of the 48 players that are under contract make less than 700K as a yearly salary base pay. Some players do have a bonus, but those are the ones that were good enough to get that in their deal when they signed, and not all bonusses are HUGE amounts, there are bonusses of small amounts like 75,000 signing bonus... thats hardly breaking the bank. 
Not all the players make millions and the ones that do probably deserve it. The NFL makes BILLIONS, and the all the players dont make big salaries. 

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Part Two of Warren Moon interview

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Part Two of Warren Moon interview

Sorry, last post was a rebuttal for Str8jaz.

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Part Two of Warren Moon interview

You need better facts.  If you're w/ a team when injured, they pay the medical bills and you get the best health care anywhere in the world.  The league minimum is $350,000 but goes up for every year in the league.   Less than 10% of the players earn the league minimum.  The other 90% earn much, much more and the average salary is close to $1 million a year.  In addition, every player is entitled to bonuses that add up to nearly $500,000 per season.  The bonuses are paid per game and depend on how much playing time you had in a given game.  Also, if you're cut by a team, they have to pay your moving expenses.  

The CBA is online and has all of this information.

Oh, and the players are dead wrong on this issue.  If they want more of the revenue, they should start helping pay for the costs of running an NFL team.  I say a 50/50 split is fine as soon as players start paying 50% of their salaries to help the teams meet operating costs.  The stadiums don't run themselves.  The buses and planes aren't free.  The front offices, medical staff, PA people, team photographers, lawyers, janitors, etc. all get paid and the players aren't paying any of it.  Once they start pitching in, we can talk about a more equitable revenue share.

I'd love to see the Cowboy's pitch in to help their owner cover the cost of his new stadium.  Unfortunately, that means all of the players will be paying Jerry to play next season and the next 5-6 seasons after that.  It'll be hard paying to play in the NFL, but times are tough all over.

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Part Two of Warren Moon interview

Who cares what Moon thinks he hasn't played for years. He is a wife beater a racist who loves to play the race card. Moon has been out of football for a long time he has no input and to the reporters giving him face time they should be fired. Go get us a Manning Brady or Brees interview and than you are doing your job. Enough about Warren Moon just go get his interview the next time he beats his wife. Let's hear what the owners and active players have to say and let's get this dispute settled for like Hank says we are ready for some football.

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Part Two of Warren Moon interview

I would just love to see this thing settled and get back to football.  However, I have always believed that both Roger Goodell and D Smith have their own agendas.  I think this could be settled if both the NFL and the NFLPA replaced their top men. 

There will be an NFL as long as their are individuals willing to play the game, top-notch or not, and fans will to pay to see them.  The replacement games in the last strike proved this. 

If some of the players retire or do not play anymore because they do not like the ultimate deal, guess what?  More players will be trying out for a roster spot.  We may be able to debate the quality of play but play they will. 

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Part Two of Warren Moon interview

are you kidding me they put there life on the line ,,,they ain't no cop's firefighter and they put there lives on the line ,,,its a kids sport we all played football i never went out and said i cant believe i put my life on the line ,,hahahahahaha your whole comment is a joke you must be a player or something because your a$$ ain't no fan if you think that players are not over paid every player out there in any sports is well over paid ,,,and they play 17 weeks out of a year and its one game a week give me a break on your comment plz,,,,,and just think of this just to go to a game these days it would cost you over $200 dollars for good tickets and don't get me started on the food and drinks it costs a arm and a leg just to go to a game and you know why its because of the players they want to much there too greedy

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Okay for a little rebuttle... if you make 400k for 3 years, sure that equals over a million dollars.... but listen bubba, YA GOTTA PAY TAXES!! And when youre making 400 grand, that 40% taxes is a big chunk of change. Whats 40% of 400 grand? so there ya go, now the player has 240k... now he doesnt get that in one chunk, he gets it as a weekly payment over the course of the 17week season. There aint no going to buy a MILLION dollar house right away, there aint no super smooth Lambo's in the driveway.... that aint happeing off of 14 grand a week. That player more than likely has a house from where ever he is from, he isnt going to move to Seattle if he's from down south. So he has to have his house where he's from, PLUS an apartment in the town he plays in. If he gets cut, and he wants to try out in Indy to make their roster... HE PAYS FOR THE AIRFARE, AND HOTELS. If he gets cut the team dont pay for him to find a new team. If he gets hurt, he pays his medical bills, NOT THE NFL. If he's a 2 year player, and he's only made the league minimum, he doesnt have millions in the bank. He's living like most of us, just with slightly better pay. STOP all the hating about what players make... its stupid. If you dont like it... then quit crying like little babies and STOP GOING TO THE GAMES! Stop supporting the team you root for. Complaining about a guy making 240 grand a year is beyond silly... if engineers can get a college degree and make that kind of money, i have no issue with a football player putting his life on the line for 3.4 years in the NFL (which makes BILLIONS) to make a couple hundred grand

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