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NFL talks still moving despite contrary report

Posted on: June 15, 2011 3:17 pm
Edited on: June 15, 2011 5:28 pm
On one day, I report that a CBA deal is 80-85 percent complete, and there is guarded optimism. On another day, ESPN reports the talks almost blew up. One day--extreme optimism. Another day--not so much.

That's how these talks are going to go. I can't find a single person who says talks nearly "blew up" but that doesn't mean they didn't. It also doesn't mean that a large chunk of progress hasn't been made. Because it has. I've quoted people close to the talks saying a deal was weeks, if not days, away. I always believed late June and early July was the date they'd get this done. That is still a strong possibility, according to several people close to the situation.

That position was enhanced when late in the day on Wednesday owners and players announced talks would continue. Doesn't that sound like progress is being made? Does that sound like things were on the verge of blowing up?

The big problem remains the hatred between the lawyers. They were again allowed into the room after being kicked out of it. I think everyone involved in the discussions again underestimated the level of venom they'd once again bring.

So this is where we are: this situation changes daily, if not hourly. Based on everyone I speak to the sense of guarded optimism remains thick.

Even if the sport is stuck in a labor maze.


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NFL talks still moving despite contrary report

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NFL talks still moving despite contrary report

The players get paid a lot of money to play football and yes the owners make a lot of revenue from employing their services.  Yes the players were locked out and yes they disbanded the union.  Both sides were spoiling for a fight this year.  I dont feel sorry for the players who do not have to play football and I don't feel sorry for the owners either.  But it is a lot easier to find a bunch of guys to play the game than one multi millionaire who will put the money up front to build a team.
I am just hoping that they can resolve their issues and get back to playing football.  I hope both sides see the idiocy of alienating the fans who have made this the most successful professional sports league in the world.  If they do not they will all be surprised at how the fans will turn their backs on them.

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Posted on: June 16, 2011 6:41 am

NFL talks still moving despite contrary report

How could you consider even watching one game if the real players are not on the field?You yourself refer to replacement players as scabs.Remember the players did not walk,they are locked out. You have to support these modern day gladiators who destroying themselves for the glory of our entertainment.Please don't support scabs or the owners who put that crap out there.As addicted as we all are to the sport,I think we can all survive if we had to wait till next year.No scabs!

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NFL talks still moving despite contrary report


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NFL talks still moving despite contrary report

If those losers the players want to come back to work right away and pay there bills then they better understand that they won't win this war over the owners and should get a deal fast or most of these players will be back selling crack in the streets again.

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Posted on: June 16, 2011 1:17 am

NFL talks still moving despite contrary report

What I want to know is when is the deadline of when the owners/players has to come to an agreement for the season not to be a total lost. The worst that can happen is we would not have any football but another option which is slightly better than no football, have football comprising of scab players. Obviously the quality of players and games won't be as good as the top tier players playing but at least we will still have football. It's been done before so I'm crossing my fingers that no matter what, we will still have football. Go COLTS !!!!!

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Posted on: June 16, 2011 12:52 am

NFL talks still moving despite contrary report

Shakespeare was right about lawyers. (Henry VI, Act IV, Scene ii.)
First of all, footballforevah, Shakespeare wrote three Henry VI plays, and two of them don't say that.
Second, the one character who did say, "let's kill all the lawyers" was one of the bad guys in the play.  Like other authors, Shakespeare put a lot of bad words into the mouths of a lot of bad guys.  How much of that stuff do you think Shakespeare himself actually agreed with?  In this case, we can be pretty sure that he didn't think much of the character in question and his friends--since in one of the stage directions he called them "rabblement." 

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Posted on: June 16, 2011 12:32 am

NFL talks still moving despite contrary report

Why was everyone so excited at the idea of a deal being 80-85 percent done?  That meant nothing.  They've probably been in agreement on 80 percent of the contract for months; it's the other 20 percent that's been the holdup.  And it probably still is.  So, what else is new?  
By the way, both Freeman and some of the posters here should stop blaming the lawyers.  Lawyers can deal with each other if they have to, even if they don't like each other.  The problems are with the clients and their positions, not with the lawyers.  The lawyeres are just a handy excuse.
By the way, who's negotiating for "the players" if the union can no longer collectively bargain?  Lawyers can only negotiate on behalf of their own clients, and as I understand it there are only a couple of handfuls of players who are actually parties to the lawsuit.  Who's representing the others?  Or maybe the union decertification really was a sham?

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