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The 45 D-I A teams that have beaten a No. 1

Posted on: October 13, 2010 9:41 pm
Edited on: October 13, 2010 10:56 pm

Notre Dame, 8 times
Oklahoma, 8
Miami (Fla.) 7
Purdue, 7
USC, 7
Texas, 5
Alabama, 4
Arkansas, 4
Michigan, 4
Ohio State, 4
Penn State, 4
Auburn, 3
Florida, 3
Illinois, 3
Minnesota, 3
Wisconsin, 3
Arizona, 2
Georgia Tech, 2
Kentucky, 2
LSU, 2
Maryland, 2
Michigan State, 2
Oregon State, 2
Tennessee, 2
Arizona State, 1
Army, 1
Boston College, 1
BYU, 1
Florida State, 1
Georgia, 1
Kansas, 1
Kansas State, 1
Mississippi State, 1
Nebraska, 1
Northwestern, 1
Rice, 1
South Carolina, 1
Stanford, 1
Syracuse, 1
Texas A&M, 1
TCU, 1
Texas Tech, 1
Washington, 1
Washington State, 1

Earliest: Northwester 6, Minnesota 0, Oct. 31, 1936
Latest: South Carolina 35, Alabama 21, Oct. 9, 2010

Schools with wins over No. 1 no longer in existence or no longer in Division I-A: Carnegie Mellon (1938), Duquesne (1939), Holy Cross (1942), Great Lakes Naval Training Station (1943).

Source: NCAA

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Posted on: October 14, 2010 12:19 am

The 45 D-I A teams that have beaten a No. 1

You say Oklahoma is tied for the lead, with Notre Dame, by beating undefeated teams, 8 times.  I'm surprised that it isn't more.  OU has normally played a tough schedule.  This is why it's hard to buy that someone who defeated only Va Tech, who will be lucky to finish 9-3 or 8-4, this season, and beat Oregon St who is likely to finish 7-5 is being projected as a National Champion contender.

Look at this year's ranked teams and who defeated the one-loss teams!

I suspect Air Force and Florida State are both real good teams.  Miami (FL) had beaten Pitt, who lost to undefeated Utah by only 3-pts.  Miami played within 12-pts of Ohio State, perhaps one of the top 4 or 5 best teams in the country.  Florida State beat Miami 45-17.

Losing to a real good team does not make you a pushover.  By season's end, more than half of the Top-10 will be one-loss teams.  Losing to Oklahoma, if OU is a real good team, doesn't mean you are a real bad team.

Once-beaten #8, Alabama, lost only to #10, South Carolina, 21-35.

Once-beaten #10, South Carolina, lost only to #7, undefeated Auburn, 27-35.

Once-beaten #12, Arkansas, lost only to #8, Alabama, 20-24.

Once-beaten #14, Stanford, lost only to #2, Oregon, 31-52.

Once-beaten #15, Iowa, lost only to #17, Arizona, 27-34.

Once-beaten #16, Florida State, lost only to undefeated #6, Oklahoma, 17-47.

Once-beated #17, Arizona, lost to twice beaten #24, Oregon State, 27-29.  

Once-beaten #18, Wisconsin, lost only to undefeated #13, Mich State, 24-34.

Once-beaten #23, Air Force, lost only to undefeated #6, Oklahoma, 24-27.

Once-beaten #25, West Virginia, lost only to undefeated #9, LSU, 14-20.

It looks like a pretty tight and excellent fraternity of real good teams to me.
Don't you see a pattern here and BSU, not even TCU, are in that pattern.  The pattern is 'these big conferences are for real.  In the Big-12, the Big-Ten, the SEC, the PAC-10, and even the ACC, we don't know who the Champions will be.  The schedule hasn't been finished yet and the conference schedules are too tough. 
In the WAC, some are already crowning BSU and some are even saying 'when BSU wins out, BSU should get a shot at the NC.'Undefeateds, Ohio State, Boise State, TCU, Nebraska, Utah, Nevada, Oklahoma State, and Missouri have not been the teams to defeat one of the ranked, one-loss teams. 

I suspect some of them soon will, though, as Nebraska, Missouri and Oklahoma State are all Big-12 members.  Neb and Missouri play each other as Big 12 North members and Oklahoma St is scheduled to play Nebraska and still must face Oklahoma, in the South.  The winner of the North & South of the Big-12 will of course face each other in early December.  There can be only one Big-12 undefeated, if that, at season's end.  Does that mean the number 2 Big-12 TEAM is no good because they will be one loss.  I don't think so!

BSU still has to face Nevada and TCU and Utah meet.  There may be others but you get the gist.

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Posted on: October 13, 2010 10:42 pm

The 45 D-I A teams that have beaten a No. 1

I know our program has not been the greatest over the past number of years, but  I believe with 2 wins over number 1 teams, Syracuse deserves to be listed alphabetically among the other teams with two wins.  

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