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The Buc's bother me.

Posted on: April 27, 2008 11:41 am
Sure I'm a huge fan and the draft we had isn't going to make me change my loyalties but at pick number 20 we could have gotten Mike Jenkins a solid cornerback who can play the style of defense we run. He could have even filled in for Ronde Barber once he decides to retire. But, no, lets not get the local boy who is seemingly the perfect selection. Lets go with the questionable character guy, Aqib Talib, the one who admitted to pot smoking and who was the most over rated of the top 4 corners. I mean did they watch tape of this guy having recievers just blow past him?

Seriously, Jon Gruden, Bruce Allen, Malcolm Glazer, whichever of you made that pick...thanks a lot for ruining my draft Saturday and quite possibly looking past someone who could have been the new defensive leader once Brooks and Barber are done.

At least we didn't pick DeSean Jackson.

Here's to another division title due to weak opposition inside the NFC South and a bounce out in the first round of the playoffs....again.
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Posted on: May 4, 2008 10:31 pm

The Buc's bother me.

Hmm, that is actually a pretty good point. Aqib Talib was supposed to go to Washington in all the mock drafts not the pick before them. Well I think Ronde Barber has a good few seasons left in him, so the Bucs don't need to worry about him retiring any time soon. I think you guys should have drafted a different guy. I'm not sure about what else you need in Tampa, but from the game tapes I've seen you sure don't need a CB. Well you shouldn't be too bothered. Most teams had really really bad 1st round picks, and a couple teams had pretty good ones. Personally, I would trust Grudens decision. He probably sees something in this kid. I've respected Gruden since his days in Oakland. He might make the occasional bad call, but in general he leads every team he coaches to success.

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