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2 rounds in the books

Posted on: March 24, 2008 12:50 pm

I said in my first blog that I would have duke out in the first round.  While my intentions were that of the first weekend and they technically went down in the second round i don't even believe that duke was worthy of a 2 seed.  Maybe they had a record of a two seed, but they were not built for this tournament what so ever.  Winning by one in teh first round then going down in a big way to a superior WV team.  Its done, Duke is out, and i'm happy about it, not because I hate duke but just because they are missrepresented because of there history and amazing coach.  They should be judge harshly like most other teams when discussing there possible fate. 

Davidson, meet nation.  Nation, say hello to Davidson.  I was one of the probable twenty percent that had them get to the sweet sixteen and I loved every minute of it, not because I picked them, but because it is  ride we as a whole love to watch in this tournament.  I see a lot of breaking this next wisconsin game down infatically.  Wisconsin is the superior defensive team, not just in this game but in this tournament.  Curry is amazing, a baby faced giant killer in fact.  As good as defense is, one thing can beat that defense and that is making shots, and thats what Davidson does.  They shoot the ball very very well.  Defense always gives up shots no matter how good they are, make your shots and the defense will open up no matter how good they are.  But relying on that alone, may not be enough.  I picked wisconsin in this game.  They are the superior defensive team and there absolute control of tempo and the combination of controling the paint is devistating for a team like davidson.  Their amazing run comes to an end to an underrated and very deserving wisconsin team.

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