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Davidsons got Mad Skills Son!!!!

Posted on: March 27, 2008 12:05 pm

That being said.  Wisconsin wins by 7.  Here's why.  The Badgers are more equiped than both the Zags and G-town to handle a scrappy team like Davidson.  How do you beat a scrappy team.  Bring the scrappiest team in the tourny and get physical.  Wisconsin will no doubt win that battle.  "My better is better than your better" {see commercial}.  Now look, i'm not hating on Davidson and I'm not giving to much credit to Wisconsin.  But as far as match ups go, wisconsins just got the upper hand.  Fact: Wisconsin is a good team and under-rated.  Fact 2: they are not good enough to win it all.  the boards have been on fire this week with wisconsin fans killing board after board with blind love for there team.  Matter of fact, I almost started rooting against Wisconsin due to Irrational comments made by many a badger fan.  Thanks to two slightly more rational Fans I was able to come of the hater-aid and get back to business. 

I got one other problem going into this weekend.  What is up with the comment "it is the NCAA tournament and anything can happen".  Well DUH! I've seen that on so many posts it makes me crazy.  Look, everyone has there view on the tournament, and EVERYONE knows that anything can happen in the tourny.  So stop copping out with that comment, we know!  If you believe something to be a certain way, then go with it. 

ok so, i know I said all of these things but it is the NCAA tournament and anything can happen...

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