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When Do We Believe?

Posted on: March 29, 2008 1:45 am

I'm confused...Why you ask?  Well listen...So last week I posted two blogs on Davidson.  Both of witch I adamently defended and continued to defend wisconsins defense. Confused?  Good so am I.   So the whole time I'm talking about how pure shooting teams can beat any defense, because teams give up shots no matter what kind of defense they play.  It doesn't matter what defense or how good of defense you play there is one simple rule, its like gravity really, there is no way around it.  Ready... here its is...Ball goes in whole, points go on board (period).  This team can Ball, face it.  One Wisconsin fan argued that he was tired of hearing that Stephan Curry can shoot the ball and carry his team.  Bet they are really tired of that now.  But being tired of it, and it being a FACT are two different things.  Wisky hits the bottle.  Game! 

So, I'm on the D-son band wagon, i'm even playing in the band right now ( something masculane like the trombone or something).  And i'm on that wagon all weekend long right up until tip off Sunday.  Then I'm going to quietly sneek of the wagon, toss up my fake backstage pass to the absolute Rock (Chalk) Show that is the Kansas Jayhawks.  I want to ride the wagon, I really do but Kansas rides in style kid!  And in the 21 century I need a nice suspension and Air conditioning. (enough of the analogies).  Kansas is the real deal, not like the Zags or Wisky, and even though G-town was expected to romp, Kansas is by far, hands down the best TEAM in every catagory top to bottom this small college will face.  So once again I pick against them, and quietly cheer for them when they take the lead early in the second half.  (see history)  But this time I will be left with a broken heart and not a broken bracket.  Quite frankly choosing between my heart and my bracket, please....BRACKET every time! you know this!  Winning is everything. 

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