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John Elway - the Bad Joke

Posted on: February 12, 2010 2:06 pm
(Author's note: the"bad Joke" is that he is considered one of the greatest of all time, not that he wasn't any good at all. This Blog was originally a thread posted 2/2/10)

John Elway - the Bad Joke.

Are Elway fans nuts, or deluded?

As most of you are aware John Elway is the most over rated Quarterback in the history of the Universe. Some people are overcome with some of the stats that he accumulated in his 80 years playing football, much in the same way Brett Favre has accumulated such stats, but except Brett isn't a Pansy. But hey let's be fair, let's not talk about subjective things like him throwing interceptions in the Super bowl and coming off the field smiling like the d cells in his butt plug were just recharged. Let's look at the stats, and just so we can edit out most of the longevity based garbage, let's just look primarily at averages and rates.

But first, one total based comparison.
Horseface had 300 TDs and 226 INTs (87 more than Montana despite playing in nearly the same years and the same # of years) in his career, and if you add them together, and divide his TDs into that you will find that it is 57%, that means he was almost exactly as likely to throw the ball to an opponent as he was to score a TD. That's pretty impressive.

OK, in awe yet? How about we look at Piano Key Mouth's career stats in relation to the QBs this past season, and see how awesome John L-way (L is for Loser) stacks up.

JE* - YPA 7.1 - compares to 2009 Jason Campbell 7.1 whoa, as productive as Campbell
JE - Comp% 56.9 - compares to 2009 Marc Bulger 56.7 ha-ha, as accurate as Bulger.
JE - 31 att/game - compares to 2009 Joe Flacco 31.2 oh-no, as prolific as Flacco.
JE - 220 yd/game - compares to 2009 David Garrard 224.8 yessss, as productive as Garrard.

(* JE= Horseface, er, I mean John Elway)

An amazing passer rating of 79.9 - compares to 2009 Matt Ryan 80.9

JE's longest pass ever was 86yds - Four players in 2009 alone had one at least that long, and 1 was JaMarcus Russell. That's right, JaMarcus Russell, ha-ha!

Bbbbuuuuuut, you can't compare career numbers to those guy's 1 season numbers. Fine, so which active NFL player's (we'll call him Player X) career numbers most closely resemble Horseface's career numbers you might ask?

JE - YPA 7.1 - compares to Player X's 6.7
JE - Comp% 56.9 - compares to Player X's 57.0
JE - 31 att/game - compares to Player X's 31.4
JE - 220 yd/game - compares to Player X's 209.5
JE - 4.1%TD - compares to Player X's 4.5%
JE - 3.1%INT - compares to Player X's 3.2%

A pretty close match, wouldn't you say? So who is this Elway clone who with Elway numbers should be lighting up the league and causing everyone to forget Brady and Manning and take notice?

Eli Manning, the man who defines mediocrity in the NFL.

Bbbbuuuuuut Elway was clutch!!

Really? let's see how well he clutched the ball.

In the 8 years of his career that they kept track of QB fumbles, he had 76, or an average of 9.5 per year, if he would have done likewise in the first 8 years of his career (when he was younger, so in reality it would probably be higher) that would have been around 152 fumbles. That would put him 3rd in NFL history in dropping the ball, just 1 fumble behind Dave Krieg, and 9 behind Warren Moon, the leader in dropsies.
OK, OK, I am so mean and I hate Elway, damn straight, I'm an AFC guy and I'll never forgive him for losing all those Super Bowls, but I will give him his due. The one thing that I believe Elway was one of the best of all time at was scrambling. The dude should have been a RB with his 4.4 average rush, and 7 seasons of multi rushing TDs, and he could extend a play like no one this side of Steve Young. Oh, that's when he wasn't getting sacked 516 times for over 2.15 miles (3785yds).

You can delude yourself that this 3 time Super Bowl loser has any place in discussions of the best of all time, but I sure won't.

Was he good?, yes, great?, maybe, but one of the best of all time? No chance.


Elway is...

The Choices and % were as of 2/12/10:
 A) a Big Loser-11% B) a Loser-3% C) a mostly Loser-3% D) a bit of a Loser-2% E) He was OK-34% F) meh-7% G) I'd rather have Potato Salad-13% and H) He didn't totally suck-28%

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Posted on: November 27, 2010 1:26 am

John Elway - the Bad Joke

John Elway=2 Championship Rings.

You can trash his stats all you want, but at least he doesn't rape women.

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Posted on: October 27, 2010 4:33 pm

John Elway - the Bad Joke

I'm from Denver and I know that Elway SUCKED! Most Denver fans are idiots.

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Posted on: March 1, 2010 3:06 pm

John Elway - the Bad Joke

He is no Brett Favre either.  Favre is the #2 for all time greats behind Montanna.

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Posted on: March 1, 2010 3:03 pm

John Elway - the Bad Joke

Sol,I have to strongly disagree with you here.  Elway was a stud.  Although his Super Bowl win/loss record is not by any means perfect, John Elway is an all time great as determined by his success.  As for his 80 years, durability is a testiment to his greatness.  There have been countless 1 or 2 season QB's that looked great, then fell off the map.

Is he Joe Montana?  No

Is he Tom Brady?  No

But comparing him to Jason Campbell and David Garrad is weak.  The guy was light years beyond these boobs.

Elway is top 10.  Maqybe not top 5, but definately top 10.

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Posted on: February 12, 2010 2:08 pm
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