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Just Catching up on some Stuff

Posted on: July 15, 2010 1:31 am
    I've been away from posting on CBS for over six months due to a computer freeze up and a subsequent crippling auto accident.   I'm not going to share any gory details of the accident and the hell that followed that as I don't care much for sympathy or pity.   Being without a computer for over 6 months was like trying to quit smoking or recovering from alcoholism.   What I do want to say on my blog is what I've learned and discovered over the past 6-7 months.   First off, you're never too old to learn something.

   I've never been a TV junkee or a talk radio junkee, but without the internet I was reduced to becoming both.  I did learn that TV outside of sports isn't all that bad.  I've fallen in love with Law and Order - SVU, Criminal Minds, NUMB3RS, Deal or No Deal and Medium.   As far as sports talk radio, I've grown to love the Tony Bruno show and think he has the best sports show on the radio.  On the other end of the spectrum, there's JT the Brick.  JT the Prick would be a much more suitable name for his show.   He proclaims to have the most interactive talk radio sports program yet he's rude to many of his callers, hangs up on too many callers and his so called "best callers" are just plain nut jobs who add very little value to his program.   

   Congrats to the Crimson Tide in winning the National Championship.   I totally slept through the game (coma), but Texas didn't stand a chance from what I heard.    I also learned that my Cornhuskers boatraced their opponents in their bowl game, so I'm glad they made me proud.  

    I was back among the coherent when the Saints won the Super Bowl.  Good to see a team that for many years strived for just becoming mediocre could pull themselves up by the bootstraps to win the BIG prize.  

    Oh those Jayhawk basketballers that I live and die by in Men's Hoops!   They play a Final Four caliber regular season only to be knocked out of the tourney early to a mid-major.   What makes being a Jayhawks fan so frustrating at times is also what makes the NCAA tournament great.    On any given day, anything can happen.  

     Question.  If Tiger Woods skips a week during golf season, was a tournament played?     Sports news has gotten every bit as single minded as the regular news/media.   The best thing that could happen for golf is for Tiger to make a break from Elin so he can go back to his routine of banging 18 different chicks and playing great golf.   If you don't use it, you'll lose it, Tiger!

     Personal message to Bud Selig:   Please overturn the call at first base on what should have been a perfect game for Armando Gallaraga.   Its in your power, do it!   Instant replay PROVES the call was wrong.   Jim Joyce has had a long and strong career as an umpire and is one of the best in the business and now he'll forever be known as the guy who cost Gallaraga a perfect game.   Perfect games are one of the rarest achievements in baseball.   GIVE THE MAN WHAT HE DESERVES!   By the way, I nominate Armando for the "Sportman of the Year" for maintaining such a good attitude over this situation.  

     To further prove how stupidly single minded the sport media has become, I totally tuned out this "The Decision" of LeBron James dog and pony show.   This is just as shallow as it was last season when these sports reporters were waiting outside of Bret Favre's house waiting for His decision.   I capitalized His for a reason.   Too much putting one athlete ahead of the sport they play in.   Ask Tiger Woods, the knife cuts both ways when you screw up.  

     Like many baseball purists, I wanted steroids out of baseball.   With the testing and suspensions, I think the most useful PEDS are out of baseball, and look what we have...a year of the pitcher.   Homers are down, scoring is down, shutouts are way up and we've already seen what should be 4 no-hitters and 3 perfect games.  Many more starting pitchers have sub 3.00 ERAs.   Unfortunately many younger fans like the 15-9 games, but I kind of like the 3-2 nailbiters.   

     I actually watched more World Cup soccer this year than ever before.  I still don't understand how this sport drives people into a frenzy.   Is there some whacky tobacky in that damn bubuzela they blow during the game?   I tried getting into it, but its frustrating to watch 20 guys run up and down the field and only see one goal in two hours.   Geez, thats two hours I'll never get back.  I can see as many surprises sitting on my front steps watching the grass grow.   

     I still haven't said one word yet on how I feel about Trey Hillman fired and Ned Yost being hired.   I really liked Hillman and wanted him to succeed and I suppose a good number of Royals fans considered me a Hillman apologist.  I really feel that Trey was used to having a better talent pool to work with when he managed in the Yankees farm system and in Japan.  In those assignments he was put in a position to compete for a league title to where he was put in a rebuilding situation here in KC.   His shortcoming, in my opinion was that he didn't show enough patience or confidence in developing players.  Instead he managed each game like it was the 7th game of the World Series.   He changed line-ups too often and ran scared of relief pitchers after they had a bad outing.  I do think that Ned Yost is better suited to manage this team at this time.   Trey left his players the impression that they were in the doghouse after a bad preformance to where Ned will write it off as a bad day for a talented commodity.   In other words, Trey wasn't helping much with the players' confidence, where Ned appears to try to stoke each players' confidence.   I think Trey has as good of a baseball mind as Ned does, but I think the players felt more under pressure with Trey.   I really feel Trey could become a successful manager in MLB, he just needs to relax.

      Lastly, I'll go over my feelings about what the Royals have done since my accident to this point in the season.   I just don't have any idea why the Royals paid what they did for Rick Ankiel.   Damn, if thats what your going to do with your profits Dayton, why don't you just try your luck with a farm hand in the sysem and pocket the money?  I wasn't around to find out what other Royals fans thought of this move, but the best spin I could put on it is that we got a Mike Jacobs with wheels and an arm.    Hindsight shows us we didn't even get that lucky.   I did agree that we could probably do better than Miguel Olivo and John Buck at catcher considering the monetary demands it would have taken to have kept one of them.  I did hope for better than Jason Kendall though.  Okay, he's better than Jason LaRue, but we're trying to upgrade here folks.   If we can afford to give Rick Ankiel that ridiculous contract, we could have given that money to Ivan Rodriguez.   I'm sure that signing for the Nationals wasn't exactly what I Rod considered his dream team.   I also wasn't exactly enamored with the signing of Scott Podsednik either, but for whatever reason, he is having perhaps his best season.   I'm glad to see that the blind squirrel that is Dayton Moore at evaluating free agents finally found an acorn.    

     I'm terrible at closing what I say.  I just want to let my fellow sports friends know that I've really missed the interaction with you and I'm glad to be back to share the sports talk again.  I wrote this to catch up on things.  You all know what I think about the last 6-7 months of sports, I'm interested in what you've all thought about it yourselves.

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Posted on: July 16, 2010 12:11 am

Just Catching up on some Stuff

Kid, it is good to see your blog up and running once more.  Catching up is hard to do, especially under your tough circumstances.

Nice recap of the last 6 months.  Funny thing about missing the sporting scene, you can miss a lot, yet you miss so very little at the same time. 

Keep recovering and hopefully you'll be healthy before Rick Ankiel is.

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