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Officiating in Football is Becoming a Joke

Posted on: December 31, 2010 4:03 am
     As some of you know, I never write a blog exclusively about football because quite frankly I like baseball better and know baseball a hell of a lot better than football.  Even though I couldn't even coach a place kicker or his holder, I do know the rules of the game enough to form a strong opinion now and then.  Over the past 5 years, both the NFL and the NCAA are getting just silly and over the top when it comes to penalties on unnecessary roughness (primarily on quarterbacks) and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties (primarily on endzone celebrations).  I don't want to see players getting carried off the field any more than anyone else that has a heart, but the commissioner of the NFL and their referees need to apply some common sense and some simple physics before throwing a flag on a pass rusher why may have already left his feet as a quarterback throws the ball.  A referee should know enough about human behavior whether contact is purposely inflicted or incidental or accidental.  You learn from the first time you put on the pads that football can be a violent sport and you play it at full speed and you have to play by the rules.  Yet I see penalties in every game that aren't unnecessarily rough at all, it was a guy trying to make a play or a tackle and the contact was incidental and couldn't be avoided because of physics.  Similarly $50,000 fines are dealt out on a weekly basis by a commissioner with a God complex.  I'm getting sick of watching players being penalized and fined for just playing aggressive.

    Just last night I watched the K-State/Syracuse bowl game.   In the last 3 minutes a K-State receiver scored a touchdown to draw the Wildcats to within 2 points of a tie.  The youngster gave a short salute to the crowd after scoring and was penalized 15 yards for unsportsman like conduct.  Are you kidding me?  K-State was forced to go for the 2 point conversion due to the game clock situation and were forced to try it from the 17 yard line because of a narrow-minded referee.  Naturally they didn't make the conversion and subsequently lost the game by the 2 point margain.  So the kid who probably just scored the biggest touchdown in his life is going to feel like a goat for quite some time and his memory of that big play will be tainted because of the narrow-minded judgement of a jackass in a zebra outfit.   

    I implore the powers that be in the NFL and NCAA football to not take joy and fair, aggressive contact out of football. 
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Posted on: January 2, 2011 11:02 am

Officiating in Football is Becoming a Joke

I wrote this on another blog but it works for this one so if you see it elsewhere that is because it just wrote it about 10 min. ago
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I don't think that unsportsmanlike conducts should be abolished.  It just need to be refined, which I think is what you really want.  Just make actul rules not subjective rules.  Example #1:  The NBA has a 3 sec. lane violation, translate that into a celebration rule for the NFL.  If a player takes more than 3 seconds in celebrating it become taunting and a 15 yrd penalty occurs.  That way when a player scores a TD, sack, big diving catch, or big play stopping hit, he can show some emotion because he is excited.  It even gives room for the showboating jerks to stroke their own ego, but only for 3 seconds.  Example #2 (which is already a rule): No props allowed period.  Instant 15 yrds.  Example #3:  No celebrating directly at  opposing palyers(no pointing, touching, or throwing objects at the other team). If you do, 15 yrd penalty, it's just that easy.  As far as the fans go, salute them, point at them, throw the football at them I don't care.  Fans are the biggest jerks on the face of the earth, constantly swearing at, degrading, and throwing things(aka: snowballs, etc.)at opposing players, so they can just deal with it.  There you go, 3 actual rules that are not subjective, and can easily be enforced without taking the actual joy and enthusiasm out of the game.
If you think 3 seconds is to long in example #1 make it 2 seconds I don't care.  The point is the spontaneous reactions are a part of the game, and should be allowed in some fashion.  But being a egomaniacal jerk has no place in the game.

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Posted on: December 31, 2010 1:23 pm

Officiating in Football is Becoming a Joke

What bothers me is the "unsportsmen-like conduct" calls. The salute penalty in last nights Pinstripe Bowl Game is a load of crap. I've seen numerous players spike the ball and even dunk it through the goal post, that's all right. But a salute, you are obviously being a bad player. What a load of crap, they should abolish that rule as it is the most inconsistent rule they enforce. 

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Posted on: December 31, 2010 12:28 pm

Officiating in Football is Becoming a Joke

It's one thing when Big Ten officials call things differently than Big East officials BUT when each crew from the same conference call things so differently it appears as if they don't ever meet.  Tough morning for KState fans.

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