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Cards are sent on a Holliday...

Posted on: October 12, 2009 11:42 am

   Well that's it we're done. The Cards take the back seat in the NLDS to the Dodgers. My prediction was way off and my hopes and dreams of this incredibly talented team are forever crippled.
   However in the wake of what has happened, that being our untimely ending, I do want to talk about one thing and that is Matt Holliday. Now, I know what most of you Cardinal fans are thinking..."Oh, you mean the dumb ass who dropped the game winning catch in Game 2?" And to this I answer a resounding no! I am referring to one of the main guys who got us to the playoffs. The Matt Holliday people so readily dismiss when he makes one key mistake. He is a great player who made two errors all season long! It was terrible timing to get the second one but two none-the-less.
   I also want to say that even though he did make this mistake, all it did was put a man on base. All we needed was for our All-Star closer to throw some strikes, there were still two outs. And even when we did lose that was one inning whether it was the ninth or first. The fact is that had no bearing on any other game, just that one. It had no impact on Game 1 or Game 3. Matt Holliday did not cost us the playoffs, the Cardinals did. As hard as that is for me to say, the diehard Cardinal fan that I am, it has to be said. Matt Holliday is simply being used as a scapegoat for all the mistakes the Cardinals made. If you remember, the Cardinals' slump happened a long time before the playoffs.  
   So, this being said, I put forward that we put this year in the past and get ready for next year. Concentrate on resigning important personell like Holliday, LaRussa, Duncan and Pinero. We will be ready next season. No more fluke games to let a crappy Dodgers team squeeze by...



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Posted on: October 13, 2009 12:25 am

Cards are sent on a Holliday...

Ok I agree that the Dodgers had a better record but I really think that the Cardinals were a better team. Maybe that's the home team bias talking but I honestly believe that. Second, I agree that when Holliday struck out looking with the bases loaded that was definitely a momentum changer but I don't think that that was the end all say all. I think that the reason Game 3 was so bad was because of Holliday's dropped catch. That, more than his strikeout in Game 1, was what really took the wind out of their sails and that is what i believe caused the terrible outing in Game 3. We couldn't hit and we got cold at the exact wrong time... the beginning of the post season. We lost plain and simple as you said but (not as an excuse because there is none) going by the records in the regular season, the Cardinals dominated the Dodgers and, like I said, I believe we were the better team.

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Posted on: October 12, 2009 1:53 pm

Cards are sent on a Holliday...

So game 3 in your park was a fluke or was that just what is was a beatdown?  You are talking about the same 'crappy' team that finished with home field advantage and had a better record than the Cards? The same crappy team that had the best run differential of any team in baseball, a stat the Cardinals didn't even crack the top 5 in.

It can be argued that the turning point in the series was really game 1  1st inning, bases loaded and 0 outs and Matt Holliday Strikes out, the Cards get only 1 run and then Matt Kemp comes up and hits a 2 run bomb off of Carpenter. How about game 3, 1st inning with runners on 1st and 2nd 1 out and Matt Holliday grounds out weakly to the pitcher? Face it Cardinal fan you got beat by a better team, plain and simple, your teams inability to hit with runners in scoring position cost you the series and you have to give Dodgers pitchers the credit there.

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