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Who Dat? Pt. 1

Posted on: February 9, 2009 11:05 pm

As the self appointed draft guru of this board, over the next few month I'm going to make a thread on the not so well known prospects comming into next years draft.  These guys might not get the pub that your Blake Griffens and Stephan Currys of the world get, but they have just as much potential, and just as much of a chance to sky rocket up the draft boards come rookier work out time.  In this first segment we will focus on a couple of big men.

  1. Jerome Jordan/C - Tulsa:  If you looked at this kids stat line last year you wouldn't have been that impressed, but this year the junior out of Tulsa is showing he has some real NBA potential.  He is averageing 14 and 9 with 2.5 blocks per game, and is one of the best players a mid-major has to offer.  He has the potential to be a 20-10 guy in this league, but if he doesn't get the right coaching then potential is all he has.  He is very raw offensively, but he can finish with authority, and he knows he belongs in the paint.  He is 7' 235 lbs and has a wingspan rumored to be around 7'6".  If you thought Hasheem Thabeet was the sultan of swat then you obviously haven't seen this guy play.  Currently projected as a late first rounder, this guy could easily be a top 10 pick by draft day.
  2. Michael Washington/PF - Arkansas: This 6'10 225 pound stud could be the next Amar'e Stoudemire.  Like Jordan, he is a junior with loads of potential that could be taken in the top 10.  He is a dinomyte scorer, and a good rebounder.  Unlike some players that have potential but can't put up the big numbers, he is averaging 17 and 9 a game and shooting 61% from the field.  If you can't get Greg Monroe, Blake Griffen, or Jordan Hill this wouldn't be a bad 4th option.  His only downside; defense, but he does give effort and has that desire to get better.  His D might never reach the level of his O, but he could become seviceable.

These guys might not be big names in college, but in the right situation you could definatly here their names in the pros.  The dredded 10-14 picks that go to bad teams that just aren't bad enough might not look so bad in this years draft.

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