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Posted on: August 3, 2009 3:40 pm

Tampa Bay Buccaneers [08/03/2009]

Raheem Morris wants to score in the Red Zone.

So do I. 

That's great that he is focusing on that of late.  It will help improve the timing and see which QB can operate the best with pressure and routes in tight spaces against our fast defense.  I hope we pound the rock, we have a great Offensive Line with Faine, Trueblood, Davin, Penn, Sears and Zutah... and that will allow Winslow to do what he does.  Move the chains, control the clock.

We need to control the clock on Offense, because our D is 1-2 years away from being dominant again.  We have an exciting secondary and a group of linebackers that are physical specimens around our leading Ruuuuuud.  Jermaine will be interesting to see in the box, but our huge glaring weakness is our Defensive Tackles.... they WILL get dominated.  Our LBs will not be able to run freely... our secondary will have to play perfect. Its a domino effect.  You must have immovable objects on your line... we dont.

I'm liking the way the team is coming together, and I'm hoping my low expectations are misguided, but hey I'll take Mount Cody in the 1st round of the draft next year!!!!

Go Bucs!
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Posted on: July 22, 2009 5:57 pm

Tampa Bay Buccaneers [07/22/2009]

Gearing up for football this year is a little tougher than usual knowing the Bucs have so many questions and changes.

We dont know who the starting QB will be (most likely Leftwich).  We dont know if our Defense will be able to stay off the field, but we do know we have a lot of young talented players that will be contributing in many ways.  I just hope our O-Line and other starters stay healthy... we have a chance then, because our depth is severely lacking.

Our schedule also is ridiculously tough for the first half until our bye week (who's isn't in the NFL though).  But for real... we face all the NFC East teams ( i think we will win the opener, which according to reports makes us twice as likely to go to the playoffs :)

After the opener, its @ Buffalo, then the Giants (where they beat us on the way to there superbowl (I hate Giants fans)), then @ Redskins, @ Eagles, then we have the pleasure of hosting the Panthers and Patriots back to back.  (Get run to death, then get passed to death).

So got a lot of possible heartbreak in the near future... but if we can stay at .500 somehow through those weeks, we will have proved a lot of critics wrong...

Winslow will really help whoever lines up under center... and so will Ward.  I expect big things from Piscitelli and Talib on defense and hope we can get Dexter Jackson's speed involved somehow in the offense, which will be awesome to watch.

Well... camp starts up in about a week... pray that the football gods will be kind to us Bucs Fans...

Go Bucs!
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Posted on: November 20, 2008 5:27 pm

Tampa Bay Buccaneers [11/21/2008]

Gruden is not going to be a Volunteer.  He is a Swashbuckling Pirate in Pewter and Red.

Next Topic.... the Detroit Lions

Yeah they are 0-10... but they beat us last year... and I hate playing a team with nothing to lose...

They will be in Cover-2 vs us the whole game... with Cadillac sub 100% and Graham out... Dunn wont be able to run all over them like other teams have.  So Garcia will have to throw in tight windows the whole game... I strongly expect a win but I dont expect the Bucs to cover the 7+ point spread.

We might have Jermaine Phillips returning and Gaines Adams will be 100%, so I dont expect much of a whimper out of the passing game from Dante.  However, I do expect Kevin Smith to have a decent game against our Run Defense, which might not be as pumped for this game.  Also Geno Hayes is a huge loss... he comes in and always gives a strong effort off the bench to spell the LB Corps... hopefully others will fill in nicely...

Gruden has really stressed to the team that this Lions team is going to be a stiff challenge, mentioning that they game Minnesota, Miami and Carolina tough games despite losing.  This will be a game won by special teams and coaching, and well my friends, the Bucs have that advantage.

Win #8 Here we come... Go Bucs!!!!


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Posted on: November 3, 2008 5:59 pm

Tampa Bay Buccaneers [11/03/2008]

Heart... the Bucs have it...

Wow... I was ready to post a blog prior to this game, but had to travel last second and was unable to post it... boy was I off...

I expected the Bucs D to hold the Chiefs to under 17 Pts, And to win this game by 11 in a fairly easy fashion... but boy was this a game..

Garcia showed that he thrives under pressure when healthy, and Antonio Bryant is getting the love he deserves for spectacular grabs that got the team back in it.  So many areas of the Bucs team that dont get attention contributed to this win.  Special Teams/RBs/TEs/5th string receivers... awesome....

The D cant be perfect all the time... and this game was one of those 'imperfect' days... but we got a W and that is all that matters!!!

Go Bucs!!!!

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Posted on: October 24, 2008 1:59 pm
Edited on: October 24, 2008 2:01 pm

Tampa Bay Buccaneers [10/24/2008]

Finally the Bucs are getting more and more National attention.

After a great home game following the retiring of Mike Alstott's #40, the Bucs are primed for a highly anticipated Bucs @ Cowboys Matchup.

The throngs of Cowboy Bandwagon fans out there may consider this the last straw before they start purchasing Titans memorabilia. 

There are a lot of negatives in this matchup for Bucs fans:

1) The Bucs are going to face a stiff challenge, especially with Brad Johnson getting another full week of 1st team reps with the Cowboys explosive offense.

2) Wade Phillips is now calling the defensive plays, expect the line to rally around him and provide a boost to the pash rush in front of a home crowd

3) Marion Barber, he is the type of runner that always gives the Bucs trouble.  It is his tackle breaking ability which may hurt us, especially with having to deal with Jason Witten running around in front of him shifting from a pass catcher to an excellent blocker on the fly.

I'm one of the most die hard Bucs fans there is... but I'm sorry fellow bucs... it just does not look good this week unless:

1) We put pressure on Brad Johnson, and quickly... The Dallas O-Line is big and powerful, Blitzes from the secondary and LB Corps should proove very disrupting to the Cowboys offense.

2) Score TD's in the redzone!!!!!!!!!  We Must, absolutely score TD's in the Endzone... we cannot trade FGs for TDs, simple math will prove that theory correct.  Garcia absolutely put a clinic on how to distribute the ball last week... The cowboys secondary is weak... that is where we can carve them up, but is Garcia going to be as effective against a more formidable pass rush?

3) TO!!!! And I'm not talking about Terrell... I'm talking about the one thing the Bucs D does... and that is force Turn Overs!!!! We do that, this game can be won by a field goal behind Bryant's leg.

So expect a game decided by one 4th quarter drive... either we capitalize or go home with a big L from big D...

Go Bucs...


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