Posted on: April 21, 2009 4:51 pm

MLB: Through Week Two (AL edition)

The MLB season has been pretty absurd so far.  Unlikely heroes.  Success.  Failure.  Terrible teams of old playing great.  Broken expectations and broken hearts.  Let's break it down -->

AL East

The Toronto Blue Jays sit comfortably on top of the AL East by 2 1/2 games.  By comfortably, I mean they don't really seem to be slowing down.  Sure, it poses a problem that they haven't even played any division games yet, but they do look impressive.  They open the division on May 1st with a series at home with Baltimore.  They play series with the Yankees and Red Sox near mid-May.  I'll reserve my judgement until then.  

As for the other teams:  The Red Sox look old.  The Yankees are underperforming like usual.  The Orioles, after starting the season 6-2, can't win a game.  And finally, the Rays from Tampa Bay have went back to their old ways and started to lose games.  They have one series win and even that wasn't very convincing.

AL Central

Three teams sit atop the Central with identical records:  Chicago, Kansas City, and Detroit.  Chicago just seems like they're accidentaly winning games.  They haven't really shown anything too convincing.  It's good to see Miguel Cabrera finally earning his money.  Right now, he's earning his money from last year too.  Batting almost .500, he is very confident.  

The White Sox of Chicago can't really seem to get anything going.  They are winning games and playing decent, they just can't gain any momentum with a streak.  Two in a row, let's find out if they can make me wrong.

Kansas City needs to keep up with the strong starting pitching.  They have a mediocre line-up so their rotation will have to carry them.  Greinke has yet to give up an earned run and no one seems to have an answer to him.  Twenty innings worth of batters will agree with me.  Three of the Royals losses have been by 1 or 2 runs.  Soria has four saves with many more to come.  The Royals look impressive so far.

As for the Indians and Twins, they have yet to play to their potentials.  With great line-ups, thye just can't seem to win more games than they lose.  There did seem to be life in the bats of the Indians, but the credit of that could go to wind-flow just as much as good contact.  The Twins just finished a sweep of the less-than-perfect Angels so we'll see how far they can ride this momentum.

AL West

Seattle looks pretty impressive in below average division.  They have been winning games and looking pretty good in the process.  Losing streak of 2 right now doesn't really concern too many people.  They open a series with a slumping Rays team tonight so they, if they still have that winning attitude, will snap out of their slight losing ways.

Oakland and Texas are hanging in there.  They're both only 2 1/2 games back, which, in this division, shouldn't be too hard to make up.  The Angels just got done with an awful series against the Twins which wrapped up a 1-5 road trip.  They play a good Detroit team at home.  We'll see if they can start to meet their preseason prediction.



Posted on: November 1, 2008 4:37 pm

I cursed the Seattle Seahwaks?!?

So it's come to my attention that the Seattle Seaheawk's D/ST has been massively underperforming. I mean, come on, this would be obvious to the most idiotic of football fans.

This once glowing D/ST was ranked number two in all of the preseason polls. Boy was I happy when I drafted them! I would have a solid D/ST behind the Bear's slowly declining offensive counterpart.

Unfortunately the Seahawks were not as happy as I was. As soon as they saw that I had drafted them, their preseason attitude changed. This was because they could see something that I could not. They saw something that an untrained eye couldn't even come close to seeing. What they saw was a curse.

I didn't know that something like this could be flowing through my veins. I was going about living my day to day life with this huge burden and not even knowing it. Some people outside of sports would say I am crazy, but I believe I am just the opposite.

Curses always come to end. Some come from a bloody sock and a smashed juvinille face that came from the Great Bambino's old abode, and some come from talent and determination, but I know that the once great Seattle football team is back on track because I ended their curse by dropping their D/ST from my team. I mean, sure I started their curse, but how was I to know I was going to do that!

I now can sleep easy knowing that the great team in the northwest is better off without me. Now to do something about this Chad Johnson situation!
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