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Aztec 7-2 playing in an empty stadium

When will you guys down in S.D. start to go out and support this football team? Hoke is doing a great job but if there is no support he'll be gone after next season on to a "bigger" program then you'll all be complaining about the Aztec football program not being worth the money spent. Or maybe that's it. People down there still dont want a football program at the university. But I really cant expect much the were tons of empty seat during the Pads playoff push. If you guys down there don't start supporting this team I hope they get rid of all the athletic programs at the school and the padres & dolts take off. But then again you probably wont care.
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16 Team College Football Playoff, Not 8

 People might think 16 teams is too many, but hear me out. We want a "National Championship", how can you have that if all D-1 teams fell like they have the opprotunity to play for it. Here's how we do it.

There are 11 conferences in D-1, if all conferences are made to have a "championship game" the winner gets a bid to the playoff. This make the Big and Pac 10 have that "extra" game the other conferences complain about having to play, but more importantly this makes Notre Dame JOIN a conference being how you won't be able to get in as an independent.

This way also still incorporates the BCS/polls as where the last five spots go to the five higest rated non-champion schools and the seedings for playoff rank.

Side note: non-champions can oly hold seeds 12 - 16

Heres how it would look as of today:

#1 Bama vs.

#16 Ohio State

#2 Texas Tech vs.

#15 Georgia

#3 Southern California vs.

#14 Okalahoma

#4 Utah vs.

#13 Florida

#5 Penn St. vs.

#12 Uni. of Texas

#6 Bosie St vs.

#11 La. Lafayette

#7 Ball St vs.

#10 Tulsa

#8 UNC vs.

#9 Pitt


Have them play the "Bowl Season" in some of the longest running, biggest paying, most historic bowl game out there.

Outback Bowl(Hall of Fame), Liberty Bowl, INSIGHT Bowl(Copper Bowl), Holiday Bowl, Chick -Fil-A Bowl(Peach Bowl), Gator Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Alamo Bowl, Champs Sports Bowl(Tangerine Bowl), Las Vegas Bowl, Fiesta, Orange, Rose and Sugar Bowl. Then have the NC game. Every game is on a netrual sight.

The "final four" game will be rotated with the four "major" bowls.

IDK.....I got toooo much time on my hand.

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