Posted on: February 21, 2009 3:34 pm

A positive from the A Rod drama

I think with A Rod receiving all attention this spring it can only make the transition to the Bronx easier for some of our newer aquisitions.  If the A Rod steroid test were not leaked there would be more of a spotlight on the new Yankees.  Sure CC, AJ, and Tex have got some attention but, nothing like what they would be getting if none of this A Rod business every came about.  I can only think this will take a lot of the pressure off of these guys to perform under the New York spotlight.  When Tex has his normal slow start it won't be as noticable because A Rod will still be fielding a million questions about who his cousin is and where he got the bole??  When CC or AJ get hit hard in one of there first starts it will still be over shadowed by A Rod.  Sure, this is the biggest distraction in recent Yankee history as Jeter says but, maybe we can spin it into a positive?? 

Posted on: February 12, 2009 5:56 am

Texas Roid-Rangers

For those of you who doubt that the Rangers club house was "loosey goosey" as A Rod said, maybe you should look at the list of players that have already been implicated or had allegations of steroid use.  I tend to believe Alex.

2000 roster:

David Segui-implicated in Mitchell Report

2001 roster:

Alex Rodriguez-admitted use while on Rangers

Randy Velarde-implicated in Mitchell Report

Rafael Palmeiro-pointed his finger at congrss, implicated in Mitchell Report, was caught in 2005

Ken Caminiti-admitted to use in Sports Illustrated in 2002 before passing away

Ivan Rodriguez-Jose Canseco allegation

Ruben Sierra-allegations??

2002 roster:

Ismail Valdez-implicated in Mitchell Report

John Rocker-implicated in Mitchell Report

Juan Gonzalez-personal trainer allegation


Posted on: February 9, 2009 10:59 pm

Thank You A Rod

I am so glad Alex didn't waste anytime in speaking out.  Sure, I am disapointed, but at least he seems to have came clean and didn't hide behind the players union.  His interview with Peter Gammons seemed to me to be sincere.  His reaasons for trying these performance enhancement products seem to go along with his personality.  He wanted to please everyone and live up to his contact.  The way I see it is, everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second chance.  Hey, he must have misremembered when he was on cbs a couple years ago.

For everyone that says he is only coming clean now because he is being called out, of coarse your right.  I even heard if he was such good friends with Andy Pettitte why didn't he sit up there with him when he came clean about the HGH and say he used steroids.  Why on earth would anyone admit to something like this when you have as much at stake as Alex did.  Maybe I'm not honest either and this is why I sympathize with him and believe I would not have done anything different.  So, I will wear my #13 jersey come opening day and not look back, because what happened in the past is done and over with now it's time to move on bring a World Series to New York.

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