Posted on: December 22, 2009 10:04 am

The race!!!

The race that was one of the biggest arguments all summer for UK and UNC fans turned out to not be much of a race at all.  After this summer of message board chatter you could tell it was obvious to both fan-bases that this was a significant mark.  The mark wont be significant in a few weeks and most people wont remember who made it first about 40 years from now when the 3000 mark comes up.  This was much more than that though.  It's bragging rights.  When UNC fans spout off about their head to head against UK we can say hey we made it first.  If that doesn't bother them then we can always say at least we got 7(soon hopefully 8).
In the last few weeks UNC fans have downplayed the race and saying it's no big deal.  This probably happened because the race became less of a race and more of a UK celebration act.
To other schools that haven't even got 1000 wins yeah you don't understand why it means a lot.  You've not had the history and never will.  To put it into perspective out of the hundreds of schools only 4 have more than 1800 wins and they are UK, UNC, Kansas, and Duke in that order.  A school from New Jersey was playing in their 100th game last night and going for win number 10 and by the way they didn't get it.  So they are now 1991 wins behind UK.  Only one other school has more wins that that difference and that's UNC.  
To other team's fans:  I'm sorry that UK fans make big deals about everything but everything basketball related is a big deal to us.  We are a great fan-base and some of us come off as a-holes but it's like that in every fan-base.  We are just more passionate.
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Posted on: July 7, 2009 9:59 pm

Why hate on Uk???

There are many reasons for other teams fans to hate.  I can see why other SEC fans have problems with UK.  The cats have dominated every other team for years.  They hate when ole big bro whoops them too much.  I didn't have an older brother so I really can't relate.  I still don't know why certain teams fans (Tennessee and Arkansas) have to call us cheaters.  There isn't any proof that we cheated to get our recruiting class.  Until we are under NCAA investigation, give us a break.
I can see why Memphis fans hate UK.  We did hire your coach.  We did take most of the recruits and I'm sorry.  I wish it wouldn't have been such  sloppy ordeal.  But cheer up you all are recovering fine and I think Pastner did the best job trying to scrape up what he could.  Besides Cal and Miller for Arizona.  The UK fans didn't do anything though.  
I don't understand why some of the bigger programs hate us like Kansas, UNC, and Duke.  We have a reason to hate Duke (Laetner).  Why hate us Kansas and UNC.  Do you hate us because we are the only other school that is even in the same regards historically??  Good luck getting to 2000.  It could be a year where 3 teams break the holy barrier.  
I understand why Louisville and Indiana hate us.  It is a rivalry and has been for years.  From the days of Bobby knight and Denny Crum and Joe B. Hall, we have all been pretty good teams.  It should be more of a mutual love for the game and this area.  I really enjoyed Louisville getting the number one overall seed last year.  I want Indiana to be back in the picture.  
So why do we hate?  Can't we all just get along.
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Posted on: July 1, 2009 10:31 am

You can't always get what you want

Well late last night reports were rolling that UK had sealed the deal with the Henrys.  The talk of the best recruiting class ever was sweeping the bluegrass.  The Blue and white had already received their 8th title.  Then after midnight the actual news broke, Henry is staying at Kansas.  Big bummer for the Wildcats.  The craziest recruiting year ever apparently has finally came to an end.  While I would love to have Xavier playing in Lexington next year as many other wildcat fanse, we need to ask ourselves one thing, "Did we really need him?"  The obvious answer is most likely yes.  He would have answered our biggest questions since the Meeks departure.  Who is our shooting guard? Who will make 3's? Who will the final scholarship go to? 

We still have John Wall, Demarcus Cousins, Eric Bledsoe, Daniel Orton, Jon Hood, and Darnell Dodson coming into town.  We still have an all-american candidate coming back with the Patrick Patterson.  We have another great returnee who is actually out in New Zealand playing for the USA under 19 team, Darius Miller.  If you throw in the 2 starters from last year that will most likely be at the end of the bench, Harris and Stevenson along with 2 guys that can be really good in their own ways with Liggins and Harrelson.

The question is not did we want him, because we did and much more than the Kansas faithful.  The question is do we really need him?

You can't always get what you want but you get what you need
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Posted on: June 30, 2009 3:21 pm

Freshmen getting along!!!!

It has been reported recently that the freshmen are getting along great.  This is a crucial aspect to UK being successful next year.  The team needs to mesh well together.  Demarcus Cousins and Jon Hood are becoming best friends.  Their job together at the bank has to be a big player in this friendship developing.  They seem to always be by each other's sides.  I really like Jon Hood because he is a Kentucky boy and has the blue in his blood.  The kentucky kids are always helpful and they will put it all on the line.  Maybe Cousins will get a little more heart in him.  I also want to make a comment on Marc Maggord's recent post over Cousins when he called him a punk and a Bit.  If he is a true fan he wouldn't talk bad about one of our players.  I also hear that John Wall and Eric Bledsoe are really getting along too.  We were wondering if thy would get along and be able to play together.  Their friendship will help out while battling for playing time.  They should be able to help eachother out in more than one way.  Daniel Orton is actually out in San Francisco with Patrick Patterson training with the trainer from hell.  This is helping him out I can guarantee.  Just ask Blake Griffin.  He will also be developing a friendship with our best player and should be in the best shape of his life.  P.S. All of the freshman are supposable qualified.  More great news.
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