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Posted on: July 29, 2009 2:02 am
Edited on: August 19, 2009 12:50 am

Kings Potential

The Kings have been pretty quiet for the past couple seasons. Since the lockout the Los Angles Kings have been the Islanders of the west coast. But with years off from their greater seasons, they've had time to develop young talent in their farm system. Now in the pre 2009-2010 season they have added veterans Ryan Smyth, and Rob Scuderi. Smyth, although not always a teams strongest player, is always consistant averaging 46 points a season since the lock out. With Smyths veteran help, the young offensive power house that the Kings have should be clicking on all cylinders. Just maybe with this offensive boost, the hiding playmaker in Justin Williams will come out, but we will see. Rob Scuderi earned his position as an elite defenseman in the Pengiuns recent stanley cup playoffs. Scuderi could be a great mentor to young defenseman like Drew Doughty, and Jack Johnson. Drew Doughty is a Marc Staal caliber defenseman for his age, that can put the puck in the net. Also, Doughty is very capable of quarterbacking the power play from the blue line. With Scuderi and Doughty clicking, Johnson should add some more offensive input as well. Being from Fairfield county in Connecticut, I'm a big fan of Jonathan Quick. He had an average season for the Kings last year, but he's still steadily improving. He's young, but you ahve to start somewhere. He's a very athletic goalie, who knows his angles well and yes, he's quick. Ha. Ha. The Kings should find a very capable goalie in Johnathan quick over the next few years. All of this being said, this team should look a lot like the 2007-2008 Flyers. With Ryan Smyth and it's youth up front, and Scuderi and it's youth in back, these two vets should show this young team how the game of hockey is really played. Look out for this team next year, because they should be blooming into a playoff contending team anytime now.
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