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Honey! The Cable's Out!!!

Cable guy is out.  WTF?

So the Oakland Raiders have done what the Oakland Raiders do, the opposite of what EVERY other NFL team would do.  “what, we had our first non-losing season since 2002?  **** it, let’s fire the coach!”

Okay, so I know they didn’t fire him, they chose not to renew his contract.  But seriously, for an organization struggling for stability, what good can this do?  I have a theory.

Who was really responsible for the 8-8 season?  Cable gets the credit, but does he really deserve it?  Yea, he is the one who stood up to Mr. Davis and canned Jamarcus “Purple Drank” Russell.  Wow, that was a risky call, sure hope Jamarcus doesn’t turn into an NFL star for some other team.  Also, his record until this season was not good.  8-8, is an improvement, but that’s like saying the 2010 economy was better than the 2009 economy, it still aint good enough. 

This team should have been in the playoffs.  They blew through the division and lost to FIVE teams with losing records.  Does anyone think the Chiefs are better than the Raiders?  A team that beat them TWICE?  Including pounding them... at Arrowhead... when the Chiefs we playing for playoff seeding. No, but the Raiders blew games to teams they should have beat, and that’s on the coach. 

What is it that made this team better?  The defence has improved moderately, but there have been flashes of good defence in the past few years.  It was the offense.  Who ran the offense?  Not Tom Cable, the team took play calling duties away from him this year after last year’s offensive disaster.   Hue Jackson ran the offense, and it improved greatly.  So much so that the 9ers are interviewing him for their vacant head coaching position.  Some people like to say that just getting rid of Purple Drank was enough to turn the offense around, but they benched him last year and the offense wasn’t THIS good.  Darren McFadden also gets most of the credit for turning the offence around, and even though he was phenomenal, I’m not ready to drink that Kool-Aid yet.  After all, the Offense didn’t miss a beat with Michael Bush on the field this past week.  Also, it was Hue Jackson who put McFadden in a position to succeed, but using him properly.  There was a theory out there that the 6’2 220lb McFadden could only run outside, Jackson knew  better and put the ball in his hands. 

Thus, the Raiders know their success this season wasn’t because of Cable, it was because of Jackson.  They know dam well that they had better keep him, and if the 9ers offer him the Head Coach position he won’t be content to just coach the offense in Oakland.  If we lose Cable AND Jackson, I’ll be angry, but I’ll bet the next Coach of the Oakland Raiders will be Hue Jackson.  Whether he is ready for that or not, well, I don’t really know...

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Better Than Recent Years, But 8-8 Aint All Great

So the Raiders aren’t going to the playoffs this year.  Is anyone REALLY surprised?  I think the biggest surprise of their season is how they dominated the AFC West.  Should they beat Kansas City this weekend they will have swept their division for the first time since this Raider fan joined the Nation.  So the season has had its high points, but its had its low points as well.  Today, let us have a look at a few of the things that disappointed in 2010.

1.        Who is the QB of the Oakland Raiders?

-          Lets be honest.  Until Bruce All Mighty went on IR, every week was a guessing game.  “Campbell is our starter” was all we heard during the summer.  That lasted 6 quarters.  Then the Raider Nation had visions of last year’s upsets over Pittsburgh and Cincinnati dancing in our heads as Gradkowski lead our team to victory over the mighty St. Louis Rams.  Then he blew his shoulder out.  Then he missed some time.  Then he tried to play through it.  Then he couldn’t. Then he went on IR.  Of course, both QBs were a ridiculous upgrade over Jamarcus “Purple Drank” Russell, but is being better than the biggest (figuratively and literally) bust of all time REALLY good enough?  Then again, along as Run DMC keeps carrying the rock like he did this year, does it really matter who is handing off to him?


2.       Will DHB Ever Arrive?

-          I know that WR is one of the most difficult adjustments from college to the NFL.  I know that most receivers take three years to develop.  I know that he has all the physical tools.  I know he has had two different offensive co-ordinators in his first two seasons.  I know he has had a bit of a revolving door at quarterback.  I also know that the smaller, younger, and lower drafted Jacoby Ford has had to deal with most of these issues too.  Ford didn’t have the benift of starting or working with the first team offense in practice much.  But guess what.  Jacoby Ford looks like he has potential, and has already outplayed DHB.  I don’t like jumping to conclusions, and I know people wrongly wrote off Run DMC, but I am really starting to get nervous about Darius Heyward-Bey. 


3.       Rolando McClain.  Future Star, or Over Hyped?

-          When the Raiders took the big middle linebacker out Alabama in the first round I didn’t know what to think.  My first thought was “AW F***!  What the f*** am I going to do with my Kirk Morrison Jersey now?”  My second thought was “did we really need a linebacker?  Don’t we need help on the O-line?”  Then I decided that, wow, he is such a talented player, I’m just glad he’s on OUR team.  Then I started drinking the cool aid.  I started believing that he was instantly a shoe-in for DROY, and that he would single handily fix the run defence issues that have plaugged our team for years. Maybe I set the bar too high.  When I look back, He actually had a pretty decent season.  The most important thing was that every week the play by play men called his name more and more.  As the season wore on, he began making bigger plays.  I think this future is bright for this young man.


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Hines Rant Has Flavor, But No Substance

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver/uber blocker Hines Ward went on a bit of a tangent this week about how he thinks the NFL is run by hypocrites.  Truthfully, he might be right, but what he actually said didn’t make a whole lot of sense.   Remember, this guy has a college degree (from UGA), so he obviously can’t be stupid right?  Let’s take a closer look at the words that came out of his mouth shall we? 

Quote number one “The league doesn’t care about us anyway,’’

Long story short, probably not. 99% of players are totally replaceable.  There is no shortage of talent pouring in from the NCAA.  Someone like Hines Ward is particularly replaceable at this stage of his career.  He is an aging receiver who is now better known for his tenacity and blocking skills than for his pass catching ability (though admittedly he is still quite good at that too). That’s a cold hard look at Ward, but he took a hard cold look at the NFL.

Quote number two “They don’t care about the safety of the game. If the league was so concerned about the safety, why are you adding two more games on?”

This quote is just plain stupid.  On face value, it makes sense.  But upon closer inspection, it really doesn’t.  Player safety is in NO WAY related to the length of the schedule.  Player HEALTH and the length of the season are definitely related, but player health and player safety are NOT the same thing.  The crack down on head shots is there to keep players safe.  If they are safer, one can draw the conclusion that their health will be much improved, and thus they can have a longer season.  Thus, the new rules will help facilitate a longer season which, for the record, I am totally against.    

Quote number three “You talk about you don’t want players to drink . . . and all you see is beer commercials.”

Here is another stupid one.  When did the NFL tell their players they don’t want them to drink?  They have said on multiple occasions that they don’t want players to be drunken buffoons who embarrass the league and its brand with their shenanigans, but never that they don’t want them to drink.  If you can’t see the difference, well, that is really kind of sad.

Quote number four “You don’t want us to gamble, but then there are [NFL-endorsed scratch tickets].’’

Okay, he kind of has a point here.  It kind of is hypocritical of the NFL to support gambling in any way, and that should include “the lines”.  Maybe the NFL releases them, maybe they don’t, I don’t actually know.  But if they were serious about cracking down on gambling then they wouldn’t allow their broadcasting networks (Fox, CBS, ESPN) to post the odds on their web site.  I agree that gambling on football is good for the sport.  It gives fans something to cheer about in a game they otherwise would have no vested interest in, and that can only be good for the game.  However, for the NFL to condone it like this is kind of shady if you ask me.  Then again who did? 

After looking at this, one can draw three conclusions.  One, Hines Ward is an idiot.  Two, Hines Ward is frustrated.  Or three, Hines Ward is actually a pretty smart guy who is trying to get sympathy for his cause from a fairly stupid public.  You can select any number of these conclusions I suppose, but I for one happen to think that it is the latter and not the former. Unfortunately for Mr. Ward, not all the public is a stupid as he had hoped.

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Bill in Toronto Bust? Not so Fast


I have to admit, I am a bit of an addict when it comes to this site and this board. Why? I don’t know, maybe I just like ripping on Pricso once in a while. Anyway, one thing that keeps coming up on the boards is could Toronto support an NFL Franchise. I say yes, with out a doubt.

Now, I should clear up a few things that make me look a little biased. Number one, Yes I am from Toronto. Number two, yes as my profile indicates I am a huge fan of the Leafs, Jays, and…. okay I’m not a big Raptors guy, but they do well attendance wise. Now that we have that cleared up let me explain why the NFL would thrive in Toronto.

Lets look at the obvious stuff first. It’s a big city. Really big, and growing every day. It’s the financial capital of the country and as such it has an incredible corporate basis, which is essential for an NFL franchise. It also has people (with LOTS of money) who want to bring a team to Toronto i.e. The Bills in Toronto series, but I’ll talk more about that later. Also, Toronto has a downtown, waterfront, retractable roof stadium. Yes it would need major renovations to accommodate an NFL Franchise, but the building is 20 years old and could use an upgrade anyway.


There are a lot of myths out there that suggest Toronto could not support an NFL Franchise. Most of them are garbage, and they have been collected largely from these very message boards. Lets dispell some of them shall we?

1. “It’s the NATIONAL Football League, you couldn’t have a team in Canada”

Dumbest reason EVER. Do I really need to explain this? Fine. The Raptors play in the NATIONAL basket ball association and 24 US based teams play in the NATIONAL hockey league. The Expos playing in the NATIONAL League and the Blue Jays play in the AMERICAN league. These are just brands, they don’t mean sqat.

2. “Theres no stadium big enough for an NFL team”

DUH! Was there one in Carolina, Jacksonville, Baltimore, Houston, or any other city before they got an NFL team? Why on earth would there be an NFL ready stadium if they have no team? There are an awful lot of ways this could be resolved. The simplest plan would be to play in the Rogers Centre until a new stadium is built. The new stadium would be out in North Toronto so you could have the giant parking lot and tailgating experience. And I don’t want to hear and garbage about not finding the money to build this stadium. If someone can afford an NFL team, they can build a stadium. To cold for an outdoor stadium? Hey, its colder in Green Bay. Another plan would be to just renovate Rogers Centre.

3. “The CFL already has a team there”

Are you kidding me? Your worried about the CFL? More people are worried that this would kill the CFL! The NFL would certainly reign supreme. Also, it doesn’t have to be a hostile situation. The CFL should consider working WITH the NFL on this. Back the CFL schedule up so that it starts in May instead of July. This would almost eliminate the over lap in the schedules, and stop people from playing outdoor football in Edmonton in late November (You think Chicago is cold?). You could even name the team the Argos. Yes, there would be two of them, so what, they play in different leagues. There could be a partnership between the leagues. They could play double headers in September…. Think of the possibilities.

4. This is the biggest reason people cite “The Bills games in Toronto doesn’t even sell out and there are only 50 000 tickets. How could they support a team?”

This is my favourite. Do you know how much the tickets cost? About $350.00 US for 200 level seats. You don’t even want to hear about club level seats. Its absolute madness! Who in their right mind would pay that to see the BILLS! Yea yea I know the tickets in London cost a fortune too but that might be their only chance to see a game live in their entire LIVES! People in Toronto just hop the border and pay $35 to see them, and come back with cases of cheap American beer while their at it (trust me). So think about it. Would you pay $350 to see them at home, or drive an hour and a half to spend $35? Yea, that’s what I thought.

A team in Toronto WOULD work. And you would need expansion. Just move the Bills. While I don’t think it should be the NFL’s number one priority should be to put a team in Toronto, I think it should trump London by a country mile. LA first, Toronto second, London, well, I personally think never, but no higher than third.



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