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Posted on: January 6, 2011 8:13 pm
Edited on: January 6, 2011 10:48 pm

Honey! The Cable's Out!!!

Cable guy is out.  WTF?

So the Oakland Raiders have done what the Oakland Raiders do, the opposite of what EVERY other NFL team would do.  “what, we had our first non-losing season since 2002?  **** it, let’s fire the coach!”

Okay, so I know they didn’t fire him, they chose not to renew his contract.  But seriously, for an organization struggling for stability, what good can this do?  I have a theory.

Who was really responsible for the 8-8 season?  Cable gets the credit, but does he really deserve it?  Yea, he is the one who stood up to Mr. Davis and canned Jamarcus “Purple Drank” Russell.  Wow, that was a risky call, sure hope Jamarcus doesn’t turn into an NFL star for some other team.  Also, his record until this season was not good.  8-8, is an improvement, but that’s like saying the 2010 economy was better than the 2009 economy, it still aint good enough. 

This team should have been in the playoffs.  They blew through the division and lost to FIVE teams with losing records.  Does anyone think the Chiefs are better than the Raiders?  A team that beat them TWICE?  Including pounding them... at Arrowhead... when the Chiefs we playing for playoff seeding. No, but the Raiders blew games to teams they should have beat, and that’s on the coach. 

What is it that made this team better?  The defence has improved moderately, but there have been flashes of good defence in the past few years.  It was the offense.  Who ran the offense?  Not Tom Cable, the team took play calling duties away from him this year after last year’s offensive disaster.   Hue Jackson ran the offense, and it improved greatly.  So much so that the 9ers are interviewing him for their vacant head coaching position.  Some people like to say that just getting rid of Purple Drank was enough to turn the offense around, but they benched him last year and the offense wasn’t THIS good.  Darren McFadden also gets most of the credit for turning the offence around, and even though he was phenomenal, I’m not ready to drink that Kool-Aid yet.  After all, the Offense didn’t miss a beat with Michael Bush on the field this past week.  Also, it was Hue Jackson who put McFadden in a position to succeed, but using him properly.  There was a theory out there that the 6’2 220lb McFadden could only run outside, Jackson knew  better and put the ball in his hands. 

Thus, the Raiders know their success this season wasn’t because of Cable, it was because of Jackson.  They know dam well that they had better keep him, and if the 9ers offer him the Head Coach position he won’t be content to just coach the offense in Oakland.  If we lose Cable AND Jackson, I’ll be angry, but I’ll bet the next Coach of the Oakland Raiders will be Hue Jackson.  Whether he is ready for that or not, well, I don’t really know...

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