Posted on: February 27, 2010 11:25 am

Supply And Demand

Everyone knows Economics 101 and that when demand is high and supply is low then the price goes up.  Why would this not apply to Fantasy Baseball?  
Here is's ranking of this year's group:

As you sort through, is there any aspect of their dollar values that jump out?  
How about the gap between top one or two guys in a particular position versus the third?
For example, look at Joe Mauer, he is coming in at $36 then V Mart at $26 then McCann at $19.  There is a enormous gap for 1st to 2nd, nevertheless to 3rd.  Sure, Mauer does not seem like a true #1 overall but maybe he should.  
Pujols, in many drafts, is the true #1 overall and why not, the guy is an absolute MONSTER.  How about the supply is really high?  Pujols at $40, Fielder $34, Tex $34, Howard $33, Reynolds $30, Morneau $26, A Gon $26, V Mart $26, Youk $25 and then the drop off to Morales at $18.  So what is the point?  Sure, Pujols is by far the most valuable 1B if not overall offense player in MLB.  But what is the difference between him and Fielder?  Him and Tex?  Him and Howard?  Him and Reynolds? 
How about Mauer and V Mart?  
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