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Posted on: December 14, 2011 10:38 am
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Homegrown Team: Detroit Tigers

By Matt Snyder

What if players were only permitted to stay with the team that originally made them a professional? No trades, no Rule-5 Draft, no minor or major league free agency ... once you are a professional baseball player, you stay in that organization. This series shows how all 30 teams would look. We give you: Homegrown teams. To view the schedule/past entries of this feature, click here.

For today's installment of the Homegrown series, I can't stop thinking about a certain trade. Earlier this week, I was reminded of the deal anyway. In a pretty minor move, the Rays traded for relief pitcher Burke Badenhop. That's worth discussing here because he was the last standing of six players Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski sent to the Marlins for Miguel Cabrera (and Dontrelle Willis, for that matter). To acquire one of the biggest superstars in baseball -- and a now-washed up pitcher -- Dombrowski dealt Badenhop, Cameron Maybin, Andrew Miller, Eulogio De La Cruz, Dallas Trahern and Mike Rabelo. Upon Badenhop being dealt, the Marlins now have nothing left to show for the 28-year-old Cabrera. Trahern is stuck in Double-A and appears unlikely to help the big-league club, either.

So, yeah, this homegrown club is missing a huge bat in the middle of the order. But this is also an opportunity to praise Dombrowski for one hell of a trade.


1. Omar Infante, SS
2. Matt Joyce, RF
3. Curtis Granderson, CF
4. Brennan Boesch, 1B
5. Alex Avila, C
6. Cody Ross, DH
7. Jack Hannahan, 3B
8. Cameron Maybin, LF
9. Ramon Santiago, 2B

Starting Rotation

1. Justin Verlander
2. Jair Jurrjens
3. Rick Porcello
4. Guillermo Moscoso
5. Charlie Furbush


Closer - Francisco Cordero
Set up - Fernando Rodney, Joel Zumaya, Jason Frasor, Burke Badenhop, Ryan Perry
Long - Andrew Miller

Notable Bench Players

Will Rhymes, Ryan Raburn, Scott Sizemore, Danny Worth, Brandon Inge, Andy Dirks, Don Kelly, Casper Wells, Andres Torres

What's Good?

That guy sitting atop the starting rotation is pretty decent, no? Getting 34 or so starts out of Justin Verlander gives this ballclub a great chance to win plenty of low-scoring games. Jurrjens is a fine number two as well. I love Avila behind the plate and Maybin in left field would be a defensive force -- most metrics showed Maybin as a far superior defender in center to Granderson this past season, but I went with the logic that Granderson would stay in center as the star of the team. If he wanted to pull a Cal Ripken and move, OK, the defense gets even better. Finally, the bench depth is pretty good, as there are several guys capable of providing good spot starts.

What's Not?

While it's definitely not awful, that batting order leaves a lot to be desired. Joyce is really good and Granderson is great. Otherwise? I'll channel my inner Larry David and just say "eh." There would be an awful lot of pressure on Boesch and Avila in those run producing spots, that's for sure. Also, while it's not horrible, that bullpen bridge to Cordero isn't exactly one that eases the mind. Can you imagine how many cigarettes Jim Leyland would have to choke down to stomach a night with Badenhop, Frasor and Rodney tasked with putting up zeroes? They can do it, but they'll just about give you a heart attack in the process.

Comparison to real 2011

I'll go out on a limb here (please note sarcasm) and say winning 95 games and cruising to the AL Central title is about as realistic with this group as this exercise. A winning record might be possible, as this team feels just mediocre. The likes of Verlander, Granderson, Avila, Joyce and Jurrjens keep them away from "suck" territory. I'd go high-70s in wins with a ceiling of 83 victories.

Next: Houston Astros

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Posted on: July 26, 2011 2:24 pm

Dombrowski, Leyland get decent review from owner

By Matt Snyder

Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski and manager Jim Leyland weren't exactly put on the hot seat by owner Mike Ilitch Tuesday, but one message was pretty clear: They should probably win the up-for-grabs AL Central.

"I'd be extremely disappointed if we don't (make the playoffs)," Ilitch said (Detroit News), also saying he believed this was the best Tigers team -- "by far" -- since the one that made the 2006 World Series.

Ilitch also said that Dombrowski and Leyland have "done a fairly good job." (Detroit News)

On the surface, everything seems OK, but let's put this in perspective. What if your boss said you've done a fairly good job but would be extremely disappointed if something didn't happen before the end of the year. Personally, I'd make sure that thing got done and then some.

So it seems to me the Tigers better make the playoffs, or else Dombrowski and Leyland might be looking for a new job.

The Tigers are in first place in the AL Central, but they have the lowest winning percentage of any first place team in the majors. The Indians are only a game back, the White Sox sit just 3 1/2 back and the Twins are lingering within seven. With Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera, the Tigers have the best pitcher and hitter in the division. They also have All-Stars Jhonny Peralta, Alex Avila and Jose Valverde. On paper, they should take the division.

Sure, Dombrowski and Leyland might keep their jobs if the Tigers miss the playoffs by a slim margin, but why take that chance? It's gotta be postseason or bust for them.

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Posted on: February 19, 2011 11:28 am
Edited on: February 19, 2011 11:34 am

Cabrera may enter rehab program

Dave Dombrowski Tigers position players are scheduled to report to camp today, but Miguel Cabrera won't be among them.

Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski, pictured, said Saturday that Cabrera would be out for an "unspecified" amount of time. Cabrera will be assessed by doctors under the direction of Major League Baseball following his recent DUI arrest.

"Any time you deal with alcoholism," Dombrowski told reporters, including MLive.com , "… it's really an on-going battle."

Cabrera has had his problems with alcoholism, but wouldn't label himself an alcoholic last season when he said he'd quit drinking.

Dombrowski said he wouldn't rule out Cabrera entering a rehab program before reporting to the Tigers. However, he didn't foresee a suspension.

"I don't set the program," Dombrowski said. "The regular season is a ways away. Most are 30-day programs."

Cabrera could still be ready for the regular-season opener on March 31.

According to Dombrowski, Cabrera was traveling from his south Florida home to Lakeland when his Land Rover broke down, which is why he was standing by his vehicle when the police came across him. The general manager also said Cabrera is "very down" and wishes he were at camp.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: February 17, 2011 5:06 pm
Edited on: February 17, 2011 5:44 pm

More questions than answers around Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera Tigers position players are scheduled to report on Friday, but it's still unclear if Miguel Cabrera will be among them. Cabrera was arrested and charged with DUI and other charges on Wednesday night.

Dombrowski said he expects Cabrera to join the team, but he still doesn't know when.

"I fully expect Miguel Cabrera to be with us," Dombrowski said, according to the Detroit News . "It's too early to make that a 100 percent-type statement, but I've been involved with this type of treatment situation in the past, and I would anticipate that."

He added that he will know more on Friday.

Cabrera has a history with alcohol abuse and underwent counseling last winter.

“I was completely shocked. I didn’t think there were any problems there because they have been thoroughly addressed," Dombrowski said, according to the Detroit Free Press . "But I’ve said this all along: When you are dealing with issues of alcohol, that is a constant battle for a person for the rest of their lives.”

Dombrowski said he's talked to Cabrera, as well as the commissioner's office and the players' association.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: February 1, 2011 3:59 pm
Edited on: February 1, 2011 11:48 pm

Bonderman not returning to Tigers

Jeremy Bonderman Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski told Tom Gage of the Detroit News that the team is not signing Jeremy Bonderman (via Twitter ).

Gage says that means Bonderman is about to sign somewhere else. The team had said it was open to re-signing the 28-year-old right-hander.

Bonderman was 8-10 last season with a  5.53 ERA in 29 starts for the Tigers. He's 67-77 with a 4.89 ERA in 193 career starts. He's pitched for Detroit since he came up as a 20-year-old rookie in 2003.

This is nothing but speculation, but Washington would make sense as a landing spot for Bonderman.

UPDATE: The Indians are in talks with Bonderman, MLB.com's Jordan Bastrain writes . The Indians appear to be offering a major-league contract and offering him a chance to compete for a spot in the rotation.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: January 20, 2011 9:44 am
Edited on: January 20, 2011 1:03 pm

'China doll' confident he'll be ready for opener

Joel Zumaya If you saw Joel Zumaya crumpled on the mound last June, you've got to be rooting for the guy now. Zumaya, the Tigers' flame-throwing right-hander, fractured his elbow on a pitch to Minnesota's Delmon Young, falling to his knees just after the high-90s fastball reached Tigers catcher Gerald Laird.

It was the latest in a string of odd injuries for the 26-year old reliever, and yet again he says he's ready to return to the mound.

"I think I'm gonna be on that team on opening day," Zumaya told the Detroit News ' Lynn Henning . "No… I know I will be on that team. There's no doubt about it."

Forgive anyone who doubts Zumaya, citing his long injury history.

"I've proclaimed myself 'China Doll' because I've been hurt so often," Zumaya said. "I want that healthy year too. Last year, it was heading that way."

He pitched in 31 games for the Tigers last season, the most he's appeared in since his rookie year in 2006 when he pitched in 62 games for the Tigers, who reached the World Series with help from Zumaya.

Last season he struck out 34 in 38 1/3 innings, walking 11, going 2-1 with a 2.58 -- also his best mark since his rookie season.

The Tigers gave Zumaya a $1.4 million deal to avoid arbitration last week, so they apparently have some faith in him and his recovery. So far, he's on track for the six-month rehab from his elbow surgery.

"You can see that look in his eye," Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski said. "He looks tremendous, and all the reports on him are very good. We know what he can do for our bullpen."

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: December 1, 2010 12:42 pm
Edited on: December 1, 2010 1:10 pm

Newsmakers or Snoozemakers: GMs to watch

From December 6-9, baseball's offseason will kick into high gear as team officials, agents, players and media descend upon Orlando, Fla. This week, MLB Facts and Rumors will preview an aspect of the Winter Meetings each day. Today: The top 5 GMs expected to make noise at the meetings, plus those who should remain quiet.

There figures to be plenty of action at the Winter Meetings and much of it will happen on the floor with agents, media and team representatives, but those responsible for all the machinations will be ensconced in hotel suites, directing the action from above.

While some hotel suites will have plenty of neighbors looking over with a scowl at all the noise, others figure to stay quiet -- well, as quiet as one can amongst the hubbub, anyways. Let's look at who figures to be splashed among the headlines and those who will wait for another day.


Moore Dayton Moore (pictured): Moore has perhaps the best player on the trade market (unless one wants to pitch in Adrian Gonzalez' name) in Zack Greinke, but Greinke ain't going anywhere until Cliff Lee signs -- and even then it's a big if.

While one can't rule out Cliff Lee signing next week, there stands a good chance that may not come to fruition until the week or two after the winter meetings. Remember, Mark Teixeira inked with the Yankees January 6. Lee's market is more defined and aggressive than Teix, but the fact remains: the Lee saga could be far from over.

Sure, Moore figures to make his annual overpay for a mediocre player (cough Jeff Francouer cough), but that'll get overshadowed and is essentially a non-story anyways until K.C.'s baby boom arrives.

Sandy Alderson : Alderson was thought to be close to a deal with starting pitcher Chris Young, although those talks have not progressed as quickly as originally thought. This is roughly the caliber of player New York will be seeking. The core of the team (both financial and talent-wise) is already on the club. It's Alderson's job to supplement the team with the best opportunity to win in 2011 with the resources it has, while leaving the future (as immediate as 2012) open for making the team the way Alderson wants it.

That leaves Alderson discussing deals with lower-tier free agents, not enough for people to really sit up and take attention of at this point. However, his has been a bit of an aggressive free-agent market, so while lower-tier names usually don't fly off the board early, Alderson could net some in Orlando. Alderson is also thought to be trying to clear out salary, but that won't be easy to do and any proposed deal that hits the rumor page doesn't make sense.

Michael Hill
: Larry Beinfest is still attached to the Marlins publicly in his role as president for any moves in baseball operations, but Michael Hill is the general manager in name and practice so he is the one of record making the moves Florida has done lately. And they've been plenty: trading Dan Uggla, Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller and signing John Buck along with Javier Vazquez.

Is Florida done? No. Are they nearly done? Yep. Florida could stand to add one more bat, either at second, third or center, but may choose not to do so. The Marlins have wrapped up so much of their business quickly that there simply isn't much left to do.

Neal Huntington: The Pirates aren't high on anyone 's wish list, so even if Huntington is much in the same position as Alderson in only being able to afford mid- and lower-tier free agents as the Bucs desperately try to reverse the stink of 2010, no players will be signing in town anytime soon. There are no major trades on the horizon either.

Dan O'Dowd : O'Dowd is in a similar situation to Hill in that he's made most of his major moves. A mega-million extension for Troy Tulowitzki and enticing Jorge de la Rosa back to town were his grand strokes. Up next is fortifying the bench and infield, which may be done with a trade of Seth Smith or Ryan Spilborghs which would only register as a minor rumble on the Winter Meetings-ometer.

Ah, but as Michael Buffer (pictured) is famous for saying, these GMs figure to be prominently displayed...


Brian Cashman : Cashman has his fingers in pretty much every major storyline this offseason. Let's look:
  • The No. 1 free agent target in the market, Cliff Lee, is the apple of New York's eye and they are determined to outspend everyone for his services.
  • The best position player on the market in Carl Crawford would be best served in seeing the Lee saga to play out in case the Yankees become a suitor. Jayson Werth's suitors will crystallize with Crawford off the block, so his own timeline is delayed.
  • The Yankees have the resources and may have the desire to get Zack Greinke from the Royals. The latest scuttlebutt has Greinke willing to waive his no-trade clause even for New York.
  • The public brouhaha between the Yankees and Jeter has been a major plot for a league-average player at this point in his career because of all the implications therein. The Yankees are dominating the media with this topic.
  • Oh, and about that greatest closer of all-time? Yeah, Mariano Rivera and New York may be edging closer to a contract extension that could be announced at the meetings to give the Yankees an injection of goodwill.
  • Yep, another bullet point. Don't forget about Andy Pettitte, trying to decide between retirement or rejoining the Yankees.
Dave Dombrowski : The Tigers have been very busy this offseason so far, snaring Joaquin Benoit and Victor Martinez while re-upping with Brandon Inge and Jhonny Peralta. A big outlay has been made, but the Tigers aren't done just yet. The club could stand to add another starting pitcher and definitely need to add an outfielder. You can't rule Jayson Werth out, although Detroit figures to shoot lower.

Andrew Friedman
: Friedman has a major task ahead of him in rebuilding the Rays back to the level they achieved just months ago in the 2010 season. He has to start over with a bullpen while replacing Carl Crawford and Carlos Pena. The two major trade chips are Jason Bartlett and to a lesser extent, either Matt Garza or James Shields. Bartlett should be moved quickly, but Tampa's work will be far from done. The club needs to get as many chips as it can in order during the meetings.

Kenny Williams: No Winter Meeting is complete without a patented Kenny Williams move. Unafraid to be aggressive in free agency and trades, Williams always seems to have something cooking. The team needs a catcher, outfielder and could even strike for a third or first baseman. How good would Adam Dunn look on that club?

Tony Reagins
: The Angels have sure been quiet for a team expected to make a splash. Where's the Adrian Beltre signing? The flash of bulbs as Carl Crawford holds up his jersey? Rafael Soriano grinning as he assumes the mantle of closer?

You may see all (or some) of those at the Winter Meetings. The Angels have been laying in wait, shuffling their cards behind the scenes and could be poised to break through.

-- Evan Brunell

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Posted on: October 13, 2010 11:13 am
Edited on: October 19, 2010 11:23 am

Ordonez's time in Detroit may not be over

Magglio Ordonez The Tigers have officially declined the $15 million option on Magglio Ordonez, but that doesn't mean Ordonez's time in Detroit is done.

"We've not closed the door," Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski told MLive.com . "We're very open to [singing him]. But somebody may make him a tremendous offer that he will take."

Ordonez, 36, was hitting .303/.378/.474 with 12 home runs when he suffered a broken ankle on July 24.

Ordonez tells Augusto Cardenas of Diario Panorama that he wants to stay in Detroit.

"I want to stay in Detroit, obviously," Ordonez told Cardenas (via MLB.com's Jason Beck ). "I have my friends, my teammates. I know the organization has been very good to me and the fans have treated me great. … I think there is a great chance to stay in Detroit, but let's see what happens."

One sticking point may be that Ordonez is represented by Scott Boras, and that always makes things more difficult.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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