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Aybar leaves Angels game with injury

Erick Aybar The hits just keep on coming for the Angels, who lost shortstop Erick Aybar for what could be an extended period of time on Monday.

Aybar left the Angels' game against the Brewers after Casey McGehee executed a takeout slide, causing Aybar to go down in a heap. He was able to hobble off while putting a little weight on the leg, which is encouraging news.

McGehee was on base after being hit by a pitch, likely in retaliation for teammate Randy Wolf's plunking of two Angels. McGehee was less than pleased with being plunked and his takeout slide of Aybar sparked uproar.

The Angels' official website said that Aybar suffered an hyperextended left knee. It is unknown how long Aybar will be out, but a DL stint is not out of the question as most injuries of this type require a period of rest. It is also possible that Aybar tore his ACL, which can happen on more forceful hyperextensions, but the severity of the injury has yet to be reported.

The injury to Aybar is the latest injury to befall a team struggling to deal with the losses of key players in free agency as well as the freak injury to Kendry Morales celebrating a walkoff grand slam. Reports have linked the Angels to Paul Konerko as a way to replace some thump in the offense, but even Konerko can't help the Angels with the loss of Aybar. He was hitting .272/.336/.352 on the season over 261 at-bats.

Maicier Izturis figures to slide over to third, leaving a vacancy open that Kevin Frandsen and Brandon Wood will likely fill. Wood is on the disabled list but will come off it at some point soon -- perhaps even switching places with Aybar -- and will try to reverse his struggles that have seen him go from a former top prospect to a bust.

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Could Paul Konerko be an Angel?

Paul Konerko The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim don't know how to quit.

The Angels lost Chone Figgins, Vladimir Guerrero and John Lackey to free agency. They watched their new third baseman, Brandon Wood, fizzle. They had to deal with a freak accident putting Kendry Morales on their shelf for what seems to be the remainder of the year.

And yet the Angels are 36-30, a half-game behind the Texas Rangers.

So far, the Angels have resisted the urge to panic after taking a look at the motley crew that comprises their lineup. They've stayed the course, hoping Mike Napoli can man first on a regular basis once Jeff Mathis returns from the disabled list to catch.

Is that the right course for the team, though?

Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times says that the Angels could have Paul Konerko "today," if they wanted to. Whether that means the Angels have a deal in place or can get Konerko as long as they give up enough, nobody knows.

This isn't the first time Konerko has been linked to the Angels. He seemed to be on the verge of signing with the Angels following Chicago's World Series victory in 2005, only to remain with the club.

Konerko is enjoying a career season at the age of 34. He currently has 17 home runs on the season and is hitting at a .291 clip. He would help near every team on the market, but the Angels aren't exactly hot to trot for his services.

That's because, for all the doom and gloom surrounding their offense, the Angels rank sixth in all of baseball with 313 runs scored. A lot of that has to do with manager Mike Scioscia's patented brand of aggressive offense, but also the efforts of players such as Torii Hunter and Napoli.

The Angels might be wise to see how the next month plays out before deciding whether or not to cash in on Konerko. The White Sox aren't going to yank Konerko from the market, and LA ranks 21st in the bigs in ERA with a 4.40 mark.

-- Evan Brunell

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Angels in no hurry to replace Morales

It's been more than two weeks since Kendry Morales broke his leg, costing him the rest of the season, and the Angels still haven't added a first baseman. The Orange County Register points out that the three players who have filled in at the position since have batted a collective .230.

Despite that lack of production, the Angels have been strong offensively in winning 12 of the 15 games since losing Morales. Still, Morales was an important part of the offense (he batted .306 with 108 RBI last year), and with the Angels sitting a half-game behind Texas in the American League West it would behoove them to bulk up that spot in the lineup.

Bill Plunkett argues in the Register that the best financial move would be to wait on a first baseman until just before the trade deadline. Letting the Astros pay Lance Berkman's salary for another seven weeks, for example, would save the Angels $3.9 million in salary. Surely someone in the accounting office has pointed that out.

The good news is that there are a number of players thought to be available, so the Angels should still have some options if they wait a while. But if they start to fall back in the standings, or the offense falls off, pressure will increase on them to plug what has become a hole in the lineup.

-- David Andriesen

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Lowell's last days in Boston?

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, via Twitter , reports that the Red Sox are talking to the Twins, Angels and Rangers are talking to the Red Sox about Mike Lowell.

Lowell, 36, is hitting .225/.313/.338 in limited time with the Red Sox. Lowell finds himself behind new third baseman Andre Beltre and Kevin Youklis at first. Lowell has 80 plate appareances in 27 games for the Red Sox and is in the lineup tonight, just his third game this month.

However, Lowell may be needed. Kevin Youkilis is out of tonight's game after leaving Thursday night's game with back spasms. Manager Terry Francona said Youlilis should be available to pnch hit Friday and would be back in the lineup Saturday, according to MASN .

UPDATE: Rosenthal adds that the Red Sox may be looking to add outfield depth with the injuries to Jeremy Hermida and Jacoby Ellsbury, but Mike Cameron playing hurt. How about David DeJesus?

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Are interleague 'rivalries' still relevant?

Interleague play opens up again Friday and yet again I'm underwhelmed by the Reds-Royals, Mets-Orioles and Pirates-Tigers.

But it's not just those mashups of also-rans that have begun to bore -- anyone excited for Cubs-White Sox? A's-Giants? Dodgers-Angels? Aren't those the reasons we're still stuck with a bastardized schedule? OK, it's Mets-Yankees and nothing else.

Every time this argument comes up, we're pointed toward interleague attendance numbers, without noting that most of those dates are summer nights on the weekend -- nights when teams would draw regardless of the visiting Royals or Pirates.

So what's on tap this weekend for our interleague overlords?

White Sox at Cubs: Nurse that hangover from the Blackhawks parade at Wrigley. What does it say that the NHL in June will overshadow one of the prime interleague matchups? Everything, really.

Astros at Yankees: Loser has to claim Roger Clemens?

• Mets at Orioles: When the Wilpons and Peter Angelos get together, there are no winners. Really.

• Pirates at Tigers: Well, there will be two nice looking uniforms on display.

Nationals at Indians: Yes, they're going to play twice before Steven Strasburg pitches. But one relevant game out of three ain't bad.

• Royals at Reds: The first-place Reds 24th in home attendance. There's only one way to solve that -- a visit by the Royals.

Phillies at Red Sox: OK, I'll admit, this should be a good series. Boston plays in front of sold-out crowds every night, so it's not like this is going to help the gate.

Braves at Twins: Two of the best debuts of 2010 (non-Strasnurg division), Target Field and Jason Heyward meet.

Rangers at Brewers: Does any argument about interleague play hold up when it involves the Brewers?

Blue Jays at Rockies: I got nothing... Blue Jays. Rockies. That's enough.

Mariners at Padres:
Two great ballparks, two awesome cities, one good team.

Angels at Dodgers: If you live in Southern California and want to see the Angels, you've got 81 chances.

• A's at Giants: See above, substitute "Southern" for "Northern."

Oh, the excitement.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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Posted on: June 10, 2010 5:54 pm

Morales has surgery, done for year

Angels first baseman Kendry Morales underwent surgery on a broken bone above his left ankle, the Los Angeles Times reports , and will officially miss the rest of the season.

There's no word on how the doctor celebrated the successful surgery, but it was surely muted in light of Morales breaking the bone in his post-game celebration following a walk-off grand slam against the Mariners on May 29.

The Angels had held out hope Morales could return late in the season (and in the playoffs if they make it), but those are now dashed.

Morales led the Angels in all three triple crown categories (.290, 11 home runs 29 RBI).

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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A real California affair

The All-Star game on July 13 will take place at Angel Stadium in Anaheim. Apparently somewhere there is a Major League Baseball memo dictating that the coaching staffs have to carpool.

All of the coaches appointed by National League manager Charlie Manuel of the Phillies and American League manager Joe Girardi of the Yankees are from California. Manuel tapped San Diego manager Bud Black and San Francisco manager Bruce Bochy, and Girardi selected the Angels' Mike Scioscia and Oakland's Bob Geren.

It's not uncommon for people to be offered All-Star coaching spots and turn down the opportunity, wanting the time off instead. So it might be that managers from elsewhere simply opted not to spend their break traveling to and from the West Coast. One would certainly think Manuel extended an offer to Braves manager Bobby Cox, who is retiring after this season, his 30th as a manager.

-- Davd Andriesen

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Familiar surnames in draft

Through 50 rounds of the MLB Draft, several familiar names -- or at least last names -- are picked . Among those kin to current or former big-leaguers drafted:

• Delino Deshields Jr. (1st round, Astros), son of Delino Deshields.
• Cam Bedrosian (1st round, Angels), son of Steve Bedrosian.
• Kellen Sweeney (2nd round, Blue Jays), brother of Mark Sweeney.
• Mel Rojas Jr. (3rd round, Pirates), son of Mel Rojas.
• Cory Vaughn (4th round, Mets), son of Greg Vaughn.
• James Baldwin III (4th round, Dodgers), son of James Baldwin.
• Dickie Thon Jr. (5th round, Blue Jays), son of Dickie Thon.
• Connor Narron (5th round, Orioles), son of Jerry Narron.
• Drew Cisco (6th round, Reds), grandson of Galen Cisco.
• Patrick Leyland (8th round, Tigers), son of Jim Leyland.
• Benjamin Gamel (9th round, Yankees), brother of Mat Gamel.
• JaDamion Williams (10th round, Twins), son of Reggie Williams.
• Reggie Williams Jr. (10th round, Cardinals), son of Reggie Williams.
• Hunter Jones (11th round, Indians), son of Tracy Jones.
• Josh Magee (18th round, Astros), son of Wendell Magee.
• Dillon Moyer (22nd round, Twins), son of Jamie Moyer.
• Ozney Guillen (22nd round, White Sox), son of Ozzie Guillen.
• Mark Tracy (22nd round, Rockies), son of Jim Tracy.
• Bryan Harper (28th round, Cubs), brother of Bryce Harper.
• Brett Bochy (30th round, Giants), son of Bruce Bochy.
• Benito Santiago Jr. (31st round, Cubs), son of Benito Santiago.
• Andy Fermin (32nd round, Blue Jays), son of Felix Fermin.
• Devon Ethier (32nd round, Dodgers), brother of Andre Ethier.
• Logan Thompson (33rd round, Indians), son of Robby Thompson.
• Andrew Benes (35th round, Cardinals), son of Andy Benes, nephew of Alan Benes.
• Bobby Geren (36th round, A's), son of Bob Geren.
• Jake May (39th round, Reds), grandson of Lee May.
• Bo McClendon (39th round, Tigers), son of Lloyd McClendon.
• John Franco (42nd round, Mets), son of John Franco.
• Chad Wallach (43rd round, Dodgers), son of Tim Wallach.
• Benjamin Verlander (46th round, Tigers), brother of Justin Verlander.
• Joesph Jackson (50th round, Royals), great-great-grandnephew of "Shoeless" Joe Jackson.

-- C. Trent Rosecrans

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